Stretching the Lower Body

Today at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro. I want to talk to you about the relationship between the lower body and flexibility and how that can affect your pain or your movement just throughout the day and some kind of simple fixes that you can do that we can do at Healthworks chiropractic. You know a top chiropractor in Murfreesboro. We can help you and guide you along to having the mobility and flexibility in your lower body that can help assist with your daily life and daily activities. You know there’s things and there’s certain stretches and top chiropractor in Murfreesboro exercises top chiropractor in Murfreesboro that you can do to help alleviate some of that pain that you may be having in your lower back or lower portion of your leg or her body. There’s a few things that we want to go over. You know things things like different stretches and mobility. You know sometimes the largest nerve in your body the sciatic nerve that can become impinged and cause a lot of back pain you know whether it be from a herniated disc you know or you know which is basically something that is a condition and where there’s a problem with the rubber disc or rubbery disk material that is a shock absorber between the spinal bones. And if that’s in your lower back that compress on that nerve and potentially impinge that area there’s a lot of different modalities that you can do before you think of surgery. You know we offer one in our office Cayley’s or therapy or red light laser therapy kind of goes in there and can actually kind of heal that tissue. But another thing that’s very important too as well.

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Had a top chiropractor in Murphysboro health works chiropractic as spinal decompression it’s again in person is great for disc injuries because it can actually pull and kind of pump that fluid back into that disk base and kind of seal that up over a particular amount of time muscle strain is also something that is pretty top chiropractor in Murfreesboro common in the lower portion of the body. You know an overstretched them which can cause them tearing up the muscle tissue connecting the muscle to the bone or otherwise known as a tendon. You know you can feel muscle spasms just generalized pain meds can be very very debilitating. You know there’s a lot there’s a lot of different things that you can do though to minimize minimize these things and you know to help these dysfunctions in your body and at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro. We look at these things that health risks chiropractic even want to help alleviate these. You know if we find that you may be tied or tonic kind of in a certain area we may suggest some stretches or perform them manually on their knees to chest is a very common stretch. But basically what this stretches is to align the pelvis and stretch the lower back in rear end muscles for the glute muscles. So what somebody would typically do is they’re going to lie flat on their back with their toes pointed up and they’re going to slowly bend there knee and they’re going to pull their knee up simultaneously to their chest wrapping their arms around their thighs and kind of shin area and gently pull that knee towards the chest.

Once they get that they’re going to hold for 20 seconds and then they’re going to slowly slowly extend their leg outward and repeat that three times on different legs. So this is a common stretch that can help with some lower back pain. You know point those need the line the pelvis as well as regular chiropractic adjustments that we can perform at the top chiropractor in Murphysboro at Healthworks chiropractic the yoga cat slash cow. You want to start this by kneeling on all fours as if you’re a cat or a cow. Hence the name. Your hands are going to be beneath your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips and you’ll exhale all your air and then you gently going to arch your back inhale tighten your core muscles around your back like a cat and then you’re going to move slowly between the two positions and you’re going to hold each position in that flexing kind of strange position for roughly about five to ten seconds and you want or keep this for about 10 repetitions. Another one that’s very very great is the rest or rest position is going to be the restful pose.

And it’s a it’s a common pose and in yoga and the child’s pose that can help you know you relax your body and once you want to do how you get into this is you position yourself on the floor with your hands and knees when your knees are just about wider than hip distance apart turn your toes in and then you’ll push your hips backwards bend your knees and once you’ve reached a comfortable position where you’re seated you’re going to extend the arms forward fully and you’re going to allow your head to fall forward into a relaxed position and you want to hold this pose roughly to 20 to 30 seconds and you’re going to slowly return to a certain position. You can repeat this three to four times. If you have some shoulder discomfort you can place your arms on the sides of your body and  top chiropractor in Murfreesboro extend your feet outward. Another common area that’s overlooked are the abductor muscles or the inner portion of your thigh. These muscles can get very very tight and how you want to stretch them is you want to make sure that you’re you’re standing upright with your weight fairly balanced on whatever leg that you’re not stretching you want to be bounced. You place the right leg on a table or an elevated object that’s about even with the height of your hips and while you’re going to be keeping the legs straight you’re going to rotate the body sideways so that your trunk and left are left or right leg our face in about 90 90 degrees away from the raised leg. And you’re also going to allow that leg to kind of rotate so that the knee points to the side and point the opposing leg towards or your toes are going to be facing forward. So you’re going to bend the left knee just a bit or left or right knee but keep the right knee fairly straight and you’re going to hang both arms in front of your body in front of the legs with the palms close to the floor and you’re going to bend the the top portion your body slightly forward and you’re going to kind of pull outward. So there’s a lot of muscles that are being stretched in this position.

You know mainly the abductor or the muscles that kind of squeeze your legs and work. So it’s very important that we understand how the hip moves so we can fix it and we can do that at a top top chiropractor in Murphysboro at Healthworks chiropractic. And you know not all stretchers may suit each person but you know the muscles that are involved in a lot of stretching and movements you know things like flexion or pulling the leg up or extension pushing a leg back external rotation or pushing the toes to the side kind of rotating or lay outward godlike duck feet internal rotation of the leg bringing the legs in word like your toes or foot forward like a pigeon. Abduction like we were talking about earlier where you’re bring the leg inward towards the body adding to the body abduction going away you’re moving away out from the body. And if you want particular stretches like stretching the adductor muscles you know you could do a movement that involves extension and turn rotation and a little bit of abduction. You know and when a muscle is a particularly high level of stiffness you should use a few simultaneous opposite movements. You know you have a very tight Doctor muscle. You could start by doing only hip abduction as those muscles become a little bit looser. You could search rate more simultaneous opposition movements to help kind of guide that along so opposing the area and we can teach you that at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro at Healthworks chiropractic and you know all these things are in relationship to the lower back and the lower portion of your spine.

So give us a call at 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 and we’ll be more than happy to look at you at a top chiropractor in Murfreesboro at Healthworks chiropractic. We can help.