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Today at Healthworks chiropractic we want to talk about waking up with pain and neck and how our sleep patterns can greatly affect this. And you know our nervous system is highly connected with our body and our muscles and our mind. So you know if we’re waking up with pain in the neck you know it’s important that we look at all the other different facets of sleep. You know we know that sleep it’s naturally reoccurring state of the mind and the body you know and it’s an altered state of consciousness which relatively you know inhibited some sensory activity and inhibition of the voluntary muscles. And we know that it’s reduced interactions with our surrounding but our mind and our body are relaxed at a state of peace and we want to get enough sleep for our age. And you know we know that that sleep can greatly affect how our body is going to function throughout the day so we get less sleep you know sometimes that can mean our body is going to function less optimally if we get the right amount of sleep for our body in our mind or our nervous system everything is going to be connected as one. And when you wake up with pain in the neck you know we we know that this can sometimes affect how you feel throughout the day and you know pain is a signal that something may not be right.

So if we’re not doing the basic things in our lives like healthy eating habits we believe that getting adjusted regularly will help with sleeping patterns as well but sleeping sticking to that same sleep schedule the same time the same bed time waking up on time even on the weekends. You know we give or take an hour or two sometimes you know. But if we keep to the same general timeframe of going to sleep waking up our body gets into a routine our body likes this it likes the constant state of staying the same or homeostasis it lights to. It helps to regulate your body’s internal clock which can help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the whole entire night. You know also if you have a relaxing ritual before you go to bed it’s something that’s extremely important as well. You know if you have something that you like to do before you go to bed whether it be stretch you know turn off the lights slip separating your sleep time from your activities that can cause you know things like stress or excitement or anxiety which can make it extremely difficult to fall asleep. We want to help you with these things at Healthworks chiropractic because all these different things are highly highly correlate to you know what you feel throughout the day and how you function throughout the day. So waking up with pain neck is something that maybe your body isn’t in a good pattern you know maybe it hasn’t found that sleep you know pattern that’s that’s optimal for an optimal for daily life and daily function. Exercising daily is very important as well. You know vigorous exercise is best. But even some some things like light exercise is better than absolutely no activity at all. No exercise at any time of the day but not at the expense of your sleep.

So you know you know find a time that’s that’s right for you in your sleep schedule. Keep in a comfortable position in rest is also important too. Usually the back or the side of the stomach position because your head is kind of a less you know awkward ankle or if you’re in side or back. Physicians typically make sure you have the proper support from a. We sell cervical Paolo’s here have a special Kervin help support that curve in your neck at Healthworks chiropractic. We sell these things so you don’t wake up with pain in the neck and you sleep a little bit better because your head and your neck are arresting in an optimal position. You know temperature of the room can also affect how you sleep. Do you know of valuing your room you know taking your sleep environment and establish the conditions that you need for your sleep in your bedroom should be fairly cool between 60 and 67 degrees is typically the range that is the best and your bedroom should also be free from any noise that can disturb you while you sleep. Your bedroom should be free from any light. You know consider if you have these trouble too if you sleep in a noisy area or a city. Consider that use blackout curtains I shave earplugs with white noise machines humidifiers Ferrans. What have you to help you. You reach that optimal positioning and temperature and all the other textural factors. Sometimes you can’t completely control but you can get things to make them make them a whole lot better.

And you we want to help you with these things a Healthworks chiropractic you know and if you’re waking up with pain in the neck you know make sure that your mattress and your pillow that you’re sleeping on is comfortable and needs to support your neck your head and the one that you’ve been for years may have exceeded its life expectancy know which is about 10 years or so for most good quality ma’am she says. Having comfortable pillows and making the room attractive and inviting for sleep but also free of allergens if you have trouble as well that might help you sleep or fall asleep. If you have to get up so you know if you’re dealing with pain in the neck and you’re looking for some type of relief. Look at these factors but also come in and get checked out and see if there’s any underlying problems at Healthworks chiropractor ache. We do a very thorough evaluation of these things and get you feeling and function better. And that’s our promise to you. You know if we can see how your body’s kind of position that you know what’s what’s the optimal positioning for your body. And maybe if you’ve had prior injuries you know Come see us today at Healthworks chiropractic and we can we can help you out and get you feeling better functioning better for the long run and the long haul at Healthworks chiropractic yesterday at Healthworks chiropractic we have two locations can be located in Franklin Tennessee in Franklin Tennessee is located at 2 8 4 Seaboard Lane and Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee and the phone number for that Franklin Tennessee office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 or Murfreesboro Tennessee office which is located at nine to five South Church Street and Suite 200 in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

And the phone number for that Murphysboro Tennessee office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. If you’re dealing with pain in neck. Come see us at Health Works chiropractic today and we can certainly help you out get you feeling functioning better for the long run in the long haul. Health Works chiropractic we want to help you today with pain in neck.