Mobility And Stability Differences

Today at the top chiropractor in Franklin. I’d like to talk to you about functional exercise and how we can screen for function and proper movement within the body. So basically what functional movement screening is is it’s corrective exercises that are combined to create a core training system and basically a focal point of what this is and what we kind of use here. A top chiropractor in Franklin is very significant in people having limitations to the right or the left side imbalances that even exist individuals that have very basic level of movement. Basically these limitations are in balances. They’re not to be overlooked. And that’s why we do a thorough examination here at a top chiropractor in Franklin because the body should ideally be free of restrictions and free of imbalances. Prior to doing any type of Moomin or training conditioning or any type of physical activity and significant limitations in the right with the left or imbalances within the body dramatically distort and they can inhibit motor learning and movement patterns. Body awareness and also mechanics just in general how the body is going throughout the day and how we’re moving at one joint specifically and they can actually rob the body of the efficiency. And very often it’s going to be hidden by individuals who learned to compensate and substitute with other movement patterns.

And you know it’s very important to to understand the science and the background of functional movement patterns and the approach to rehabilitating these patterns is strengthening and conditioning the system so we can have an effective body and function properly and stay in alignment and that’s what we do at a top chiropractor in Franklin we at Healthworks chiropractic we do a thorough examination. We take a full set of actuaries to make sure there is no underlying problem. And you know there’s there’s a lot of common commonalities between us and physical therapy and we want to work with physical therapists to promote wellness and help the body function as a whole you know we want to help improve function and athletic performance if that is one of their goals are just daily activity. We want to help provide a simple system that can assess people and their movement. You know things can be easily easily utilised in both general health in athletic health and just general fitness. We want to identify weaknesses and imbalances and rehabilitate these imbalances a strength the weaknesses with corrective exercises and we want to teach everybody the quality movements that they deserve and patterns as they should be and in graininess their body and everyday life. So it seems that more and more today individuals are working harder and they want to get stronger and healthier than ever. And a lot of these individuals are constantly working to improve their activities by increasing their strength their endurance their flexibility their power output and there’s a lot of people out there that are performing at a high level and doing a lot of high level activities even though there are a lot of insufficient movements that are fundamental to their systems. So these individuals create poor movement patterns and they’re going to train around a preexisting problem or simply they’re not going to train their weaknesses during their strength conditioning training.

And in today’s evolving market of things like cross fit and different things like that where there’s a huge arsenal of equipment and workout programs the best equipment programs they’re not going to produce if the functional weaknesses are not exposed prior to doing those movements and that’s what we’d like to help at the top chiropractor in Franklin health care package who want to help you function better and feel better and get you living a life that you deserve and back the activities that you deserve to do and like to do. And that’s why the functional movement testing that we like to do we like to create a standard you know functional skill functional performance functional movement. And there’s different sections in this pyramid that we like to optimize to get you living your life to the fullest and seeing where your weak links are because you’re only strong as your weakest link. Then we want to create this mobility and stability. So basically the terms mobility and stability there are a lot of time misunderstood and should be more specifically to find you know mobility is actually the combination of muscle flexibility the range of motion of a specific joint antibodies segmented freedom of movement and now stability. And it’s often referred to as ligament integrity about a joint the ability to maintain posture and or control emotion instability. It can be defined into two categories in that static stability and dynamic stability. So basically what static stability is it is often assessed through orthopaedic testing where static stability is going to be demonstrated during a single leg stance dynamic stability. It’s often overlooked during orthopaedic testing but it’s a lot of time used in functional movements.

And an example of dynamic stability it can be demonstrated when I say somebody with the abdominal muscular sure stabilizes the top portion of their body during functional activities like a vertical jump or sprint and then some people are going to exhibit strong static or stabilizers. But they’re going to be weak dynamic stabilizers and a lot of times these people are going to be compromise of their corrective movement patterns. And it’s going to inhibit their performance a lot of the time. So those people will sacrifice quality of motion to maintain quality of motion. And they’re going to turn and develop compensatory movement patterns. And that’s going to order me or to overcome functional deficits. An example of that would be how let’s say an athlete would develop hip stiffness during an athletic endeavor and it’s going to be a result of muscle hypertrophy and move patterns that occur during training and you know in their specific sport. So at a top chiropractor in Franklin we want to help you better understand movement and get you feeling and functioning better. So in the long term you can perform better and you can live your life to the fullest and that’s what we do at the top chiropractor in Franklin. We like to get these moving patterns down and help you utilize these patterns and help your body stay stable and give you tips on how to stay fit and live your life to the fullest and the most productive life that you can to the best of our ability with the manipulations corrective exercises and soft tissue work.

We’re here at Healthworks chiropractic to guide you along the way to give us a call today 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 and we’ll be more than happy to get you in for a thorough examination and help you to understand how to function better and how to feel better. At the top chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic.