Our Ability To Heal

Today the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro all we want to talk to about how your body or body is adaptable and it’s a healing machine and it can really really regenerate itself. And we want to help you at the top chiropractor in Murphysboro at Healthworks chiropractic to be better for you to better understand and utilize these things. You know the human being is an immense has a great capacity to heal itself at any age and basically at nearly any state you know as a human we’re capable of an incredible amount of tissue repair and remodelling at a very rapid pace. You know something like a porn ACL they don’t magically reattach themselves. We’re not here to tell you that they do sometimes you know a top chiropractor in Murfreesboro if we feel like we can’t help something more for you out to somebody that can you know in things like things like our herniated lumbar desk that are very very slow healing they can heal with or with the right techniques to them and we believe that we can heal them here if they’re not too far gone with things like our Kaylee’s or therapy and our spinal decompression protocol. But you know the human body it can take a lot of abuse for a really long time before it finally gives up the fight. And you know let’s just say you know your body doesn’t have the proper things we want to make sure that your body at a top chiropractor in Murfreesboro has the proper tools to build the heel or speed up that healing time.

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You know our bodies will be willing to put up with a bunch of different movement patterns of lifestyle choices because they actually have just a crazy amount of functional tolerance built into it. We shouldn’t though make the classic area of confusing you know genetic inheritance with a tactic rationalization for eating sleeping or you know moving just in any which way. You know the mountain of a person you know most of the typical musculoskeletal dysfunctions that people deal with on a regular basis is really just preventable preventable disease. And when we’re thinking about you know dysfunctions within the body it’s useful to classify pain and injury into four categories. And you know just a few example of those are pathology. You know something is seriously going wrong with your body or a system in your body or a catastrophic injury something that’s not preventable like a car accident. You know something out of your control and you know basically pathology is the category and traditional medicine that any good practitioner is on a level during any conversation with a patient. You know I don’t think it’s just about pain you’re experiencing it sounds like you may have a kidney infection or I don’t think you’ve overdone it in the gym based on the bright red ring around your bite on your arm you maybe need to be checked out for Lyme disease. You know and those are both real life examples of why a good good clinician always asked about changes in things like you may not think about it bladder function you know weight loss or weight gain for that matter sweating during the night.

You know dizziness fever vomiting or just all around just nausea feeling lethargic just to make sure that knee pain is it any cancer and that’s what we want that’s what we like to do at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro. We like to look at all these different factors to make sure we can get to the underlying cause of what you’re feeling. So if you’re feeling pain or discomfort there may be another root cause of it besides your back. So we want to look at every single structure of the body and if we can’t help you out we’ll be more than willing to refer you out to somebody that can. But if it is just something faulty in your movement pattern or your spine at the top chiropractor in Murphysboro we feel like we can help you with that. But if it’s something more serious it’s good that we do a thorough examination take x rays a view make sure there’s no underlying cause for what you’re feeling that could be potentially more serious. That’s out of our realm but that’s why we do a thorough examination before we ever touch you. We want to make sure that there is something serious going on in your body and we want to be able to help you and make you feel better because in the end at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro we’re here to help and we want to make sure that we can help you to our best ability but that comes with a thorough examination and knowing what the root cause of your problem is. You know we look at a catastrophic injury and you know something like getting into a car accident or jumping out of an airplane you know landing flat on the ground or having a tree fall on you or getting struck by lightning or something like that.

And this is where just modern day chiropractic and sports medicine is actually doing the best work you know bad things are going to be happening to soldiers and just everyday life people more athletes working to their limits in their respective sports. You know reconstruction and injury management is at an all time high and you know things like Wounded Warriors. This is going to fall into the 1 percent of this category. So if we counted for about 2 percent of the typical movement patterns that we see we do where do the other people you know where they fall under these categories. And basically they’re going to be in the present a preventable disease category of Oubre over tension and just faulty movement patterns. So over tension is basically missing a range of motion that you should normally have an open circuit. It’s basically bad positioning within the movement. So things like you know over tension which we see a lot at the chiropractor in Murfreesboro is we observe people who lack significant ranges of motion you know we see that people sometimes in their front porch or their interior portion of their body of their hips and quadriceps are extremely tight and tonic and you know having this dysfunction in your everyday life can lead to a lot of things like back pain knee pain ankle pain. And that’s why I said you know we do a thorough examination before we even put our hands on you at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro brought Healthworks chiropractic. We want to make sure that we can we know the root cause of your dysfunction and we’re here to help and get you feeling better get you functioning better within your everyday life.

And this over tension affects your limbs and joints because they’re going to get stiff near the end range of motion. And then if you suddenly stop you’re going to feel a significant amount of pain in over time of doing that. The symptom is going to be a simple sign that your tissue is over tensioned and you’re going to miss normal range of emotion that you typically had before as scar tissue forms in there. And when you’re you’re compensating with your body there’s going to be a lot of faulty mechanics built in. And we want to help you with those at a top chiropractor in Murfreesboro at Healthworks chiropractic and we want to see the signs that are affecting your restricted joints and tissues and help you with them with several different modalities from laser therapy spinal decompression if we find that you’re a candidate for that and manipulation of the spine. Showing you how to correct these things and keep them corrected for the long term and for you to hold your adjustments a little bit better so give us a call at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro at Healthworks chiropractic. Our phone number is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. We’ll be more than happy to do a thorough examination on you to make sure that you’re functioning better and you know how to heal your body and what it’s going to take to help you out with your specific injury or dysfunction that you may be experiencing. Give us a call at a top chiropractor in Murfreesboro at Healthworks chiropractic can help you. So give us a call 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4.