Waking Up With Pain In Neck |  The Upper Crossed Body

When we look at dysfunction and something called upper crossed syndrome we can see why more and more people are Waking Up With Pain In Neck So when we think reflects forward we have to do the opposite. We have to extend. So what this general does is we look at kind of the curvature of your neck through a thorough evaluation with x rays and we will see where the curvature in your neck is most people have you know what we call a military neck. And that’s just where it doesn’t have that Doris’s to it doesn’t have an actual C shape of a normal neck should have. So our job and our goal is to get that natural curvature back in the neck and get you pain free and get those areas functioning better and get some of that natural extension back in your neck. And when we do this when we do this the neck is going to be able to move a little bit free air. You’re not going to feel as much restriction when you’re Waking Up With Pain In Neck just in your head back. It’s not going to feel tight. And another thing that we like to do is include therapeutic exercises and these therapeutic exercises they have to be done generously and specifically for the areas that you need them. Typically the lower portion of your trapezius muscle is very weak and you know your head is forward to the deep extensor in the back portion of your neck are weak and the the front portion of your packs everything in the front portion of your body is tight. So we have to stretch the restricted areas are the areas that are tight. And then we have to strengthen the portions that are weak. You know they often called us the upper cross syndrome where the shoulders will roll forward and in turn we rotate the head will the forward and this could be why you’re Waking Up With Pain In Neck.

There’s a lot of different causes for Waking Up With Pain In Neck. You know the upper cross syndrome could be why you’re Waking Up With Pain In Neck and it’s it’s unfortunate that people have gotten into this position and you know they they don’t even really realize it. And it’s it’s going to be when the neck muscle the muscles the neck and shoulder and chest they become deformed in a sense. And it’s from poor posture it is what it comes down to the muscles in the front portion of the chest the Major and the minor pectorals have become tight and very very shortened. And you know muscles that are typically affected are the upper portions of the traps too. So we want to look at the trap as a whole and a muscle specifically that elevates your shoulders your elevator scapula. You know the back muscles of the shoulder and the neck and when they become extremely strained and over active the muscles of the front portion of chests the minor and major pectorals become tight and shorteners and when these muscles are overactive the surrounding counter muscles are under used and they’re going to become weak and overactive muscles and underactive muscles can develop causing an X shape to develop. And when that X shape develops that’s when we see the upper crust syndrome and there’s a lot of different causes to why this dysfunction happens some of which we’ve mentioned earlier. You know people are reading biking driving laptops computers smartphones. There’s a whole laundry list of different reasons why these things happen. And you know it can be from a potential injury or an it’s just something that did this function in the body. And when this dysfunction happens the body is not going to perform optimally.

And we want to make sure that Healthworks Chiropractic in the body performs optimally function to the force of your ability. So give us a call at Healthworks chiropractic. We have two locations like I said. One in Franklin Tennessee which is located off Seaboard Lane to 84 Seaboard Lane in Franklin Tennessee and suite 100. And that’s in Franklin Tennessee and our phone number here is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. In Murfreesboro Tennessee location which is located off 925 South Church Street in Suite a 200 in Murfreesboro Tennessee. And our phone number here is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Give us a call today. Healthworks chiropractor. If you think you may have you know this upper Crossen or this dysfunction your neck with words leading to pain and migraines and lowers headaches. You know it’s constant the rounding of the shoulders looking yourself in the mirror and your thumbs are pointing down towards the ground almost like a neanderthal. Then you may have some dysfunction going on that you need to correct and we can help you with that. Health Works chiropractic and deformed muscles. They not only put strain on the surrounding Joe joints bones muscles and tendons. But you know the headaches are a big cause of it.

You get weakness in your body in the front portion of the neck straining the neck and back to get a sore neck jaw pain things like TMJ can actually be from you know not only jaw clenching but also this forward head posture can get pinched nerve thoracic outlet syndrome is another big one the thoracic the mid back comes in Panj you’re getting you know not enough flow in the nerves there’s a muscle that’s inflamed or whatever there’s a dysfunction in the bone it could be potentially a million different things. But all of these lead to dysfunction the body and you know chiropractic care is a big one the type muscles in the poor posture that are causing misalignments in the joints. If you have this upper cross syndrome you have any of these dysfunctions. You know a chiropractor can help you and specifically we want to help you if you’re in the middle Tennessee area at Healthworks chiropractic wants to help you if you’re Waking Up With Pain In Neck and we want to realign these these joints so these muscles tenants can and ligaments can sit in a proper position and we want to help increase that range of motion in the affected areas. And we want to just stretch and relax the shortened muscles that have become tight in tonic and you can usually look at someone if they have this forehead posture which is taking way out. And you can see if they have just by a visual exam that we do here at Healthworks chiropractic that you can see their head is forward. You know it doesn’t take a whole lot of testing to see that somebody has forward head posture up or cross it’s basically you know taking a picture of them from a lateral view and a interior view and we can see kind of from there if their shoulders are rolling forward. That’s a that’s a test that we typically do a posture scan as well as we do a full set of x rays as well.

And then we also do a foot lovers gain which basically will exceed the pressure and how stable your feet are as well for your first visit including your first treatment. And that’s all for just a cost of 19 dollars. So we want to save you money want to save you time. And if you’re looking for the best chiropractor in the middle Tennessee area in this neck pain and dysfunction going on look no further than Healthworks chiropractic can give us a call the day at our Franklin Tennessee location 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. In Murfreesboro Tennessee location 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Come see us at Healthworks today if you’re dealing with any dysfunction in your body or think you may have something we’ve talked about today. Give us a call a day and come see us if you’re Waking Up With Pain In Neck.