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At the top chiropractor in Franklin at HealthWorks Chiropractic we can’t unfortunately change your genetics when it comes to pain, but we can certainly teach you methods and techniques to help alleviate the discomfort your experiencing¬† you know what they’ve learned over a period of time is we have since seen that uninstructed exercise limits a patient understanding and accountability is lost between doctor and patient. And it significantly can slow the healing process. And we’ve also learned math science as you know the patients learn these things you can expect the activity to be painful. Times are less likely to form on a regular task who have the fear pain or tend to develop a chronic injury. Addressing the patient’s pathological inhibitions about pain and addressing the weakness of injured tissue and educating on the rhyme and reason of how they’re able to fully kill it can decrease the reoccurrence rate of an injury. So you want to support those tissues and strengthen them and you want to get them to where they need to be. And we see that at the top chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic.

We see that there are certain risk factors with the chronicity of a specific injury and physiologically fit physio social risk factors you know that the fear of pain avoidance of the behavior abnormal fitness your job dissatisfaction lower education levels patients perception of fault work status of patient injury is the source of some form of compensation. We’re not saying that in all cases we’re just saying that in some cases this can inhibit patient from wanting to get better physical risk factors the presence of muscular imbalance one side stronger the other weaker than the other is only strong as your weakest link so poor motor control movements are uncoordinated and motion decreased spinal stability or through the stabilizing muscles in your trunk decreased muscular strength loss of flexibility decreased cardiovascular condition and the level that you’re currently at. You know some of the things that we see here at the top chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic are these things I don’t want to guide patients along and help them get better and stay better for the long term. Healthworks chiropractic we believe we can do that at the top chiropractor in Franklin and we want to help them to better understand these things that may be limiting them in their everyday life and just you know you know there’s a biological method of correcting bad pain it’s centered around the idea of structural diagnosis and simply put that’s placing the reason for pain on an image or a test that shows the exact damage supposed supposedly causing the injury. Current practice places more emphasize on functional diet.
Defaults found in neuro muscular and skeletal systems to identify the origins of the pain and understanding the body’s desire to stay the same or homeostasis forms the understanding of how back injury how back injury is prevented as well as how it goes down. All muscles of the body are basically being remodeled to match the functions that are required for them. Injury results from the joint muscle ligament being a place in a position of vulnerability and performing a task when the tissue is weakened. You know especially when you’re loading the muscle and it’s in range and spinal rehabilitation it’s a it’s a very complex topic that’s multifaceted and you know the the basis of it though is you know you want to keep it as simplistic as we can for patients who are at the top chiropractor and Franklin Healthworks chiropractic who want to keep it simple. We want to keep it. You know the most effective we can and get them better and get them feeling better for the long term we want to rehabilitate them and really get them on maintenance care. And you know the rehabilitation that’s been applied to the spinal rehabilitation is defined as a monitored administration of corrective biomechanics to the joints and in soft tissue it treats biomechanical weakness and balance dysfunction recovery of metabolism and blood flow demand to the muscle tissue. And there’s a lot of disorders that we see here Healthworks chiropractic at the top chiropractor in Franklin and you know some of those examples are disorders helped by rehabilitation is neurological. Certain types of disease congenital you know they’ve been developed from birth structural you know post surgery amputees broken bones you know acquired muscular overuse misuse you know things like tennis elbow golfers elbow thoracic outlet syndrome things like that or sidecar in certain cases can be a factor in that as well.

At the top chiropractor in franklin, underlying guiding principle of spinal rehabilitation is something or an acronym used for that is the said principle. It’s going to stand for specific adaptations to impose demands. So what that means is that our psychological physiological and neurological adaptation will occur in direct response to imposed activity demands. If you think about these demands are not specific to the activity demands of the action no functional adaptation can take place. So when rehabilitating our patients here at the top chiropractor in Franklin we try to make exercise specific to his or her or his or her sport or a specific task we say you know his or her ma’am or sir. What are your specific goals. You know what are you trying to accomplish. What do you do. That’s why we like to get a very thorough background check to see what you do in your everyday life how active you are and how we want to be as specific as we can to adapt to you know what you’re going through from day to day and helped you keep those things in check for the motions that you’re going through if you’re picking up something wrong all day long. Their job is to pick up crates all day. Then you’re going to certainly be injuring yourself over and over and over again and your body is going to like to stay in that position. So when you go down to pick that you know item or crate or whatever it is off the ground your body is going to immediately lock into that unstable position it can really hurt yourself. So we want to reduce the neuro muscular compensation and the activities that induce that inflammation or make you hurt.
and want to help you know get all these cues you know and sometimes it’s just the way that you’re looking at something. No I can’t do that or that’s too hard sometimes. You know in certain cases I’m not saying this is all the time you need a pass.
You kind of get yourself to pass those boundaries in order for yourself to heal and feel better and you will simply put avoidance or the avoidance of an activity that tends to aggravate the patient’s condition causing you know continual pain particularly as it pertains to post surgical and chronic care. There’s actually some recent literature in clinical applications that have been addressing all the aspects of back pain and they specifically identify all tissues involved in the cause of biomechanical dysfunction and pathology and in turn it’s going to allow for the development of an activity routine that’s more effective and complementing the patients daily activities. So things that they typically like to do that we’ve seen at the top chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic that can help you give us a call today at 615-791-9917 or visit us online at¬†