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Today, at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro. I want to talk to you about how movement is affecting your pain throughout your body and what you can do to kind to minimize moving incorrectly and getting your pain in check with your everyday life movements. You know we’re moving so much throughout the day now at a faster pace than ever. And that’s why we get a lot of movement dysfunctions you know meaning that you know people can hide their mobility restrictions and poor movement patterns ftop chiropractor in murfreesboro  or only a short period of time before they’re going to lose effective positioning of their bodies. And when they begin to fatigue even just a bit you know let’s say an athlete has the mobility and the motor control to maintain a stable spine the hips and the knees during a very brutal set of let’s say squats and running and then that athlete is more likely to be able to reproduce that efficient positioning no matter what what they’re doing. Let’s say if they’re doing like baseball they hit a homerun. They’re running as fast as they can around the bases. The gym should be looked at as like a laboratory. It’s practically impossible for a coach to follow around hundreds of athletes while they’re engaged in their actual sport in order to spot movement errors. But the coach ideally would not only have to be a world class expert and hundreds and hundreds of sports but they would have to have perfect timing catching the athlete when he or she is breaking down these patterns are becoming ingrained.

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 You know being a top chiropractor in murfreesboro   we see a lot of athletes and a lot of movement dysfunctions that may occur. I knew that fortunately for strength and conditioning coaches they don’t have to be an expert in training or training modality to identify and fix the problems that are specific to an athlete sport. All they need to do is they need to repurpose the train movements so that they can serve as a bit of a diagnostic tool that a coach would be able to observe and they’d be able to highlight  top chiropractor in murfreesboro every aspect of an athletes movement quality and fix some of these patterns that are not optimal and they’d be able to develop you know certain models for moves that strength the conditions program that will make the heart of athletic development and the heart of their performance be optimal again and train effective movement patterns for that specific sport at a top chiropractor in murfreesboro l we’re here to aid in those movement patterns and to help align the spine and align the other joints in an optimal position and help an athlete move. Better Feel Better. Just after a few treatments we’ve had people will adjust their performance is is a little bit better just because their bodies never felt like them and it’s never been in a proper position where it can move freely and along with great strength training program from a good coach. You know we want to see athletes perform better and be the best that they can absolutely be at their sport.

 And when we work regularly you know with people with the fundamental movements like deadlifting squatting or pushups without dysfunctional movement patterns it’s not surprising that the same athletes are performing just a bit better and the efforts that have terrible movement patterns it’s not surprising that those athletes have difficulty maintaining decent spine and shoulder positioning and their sport. And that’s why they’re likely to get injured because of these faulty movement patterns in their body. Let’s say the stabilization and shoulder talk development in both which are highly highly regarded as important in a top chiropractor in murfreesboro  sport like baseball and while baseball players running is just maintaining brace and having a neutral spine without falling forward and extending at the hip. You know for a coach it’s an invaluable right. Because the role of the coaches is to prepare the athlete physically for demands of a sport and service the athletes chief movement and mobility diagnostic person to see these dysfunctions within the body. And the goal of every gym session is to ready to apply for a new skill and get to get them able to perform a certain task within their sport like a shortstop in a baseball setting. And if you understand how to get organized and how to stabilize your trunk you create torque in your extremities. You get into the playing field with a very very distinct advantage in these movement patterns are going to be engrain you’re going to be able to move better and feel better while you’re performing your sport.

 And at a top chiropractor in Murfreesboro we want to help you along with a proper coach to help you maintain a neutral spine and teach you how to brace these muscles with corrective exercising and also you know manipulations and maybe soft tissue if you have some soft tissue injuries come in and see us said a top chiropractor in Murfreesboro so we can help you with these these tissue dysfunctions and help maybe bring out some of that scar tissue that may be inhibiting your performance and a top chiropractor in Murfreesboro at Healthworks chiropractic we believe we can do that. So we think about it like this if if a person understands grammar and spelling they can write a sentence you know if a baseball player understands how to create shoulder talk awful barbell or a pull up bar they’ll then be able to farm the stable and effective shoulder positioning. They need to you know throw a pitch or swing a bat stability in the bottom of your bench press. That pattern would probably presentism more vulnerable and less effective Shoulder Positioning if you were running. So we want to adapt these patterns to things that matter within the sport and help you perform better you know at chiropractor we can help you do this at the top chiropractor in Murphy’s Berl to the best of our ability at Healthworks chiropractic. We want to help you feel better and maybe give you ideas and movements that can help you perform better as an athlete. And just in everyday life we want to make sure that you’re feeling better just in your regular life. And as an athlete at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro we believe we can do that and guide you along the way to proper alignment of the Joints Ligaments the tenants to help them sit in a better position help blood flow in the body. That’s another big important factor for athletes proper blood flow proper conditioning proper alignment of the spine. We believe we can do that to a top chiropractor in Murphysboro and we want to help along work. We’re not against strength training programs or different modalities.

[00:08:18] We’re here to serve with other modalities like your coach who’s giving you the proper strength conditioning. But we’re not afraid to point out things that may be causing dysfunction in your body and maybe aiding in those and giving you alternative choices with movements that you can be performing in the gym to help top chiropractor in murfreesboro  serve you better as an athlete and as a person you know later on down the road and at a top chiropractor in Murphysboro we believe we can do that and help you at Healthworks chiropractic. Give us a call today at 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 and we’ll be more than happy to get you in proper alignment and get you feeling and functioning better in your sport in your everyday life. Because in the end we want to aid in making sure that you’re the best possible version of yourself as you can be. And you know coaches have always done that in the gym they need. But typically they do that by challenging their athlete with loads better sometimes you know maximal what they can handle and this can lead to injury with you know repetition over time. And it’s not an accident that some of the best strength coaches on the planet will regulate advocate for 20 plus reps sets or maximal repetitions. They’re great athletes who can who can benefit from this higher repetition. But it can also take stress on the hips and the shoulder joints some want to make sure that Healthworks chiropractic at the top chiropractor in Murfreesboro all that we can help you with these dysfunctions. So give us a call at 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 at Healthworks chiropractic.