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Today a top chiropractor in Franklin wants to talk to you about something called open circuit faults. So basically what this is and what this encompasses is serious trauma in the world of strength and conditioning injuries like you know ACL emcees Altair’s Fleck’s flexion related disc conditions severe things like porn bicep tendons liberal terrors of the hip shoulder torn Achilles tendon is you know all of this kind of encompasses this category. And at a top chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic we do see a lot of this you know your body is a simple mechanical system which is composed of some tissues ligaments tendons and it operates best when it’s able to create a stable in ideal position. And that’s what we helped do at the top chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee. And when the body is in an optimal position and alignment it’s going to create crazy amounts of output of power. And you know most people are familiar with maximum functional movement. Basically that’s like a wave of contraction from the core to the sleeve and trunk to the periphery air and seal skeleton and peripheral skeleton. And basically this is a good example of the body operating best when all of its circuits are closed. The spine is stable and the hips are stable shoulders stable ankles don’t Top Chiropractor in Franklin collapse from ankle weakness different things like that or proper misalignment. I should say you know and the body is going to operate it’s best before movement is initiated and the problem is that the body is always going to be able to generate force even in very very poor positions and conditions.

So that’s why we’re here at the top chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic and we see this a whole lot. And you know it’s not unlike being able to temporarily get away with driving your car with no oil or something like a flat tire on a car. You know you can do it. But if it if you know those miles start to add up it’s going to get very expensive when you do take it to get repaired. So your body’s body works the same way. It’s always going to default to secondary systems of stabilization in compromise in positions where you need that output of force. You know if a child with cerebral palsy has a damaged motor control system in their brain based on what’s going to happen is cognitively they’re just going to have aspects of movement that just aren’t well coordinated and controlled in the brain. So some of these children are able to you know move with some compensation and their bodies are clever enough to default to you know maybe positions that aren’t so ideal. You know like collapse arches and ankles you know knees that are rotated an impingement in the hips and over extended hyperextended lumbar spines. And these kids are literally able to leverage their tissues into positions of stability that turn out to be very very functional form until they give out these positions. They look familiar to anyone who’s ever done a squat wrong. And if you don’t or can’t create a stable enough position for where you can generate force your body’s going to provide one for you.

That’s what they call it a bit of compensatory strength or compensation when a movement or an area isn’t strong enough to stabilize the body and keep you upright. So we see a lot of that at a top chiropractor and Franklin and we want to help your body stay in a proper alignments all those muscles attendance ligaments can fire in a proper position to help you stay stable. And he’ll offer things like corrective exercising stability in the ankles and feet to keep your ankles stable we do a foot shoveler scan which kind of looks at the pressure of your feet and you don’t how your arches are resting and how that will affect your body upward your ankles knees hips everything upward through the whole kinetic chain. And you know you need to dress your ankle or hip ranges a motion to as well or your body is going to end up turning your feet out. So you need to work on restoring ranges emotion you know within your body. So there’s some some some faults that are open circuit things like shoulders rolling forward or forward head posture hyperextended or over extended lower back lumbar spine feet that are turned out or tilted excessively and prone ated head tilted up or down you know elbows that are flared out rounded back you know a lot of problems lie. And there’s often some confusion with functionality and physiology and positions that are served as functional like dumping and landing or jumping and landing with feet outward. You know you’re going to quickly realize that a liability when speed and load or fatigue heart introduce that yeah you’re going to be able to lift things that are heavy with a rounded back you know for a very very long time Top Chiropractor in Franklin .

But at some point those tissues you’re going to resists and they’re going to spasm and it’s going to fail and it’s going to result in some type of injury. The more our tissues are not able to handle these positions let’s say if you’re picking something off the ground like in that case heavy box your back is round and you’re not hinging forward at the hips you’re lifting with your back that age old adage lift with your legs not your back. A lot of people you know don’t even realize that they’re doing it until it’s too late. Injured those tissues on their back and their lower back and mid back. And you know they do this over and over again. They’re doing an everyday basis until it’s too late. You know at the top chiropractor in Franklin we see this a lot with faulty mechanics and we want to help you to heal that tissue if you’re experiencing that and show you the proper way to lift things and to get you feeling better in a shorter amount of time. And also show you these things so they don’t happen again. You know if we compromise in a position like picking up a heavy object it’s going to something’s going to give eventually it may not happen the first time. The second time but over a period of time and over use of potest particular thing it’s going to it’s going to get to a top chiropractor in Franklin. We want to help you be able to realize your full potential and be able to move optimally through ranges of emotion that are in your everyday life to get you feeling better and functioning better overall.

So that’s why we’re here at the top chiropractor in Franklin to help you out and get you feeling better functioning better at Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee we can help. Give us a call 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 we’ll be more than happy to take a look at you. We got an introductory offer that includes our once exam was orthopedic chiropractic and neurological exam with a full set of x rays to see any dysfunction that may lie within the spine. And that’s all for 19 dollars that will also if the doctor deems it necessary include your first adjustment. Give us a call today day at our Franklin Location 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. And we’re here at the top chiropractor in Franklin to help you out and get you feeling better in pain free and living and functioning fully at Healthworks chiropractic. Give the top chiropractor in Franklin a shot and we’ll get you feeling better. 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7.