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Chiropractor Murfreesboro young once we go through all this together, you’re going to have a very good idea of what what’s going on, what’s going to take to get a better way so take to fix it, and you don’t understand that money is also important factor. The two things that we have to address is 1. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Actually, three things about the dresses one. Can we help you too how’s it going to take so what’s going to be the time payment in 3 hours going to cost so we’re sensitive to all those things and we design plans that are only going to work for yet, and we also put together a plan that that fits your budget to we’re. Definitely an office that understands that we got to fit within your budget as well, so our plans are affordable. We have all kinds of payment options for you in before you walk out of our office you’re, going to know those three things. Can you help me? Can we help you how I’m going to take and how it’s going to cost? We just feel it’s important that we’re going through. All that with you now part of our plans include lots of things to help. Chiropractor Murfreesboro We called him home health recommendations and their things like tens units now, greens are throw away by 3, so I’m going to I’m going to have mike go through those with you guys individually, so might take away right. So we got some great Chiropractor Murfreesboro supplements that we can integrate into your plan. I can help you along. In addition with the basics, you know ice and heat, depending on what problems that you have going on, for at least one of them is arthro. Aid are throwing a glucosamine supplement with a lot of different other things in it that can kind of help regenerate some of that lubrication in between your joints. If you have something like osteoarthritis, for instance, so with this supplement, it typically nourishes joint tissue and cartilage, it helps to alleviate some of that discomfort. You have some bone on bone issues that aren’t too severe yet for boats. Mobility in the joints as well so essentially take a 3 by mouth daily. The bottle usually isaiah. It’s around 90 capsules, so it’ll last you for about a month. We recommend that you take this on a daily basis to see benefits, and it takes a good month to see kind Chiropractor Murfreesboro of how the body reacts with that is wow. Another supplement that we like to implement, especially in an acute phase, is a natural muscle, relaxant, so nothing harmful in this has a big mix of different things that have been proven to help with muscle tension just inflammation in general. Things like valerian root, just magnesium citrate different things that can help kind of just relax the body overall, so very important addition with this ice or heat like we were talking about before that this supplement to take, and you can take 2 tablets every 3 hours and then two tablets. They usually recommend with the meal and two at bedtime to and as needed. So no harmful things in this supplement. Another one that we typically like to use to is bio freeze. That’s just a menthol spray, so I can kind of help with a little bit of this acute inflammation throughout the body lacks in the body. A cervical pillow Chiropractor Murfreesboro is another thing that we typically recommended. Chiropractor Murfreesboro have some reverse curve issues in the neck or you know also just general posture. Some people will sleep on their back, which is preferred or the side, and this pillow is very ergonomically in that it can help support the curvature of the neck and spine. So that is the general recommendation that we do. Would you do as well? Foam rolling, that’s a big one as well or myofascial release. So it’s basically giving yourself a massage in a sense will give you basic foam roll variations of. She can do and also, if you ever have any questions we like to educate patients on the benefit benefits of foam rolling for their prom, problematic areas or just areas where they have kind of some dysfunction. You know whether it be the mid back, the quads, the glutes, so there’s several different ways that you can do it’s basically like giving him a self-massage at home. Another one that will sometimes implement is a tens unit as well. If the patient regularly does stem here, they’re-probably pretty familiar with this, you use it as needed. Chiropractor Murfreesboro So it’s all a low voltage current sent through stim pads or electrical muscle, stimulator pads to alleviate muscle pain in throat healing of the tissue choose to take what they just a little small pocket. Tens unit carries a 9 volt battery the higher the number. Obviously it goes up to 10, I believe and the higher the intensity on it so kind of see your your comfort level with it when first starting out, usually we recommend that the patient start with the low intensity, usually on a 1 or 3, on the dial connecting the inputs in the pads into the machine. So there’s a few different settings on it. There’s a constant setting where was just be steady, contraction and relaxation, the muscle tissue burst setting, where kind of does spurts of like pulses, larger muscle groups not directly on the bone and I’m. Have someone help you with the placements of the pads? If possible, use caution, if you are, you have a pacemaker generally, that can be a contraindication, but obviously talk to your doctor. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Prescribe Nano greens it’s another supplement that we like to use as well a lot of people struggle to get vitamins and minerals in the micronutrients since their diets. So what does supplement? Does it say? Vegetable and fruit superfood, so essentially their screens in it to win support, optimal blood, sugar, energy, just regular regularity and detoxification of the body? There’s omega’s Chiropractor Murfreesboro and it is well fatty acids, just general I’m, so is 10 servings of fruits and vegetables in this which people immune health in general, recovery of muscle tissue, it’s all big into healthy fats like we were saying for the mega threes.

 They really support on healthy skin, brain and joint function overall. So we do carry those supplements here as well, along with the protein just help with muscle protein synthesis and things like that with the whey, protein and I believe it’s the protein that the nano pro that helps with the regeneration of the muscle tissue. If you you’re an active person or like to work out frequently it’s under natured cultural traded way, so your body can absorb that just a little bit better and also a lot of people. They have irritation with typical whey protein that isn’t filtrate indentured, just because it can irritate the digestive system. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Cuz way is from milk neck, which is something that we typically prescribed to. If you have some dysfunctions in the neck to, if you have a reverse curve or a text neck, you know somebody’s on their phone. You know, however, many hours of the day they got that forward head posture clean for looking down looking with their neck as opposed to their eyes this neck, which can be very beneficial to help trash in the neck or stretch out the neck, and hopefully just kind of relax. Some of that tension that they’re having throughout the day or if they have migraines this going to help as well bring their head back over their shoulders, took in some of that tension and wait for word off of there their neck and spine. The typically. What this is helps restore the natural curvature of your cervical spine. We usually start at the base of the skull, starting with two minutes and adding a minute each time, moving the wedge down about a half an inch and tell rich in about 15 minutes. Chiropractor Murfreesboro So what does consistency is the key like with anything I mean you look at your phone consistently, so we want to try to reverse that process. If your head going forward constantly and maintaining kind of a neutral spine. As far as the neck is concerned, we just checking with you Chiropractor Murfreesboro. You know within the first week. His soreness is typical with this, just because your body’s not used to be in that position so like to follow up and just make sure everything is going smoothly, cities that these are really useful tools and I go along with the adjustments that can aid in general posture and just overall health in the body. So you have to stay consistent with the adjustments and the supplements and just your overall, you know, activities and posture throughout the day it all works as a whole. It’s. Not just one thing: that’s going to get you better! It’s everything combined with the chiropractic care that will be extremely useful for you. Our goal is just too just to help. You become the best version of yourself. You know restore function and just make your overall quality of life better. So you can enjoy the things that you love to. Do that’s all right, mike, all the things that are true in every patient is different. It’s not! Everyone gets the same things when they come in here, but we really tailor make our home health recommendation just like retailer make our plans to what’s going on with the patient what their patient goals are and what we need to do to get them better and now I feel better, like we always say: function better cuz. Chiropractor Murfreesboro We want you to be able to be the best version of you for as long as possible why we have kids and families and things we like to do that. We want to be around 4, so everything you can do that best version highly encourage you to do that. So we’ll do it next time. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Hope you enjoyed this to this point and we will talk to you soon.