Overuse Of The Wrist

We want to talk about wrist injuries and being the top chiropractor in murfreesboro, how we treat these injuries and how we can help alleviate them over a period of time. You know sometimes they can lead from the shoulder the elbow wrist injuries don’t always occur at the the space that you think they will. But you know the most common injury of the wrist. You know during a fall or if the arm is outreach during the fall is a video of hyperextension of what’s known as the radiocarpal joint, and how this this is. Sprained and diagnosis is by noting the occurrence of pain at the persons in range of motion to seeing how much flexion extension ladder of flexion they have. You know the most common overuse injury of this. This particular areas is carpal tunnel syndrome and you can usually diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome with pain in the median nerve during a test known as the palin’s and kennels test. In addition to emg ncv studies in an mri can show some muscle atrophy when it is causing extreme cases. So how do we treat this? At a top chiropractor in murfreesboro at healthworks chiropractic will do a thorough examination on you and we went to adjust the the carpal bones to increase the size of the carpal tunnel. You can also take the wrist at the level that the distal to the first metacarpal, the first joint I’m with the 1st and 5th digit supposed using this strengthening or stretching exercises to lengthen the flexor muscles, tendons and stabilizing, and we want to strength, do some strengthening exercises in addition to a a gyroball wrist. Rollers ball squeezes things like that. That can certainly help stabilize these areas. I’m take the nerve pressure off at median nerve. So that’s that’s what we can do at a talk Top Chiropractor In Murfreesboro, and we see we see that most common injuries of the hand that are treated in a chiropractic office here at healthworks chiropractic is at the base of the thumb and arthritis and the dental distal interphalangeal joints, and we can do that by a thorough examination. Maybe some x-rays, you know how would you treat treat just general pain or maybe some dinner degenerative changes in the fingers? You know you want to mobilize the joints with distraction and axle adjustment exercise in the active range of motions and in a pain-free area and resisted extension of the fingers with bands.

You know, I can include some things like some heat that can loosen up the joint before exercise. Who is see that we see kind of the very similar problems with the fingers in the rest in the hands that are in the elbows as well, and we can tweak entry fees these problems with regular adjustments at the Top Chiropractor In Murfreesboro at healthworks chiropractic, all these things with the shoulders, the fingers, the hands, they’re all related and they all kind of come full circle when it comes to. You know these different structures in our body, especially the wrist. We look at people that are that have common common problems like the carpal tunnel Top Chiropractor In Murfreesboro syndrome at the Top Chiropractor In Murfreesboro, and we see that a lot of time. It is overuse of the wrist in keeping your wrist and kind of a cocked position. You know carpal tunnel syndrome is a very, very common problem and you know if you can, if you can treat it early on and then sustain it, you know you can live pain free without any risk painted mobilization does have to be done. You know we can treat it just the carpal carpal bones increase the  the size of the carpal tunnel, so that nerve has a little more pathway in that wrist is no longer restricted or stuck in that that’s stuck position of you know extended back. We want to make sure that you know the elbow is functioning properly by adjusting. The elbow is well, as you know, strengthening the wrist flexors extenders to make sure that the wrist Top Chiropractor In Murfreesboro is functioning properly and if it needs to be stabilized, for you know, 8 weeks or so 6 to 8 weeks, and maybe we can do this with paper brace, you know, but regular adjustments with carpal tunnel if it’s coming on early can definitely help if you’re an office worker-and you want to do-maybe some electrical muscle stem on your your forearms, too kind of loosen up those two areas. Some heat kind of relax, a joint before you take it I’m through a range of motion, but we want to get the pressure off at nerve and get you feeling better. You know the last time. People don’t know that we treat see certain things by chiropractic care of the wrist the upper arm in the upper spine. You know, sometimes those the subluxation of the misalignment to the spine can contribute some of that carpal tunnel syndrome. So the ultimate goal of us here at the top chiropractor in murfreesboro is to help you know maintain, and we can sometimes restore on the body’s natural range of motion and health massage in those areas using some some soft tissue work. You know we’re able to maybe get some adhesions or scar tissue may be farmed by some trauma or fall or overuse, and we can’t help with these these injuries that a chiropractor not a top chiropractor in murfreesboro, and we want to help you today so give us a call or phone number is 615-867-1144 and we’ll do more than happy to take a look at your wrist and see if see. If we can give you some relief, you know it we can. We can make sure that you have enough spacing if it’s not too far gone, and if we can’t help you will refer you to somebody that can, and you know it affects the hands.

The wrist and many of us working need those areas they can range from like a non-specific pain to dull ache in the wrist. Sometimes it can be felt in the fingers. You may feel, as if your your hand falls asleep. I mean try to recite massage it. You know get through painful tingling in order to get back to work and back to having the mobility that you need and if it’s more serious acute carpal tunnel syndrome he’s going to be a lot of sets symptoms. You know that are going to incur within hours of each other or 10 of them in separate intervals, and if they can’t issue condition, Top Chiropractor In Murfreesboro you know continues that worsens going to lead up the arm to elbow to shoulder the neck. Just like your feet, your hands are kind of a pathway. They lead up to everything. So, if there’s a dysfunction, your hands or your rest, your fingers, it’s going to all lead up to the top portion of your body and and effects. You Know:i’ll prayers and down words I’m. So it’s really important that we we get these dysfunctions taking care of which we can do at the top chiropractor in murfreesboro at healthworks, chiropractic and 586-711-4480 visit us online at www.Workschedule.Net will be more than happy to get you in for a consultation. Take some x-rays and see exactly what you need done to prevent this from happening and what we can do to help you stay pain-free and get your wrist functioning properly and feeling properly and optimally properly functioning. So you can work and to the best of your ability without pain, and you know, there’s nothing prohibiting you from typing or writing more ergonomic workspace. What time we can show you and guide you through out of the top chiropractor in murfreesboro at healthworks chiropractic. Give us a call today, 615-867-1144