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You know stay the top chiropractor in Franklin and health works chiropractic we want to talk to you about the rehabilitation process and kind of the steps that you’ll be going through. This is a bit of a follow up from our last articles. You know we want to go over basically the three Rs rehabilitation. What you may expect in these three processes. So the first one is to reduce. We want to reduce the pain and reduce the hyper tenacity or the length of treatment in this phase depends on the type and the severity of the issue going on sooner or reduce that inflammation you know cryo therapy can be very very effective for this ice is some type of topical thing like bio freeze icy hot. There’s a lot of these topical agents TENS unit. And it can be determined by the doctors here at the top chiropractor in Franklin a Healthworks chiropractic. You know the severity it’s going to vary from person to person and kind of what they’ve done in their specific condition. So that’s why we do a very thorough examination and before we do anything to you. So we know how to effectively reduce your pain at the top chiropractor in Franklin. We want to restore your range of motion get you back to feeling and moving the way that you were before. Active versus passive ranges of motion our doctors will check for that at Healthworks chiropractor chiropractor the top chiropractor in Franklin.

You know we want to introduce¬† training or you know neural logical train to help you ingrain these patterns a little bit better into the body and the top chiropractor in Franklin health works chiropractic can help you do this. And we want to help you do this. You know the brain. It must be educated so that the muscles can perform accordingly. So age and certain chronic conditions can limit the patient. You know from that first phase two to four to treatments performing the remodelling treatment. You know during the next after we reduce that inflammation when we get that range of motion back to where it was. The next phase is the remodeling phase and this includes soft tissue real education and rebuilding the muscles to become stronger and to stabilize the joints or the spinal column depending on where the injuries at. So we want to make sure that all the muscles are up to speed. There’s no weakness in the general area that’s causing fatigue. You know we want to make sure that the top chiropractor in Franklin that we can help with these certain things. So we want to do a thorough examination of you want to get you back to feeling good again and keep you feeling that way. And that remodeling phase well there is a metabolic component to it helping the injured muscular tissue to regain proper metabolism and blood flow. You know that being said that kind of goes hand in hand with the specific adaptations to impose demands for things that you’re doing. We want to help get that restored motion back in your body gets you feeling better keep you feeling better for the long term.

And we can do that at Healthworks chiropractic the top chiropractor in Franklin will help you get back to doing what you want to do when you want to do it. So give us a call the day 615-791-9917 and we’ll get you end on our $19 our special gets you feeling better a muscle mechanics it’s a big big function in the rehabilitation process. Muscle tissue basically has four key functions to produce motion to move substances through the whole entire body. And it provides stabilization and to generate heat and muscles are providing motion they’re essentially integrating the use of everything so the bones joints and muscles together they’re going to create motion muscles stabilize the body by placing the body in a position of sturdiness such as when partial muscles stay they contract or kind of tighten up. That allows the body to be sturdy in the sitting or standing position. There’s basically four curious characteristics to muscle and that’s the excitability that’s the ability of a muscle tissue to receive and respond to a certain stimuli are contract to contract ability the ability of the muscle to shorten or to thicken the extensibility and that’s going to be how the muscle is able to stretch the elasticity the ability of the muscle to return to its original shape after contracting or extending outward. So when a muscle is continuously stimulated for an extended amount of time the muscle is going to be progressively weakened until it does not respond. You know a muscle it’s going to be stimulated for a long long period of time and the muscle is going to weaken or wear down or for tea until there’s just nothing more left in the muscle and that’s known as muscular fatigue muscle tone.

It’s going to occur when there is sustained partial contraction of a skeletal muscle and tone is important for maintaining SRU posture. And there’s two abnormalities of muscle tone referred to hyper tonic or hypo tonic so hypo tonic. It basically means a decrease in muscle tension or decreased in muscle tone hyper tonic. It’s the opposite which essentially is going to mean an increase in muscle tension or increase in muscle tone muscular atrophy. That of course refers to weakening or wasting away muscles or the decrease in the size in the opposite spectrum we have hypertrophy muscular hypertrophy which refers to an increase and the diameter of the muscle size and that yields more For within the body and there is a constant progress process of homeostasis occurring and it can occur it can often be characterized best by antagonist and antagonistic relationships and antagonist or a prime mover of the body. It’s a muscle whose contraction properties are basically responsible for producing a particular movement an example of that would be the biceps or the front porti√®re arm it’s ability to flex the arm at the elbow to extend. In this instance you know the tricep muscle is used as the antagonist of the biceps you know and that basically means a prime mover but opposes so your biceps your triceps it opposes the primary muscle group and a synergistically contract. And that refers to a muscle that assists as the primary mover or primary muscle.

Certain things with this though are you know in a particular action for instance if they break out break your Regulus muscle maybe the primary Flexer Of the elbow but the biceps brachial radiologist muscle is also a forearm flex or that kind of helps the bicep muscle perform the act of flexion synergistically the muscles have a great ability to prevent movement at a joint by assisting the antagonistic stabilizer. There’s a law to this too and they call it the law of Reciprocal Inhibition and it states that when an antagonist muscle contracts to create a desired motion it’s antagonist relaxes for example interaction of the the muscle causes relaxation relaxation of the triceps. So when the breakdown and the muscular system occurs a weakness occurs and the locomotor system yielding an injury and in time the need for rehabilitation is necessary and the top chiropractor in Franklin health works chiropractic can help with that. Give us a call today of 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. We’re located at two eighty four Seaboard Lane Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee.