Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Today, I want to talk to you guys about the top chiropractor in murfreesboro and I want to talk to you about how we treat rotator cuff injuries at the the top chiropractor in murfreesboro. We take rotator, cuff injuries very seriously and at healthworks chiropractic being one of the the top chiropractor in murphysboro. We like to first do a very thorough assessment of the shoulder and see, if you know, there’s any common injuries or if you have even integer shoulders, or maybe it’s in an overuse thing of rotator, cuff muscle, you know typically there’s for rotator cuff muscles series of tests that we do so that people often ask you know what what is the rotator cuff or some people will be called the rotary cuff. You hear this a lot with the older generation. You know it’s basically for muscles or tendons that kind of connection the lawyers told her to rotate come in towards the body go out from the body. So when we think about the rotator cuff in evaluating the injuries in the rotator cuff, a top chiropractor in murfreesboro, we think that the most commonly injured muscle of the rotator cuff there’s four of them they’re coming to sits muscles. The supraspinatus, the infraspinatus teres minor in the subscapularis kind of going in descending order. They’re the most commonly injured, is the study of the supraspinatus tendon in that’s, basically, the most common injury. If the shoulders in the fall or the outstretched arm is kind of uber overstretching a sense. When is a few tests that we do, we do an active range of motion abduction. You know 0 to about 30 degrees. There is some orthopedic testing to like the the supraspinatus press test, stretching arms kind of laterally route to the side and pressing down I’m call codman drop arm cast a free scratch test from the superior aspect, or you know there is imaging things like mris can be very useful to treat supraspinatus, tendinosis or tendonitis, or even in minor care in there or complete tear you know, and how? How how how cute is this injury is something we like to ask to at the top chiropractor in murfreesboro, and that’s it is, you know, is it? Is it a partial tear? Is it a complete tear that tendonitis tendinosis? What can we do to help these things more? If we need to refer for a surgical consultation, if we can’t help you that’s what we do here at healthworks, chiropractic being the top chiropractor in murphysboro, want to make sure you’re getting the best treatment for you and for your shoulders and everything on your body and see if that’s the the proper course of action we should do, is refer you or maybe we can treat you in the office. You want to reduce the subluxation zor-el misalignments of the spine. You can also do things like functional taping missing. Some of the stress on that particular muscle, reducing inflammation, is another big big key to this, and if the terrorist in too bad we want to do some muscle corrective exercise is a rehabilitation exercises that should be pain-free and be within the normal range of motion for the patient and also isometric exercises for internal rotation, external rotation and abduction should be kind of included in these things. That’s if this isn’t a cute face really really first start of the beginning of the injury. If we can catch up that early, if it’s in a sub-acute stage, you know we want to make sure that we adjust the subway stations in monitor, have a patient’s feeling, but we also want to stabilize with functional taping, reduce that information used to mobilize mobilization techniques, the exercise, the rehabilitation exercises, isometric exercises, you know, internal external rotation abduction, and we can do a little bit of a resisted exercise to 4 inch rotation, external rotation in the abduction as well. The most overuse injury of the rotator cuff is is also the supraspinatus to we do a lot of things to assess these areas. We look at your active range of motion, you know measuring active range of motion and we want to see you know how much flexion extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation and external rotation you have in that shoulder a little bit. Passive range of motion may be used as well accomplished. You know the passive range of motion on all the restricted motions found in the active range of motion and record the in range of motion, and then, in addition to that, we want to assess the joint glide of the humeral glenohumeral articulation, and this is accomplished with the arm all the way to the patient side, interior posterior, superior and inferior joint glide as tested record, the lack of motion or excessive motion in pain. You know we also can do some some passive external range of motion, which is very similar to the the interior apprehension test for the shoulder you know, resisted motion could be with the joint in a neutral position and it actually isolates the other particular tissues and reducing the amount of input from the internal joint and your muscle, strength, testing, and you can accomplish this at various different degrees. In muscle length to help determine the area of the muscle injury, if any loss of strength, you know it may also indicate there’s a loss of blood flow to the muscle. I want to help you with that at the top top chiropractor in murfreesboro. We can help you and show these these different modalities that can help, and how do we determine if a shoulder joint is stable enough? You know, after you go to the range of motion and the pain that’s associated with the motion, and it maybe there’s some abnormal movements are the active range of motion and we also test the passive range of motion.

Where noting the glide of the joint with the patient’s arm at the side during you know, pass it extra rotation, we’re also going to be testing for anterior instability, and we went to note the signs that receive during this test, and you know it’s very important to note pain and in feel of the joint. If we can normal in felis is usually tissue. Stretching on additional testing for anterior, inferior and superior instability can be can be accomplished through special ability test. You know, and we want to see where your range of motion comes and nephew have one of these. You know things like a hyperextension from the shoulder where you jammed the the humeral joint in word. Maybe there’s a little bit of internal I’m instability. You know or there’s some overuse going on. How do you? How do you examine the elbow? If that’s the problem too? And you know you would begin with an active range of motion. You know some awesome flexion extension supination pronation and then you could perform some passive range of motion evaluating the flexion extension, various degrees of supination and pronation, and then some resisted motion to distinguish between the articulation of articulation causes of pain, pills to do some stress, strength, testing for the biceps back there on the triceps, a load of grip, strength, orthopedic testing for the elbow the value stress test. You know things like that:testing for lateral epicondylitis, and then you know you can do the the goalie or pull your elbow test for medial epicondylitis. You know how should you treat if, if an elbow is in hyperextension, wishing happened with the shoulders while, but it’s all kind of connected in there? You know if there is a sprain injury and is treated by an adjustment here at a chiropractor in murfreesboro, then you know we can see some instability in that that hyper-extended, shoulder joint and hyper-extended elbow,Top Chiropractor in Murfreesboro¬† but we do is be treated by adjustment or stabilize that area. Yeah. We were do some the information, if there’s any, and we want to reduce the sub locations that are occurring at the all, know, humeral joint, and we don’t want to overlook the radioulnar joint in this injury, because reducing inflammation swelling with in that area using so different modalities such as ice electrical muscle, stem stabilize with some tape, or you know, get the proper brace on for 6 to 8 weeks, I’m going to use like a pain, free range of motion, what to make sure you’re getting the best care that you that you deserve for these particular joints cuz. They are very common. We can do that at healthworks chiropractic, where the top chiropractor in murfreesboro so give us a call today. 615-867-1144 will be more than happy to get you get you and get you looked at. Give you a very thorough examination, see if you have any of these problems going on. We don’t just treat spines. We treat other joints as well, so the shoulder joint, the elbow joint, the rest. They can all have areas of misalignment or subluxation in them, and we want to help you out at healthworks chiropractic, because I believe it. We are the top chiropractor in murfreesboro