Movement Is Crucial

Hello. Today at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro. I want to talk to you about movement and how crucial movement is for our everyday life and how we can improve movement throughout some different fundamentals and that will teach you at Healthworks chiropractic being one of the top chiropractor in Murphysboro. We take great you know there’s a common question or how do you know if you have some type of musculoskeletal problem and this is something that we commonly see at Health Works chiropractic top chiropractor in Murfreesboro. We see a lot of musculoskeletal problems and spinal dysfunctions and you know it’s that’s a common problem that people ask is how do they know if they have a musculoskeletal problem. And you know how do they know when and what they’re doing and how it could be wrong the type of movement that they’re doing. But typically you know the average person is going to gauge that by a set of cues like swelling a certain amount of pain a loss of range of motion or any type of decreased movement decreased force or numbness or tingling. And you know the the medical community calls these pathogen genetic signs or cues. And basically with yourself it begins something like this. You know when I’m walking or running my knee is hurting me and so I’m wondering what’s exactly wrong with my knees and what I can do to fix it. So you know typically there are many errors in this line of thought and you know the first problem is that the pain or any of the other symptoms are all lagging indicators.

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You know like swelling might be indicative of a tissue overuse or a strain or maybe some poor biomechanics or movement that you’re doing that may be irritating this but you know swelling it’s an after the fact Seim if the tissue damage has already occurred in your body it may be too late to go back. So it’s very helpful that we use a diagnostic tool or something that will highlight your dysfunction and let you know that there’s something actually wrong but only if it’s applicable pool before the fact of the injury or the dysfunction. So at a top chiropractor in Murfreesboro we want to help you know these dysfunctions prior to injury. That’s why maintenance care is such a such a popular thing in our field is because we want to stop the problem before there is a an injury or tissue damage or spinal misalignment. So you know imagine that you blow up your your car engine or a part in your car and if you know you should add let’s say oil for an example or a type of cylinder. You know having to wait in a situation. Why wouldn’t you just do preventative maintenance you know before the injury occurs or the damage is already done. But in general terms you know that’s how you know everyday the life injuries happen and that’s typically how people think of it. We wait until something’s broken and sometimes so horribly that we expect you know our physician or Pyra tractor or physical therapist to just simply fix the problem. And this this keeps a lot of orthopedic surgeons very busy because people do want a quick fix when there are there isn’t always a quick fix.

And you can imagine you know what the doctor thinks when you come into his office with a hole in your kneecap from years of poor movement and practices and overly tight issues. You know that bone in your knee. It was designed to last a hundred and ten years but you managed to wear a hole in it in 20. You know imagine waiting’s and suffering until the underlying back pain and your leg go numb and you find out that you know you used poor mechanics. Carrying a heavy object or lifting groceries and you know it’s like our bodies are set up to go through millions of movement cycles even before you do common everyday activities and movements like squatting bending over or walking in a compromised position. You know you’re burning through those cycles at a very very pat fast pace and you’re going to think of turning on and off the lights in your house. You know that your body is basically like a light switch set up for millions and millions of cycles. So by the time you’ve worn a hole in that kneecap or possibly herniated disc or a torn rotator cuff muscles the chances that you’ve expended a million of those cycles over and over again this pattern is being forced it’s ingrained into the body you are we see this a lot. A top chiropractor in Murfreesboro at Healthworks chiropractic your tissues and joints they’re just going to wear out from these faulty mechanics and your body is going to put up with a lot of different compromising positions and movements and you know millions of these cycles. Everyone’s different everybody’s genetics are different. What they do throughout their day their lifestyle is different. And that’s going to have a large impact.

But if you’re learning to move the way that your body is designed to move and you’re going to put less stress on your body and movement in general you’re going to reduce the number of cycles that you’re going to be burning through. So a lot of the time. The other issue that comes through is that you know we’re set up for survival. You know your central nervous system that controls the mechanical information for your whole body. So it’s not an accident that that pain in movement is all stemming from the brain. And we’re we’re one and the same. You know if you know somebody bangs their finger the first thing they’re going to do is start moving around. And that’s because you no longer hear the pain signal long with the movement signal. So it’s a very proper system and when we keep people moving and surviving because it literally regulates the pain signals to the background you know the noise that we hear in the background of her mind which you can’t hear until you stop moving or stop doing that particular motion you know movement is very beneficial because it overrides the pain signal so that you can continue moving or exercising walking and lifting something. So your shoulder starts to throb when you lie down and go to sleep but your brain is no longer receiving any of those signals that you’re still moving. So your brain now is is full blown in pain mode it’s focusing solely on the pain that you’re occurring in that particular area.

So I imagine you know you’re somebody who’s doing exercise and you’re doing this your whole entire life or you’re some type of athlete. You know you’ve spent Kültür countless hours ignoring the pain signals that your body is telling you about why your wire and forcing you know training and other things that are high risk. You know there’s a there’s a very minimal chance that you can actually hear the pain of those tissues and injury. With all the other movement and noise surrounding your body in a sense. So pain it actually doesn’t work during periods of high movement you know maximal out output and stress. It’s a recipe for disaster. And if you’ve ever been inside some type of confrontation you know that one of the great secrets of fighting is that you won’t feel any immediate pain because your body is kind of in a fight or flight mode. It’s when you when you count on an absolute positive outcome that when you start to lose position of you know the tissues that support your body. You know especially when you’re on in a very stressful situation you’re going to definitely wear down the tissues with improper movement. And we want to help you here at Healthworks chiropractic a chiropractor in Murfreesboro Tennessee can help you. We are the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro at Healthworks chiropractic. So come see us today and we’ll definitely help you and show you these patterns that you need get your body into to properly function and live the most fulfilled life that you can. The top chiropractor in Murfreesboro can help and we’re willing to help. Give us a call.

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