Today Healthworks Chiropractic in The best Murfreesboro chiropractor we are located in Murfreesboro Tennessee. I want to talk to you about plantar fasciitis and dysfunctions with the feet. There’s a lot of dysfunctions that can occur with the feet. Of course, we’re always on our feet and we’re always walking and constantly putting pressure on one side or the other. You know there’s a lot of different variations with plantar fasciitis and there’s a lot of dysfunctions that can occur up above. And we see a lot of dysfunction with plantar fasciitis. You know it’s of course it’s it’s a disorder that affects the feet. Typically the connective tissue which is going to support the arch or the middle of the foot and it usually causes some pain in the heel and the bottom portion of the foot and it’s usually most severe when you’re first walking throughout the day or you know following a long period of rest. What we see here at Healthworks chiropractic. You know it’s also frequently brought up by movements that we see at The best Murfreesboro chiropractor of the foot and the toes upward towards the Shins or point the toes up or Dorsey flexion and the pain usually comes on a bit gradually and then it can affect both feet or it can affect just one foot and the bottom portion of the heel. So most frequent pain it occurs at that Hilo area or the corneous of the area. You know it can also be at the top of the foot. The three different kinds of portions of the foot and there’s not really a clear answer as to why people get affected with plantar fasciitis.

But it could be for long periods of standing or just overuse throughout the day whether it works an increase in exercise more high impact things and obesity or overweight problem. You know there are also some problems with inversion or the inward rolling of the foot can also be a very prominent thing or prone nation of the foot and it’s a natural movement you know. But you know it can severely affect that Fasha. Having a tight Achilles tendon. That is a very very big factor in plantar fasciitis sort of like a heel the heel cord the tendon on the back of the leg and it’s a very thick area of tissue and it’s going to attach to the planter s and the gastric dreaminess you know and the saltiest muscle to the cockiness or the heel bone. And what that muscle does the act the tendon called Plan reflection of the foot at the ankle and except for Sonya’s flexion could occur at the knee. So lifestyle has a lot to do with this but having dysfunctions and other portions of your body can severely affect this as well from what we’ve seen at Healthworks Chiropractic in The Best Chiropractor in Murfreesboro Tennessee. And you know there are certain cases where there’ll be some heel spurs and they’re frequently found. It’s unclear if you know they certainly could potentially have a role in that causing the condition but plantar fasciitis. You know it’s it’s a very debilitating disorder of where that basically inserts at the side of the ligament on the bone and there’s a little tiny micro-tears or breakdowns that college in it’s fiber.

And there could be a little bit of scar tissue and The Best Chiropractor in Murfreesboro Tennessee that’s going to increase inflammation and it could play a role potentially in the pain that you’re feeling. And you know there’s typically symptoms or signs beforehand. Some use ultrasound called laser therapy laser therapy what we use here and off is a health first chiropractor numerous fasciitis cases with a very very high success rate along with strengthening exercises. You know things like osteoarthritis heel pad syndrome reactive arthritis can help with the Cavies or therapy. You know a lot of times it’ll resolve on its own. But these methods that we use here at Healthworks chiropractic can certainly speed up the healing process and help alleviate some of that discovered that you’re having for the short term and making sure that these problems don’t come back later on. You know there’s been some different conservative methods for that plantar fasciitis and for the first few weeks those who you know have this problem going honored simply recommended that they take no arrests or break from the activity. If there is an overused property kind of going on. But you know things like orthotics can certainly help that we do here with our foot levelers health works Chiropractic in Murfreesboro Tennessee can certainly help. The general areas of the best Murfreesboro chiropractor that is helping that fascist pain-free without micro tears or help support the fee. You know there’s about four to seven percent of the general population that could potentially have some paying their fees or to heal. And about 80 percent of those are due to plantar fasciitis and about 10 percent of people have the disorder at some point during their lifetime. It becomes more common with age. And there’s a lot of different symptoms with the plantar fasciitis.

Now there could be sharp sharpness could be unilateral one side were kind of saying earlier we typically see that our office here Healthworks Chiropractic in Murfreesboro Tennessee is the pain is typically unilateral or one side. And there is a few other dysfunctions that could occur too such as hip pain you know lower back pain Jemini of the side joint sciatica. There’s a lot of different factors that could occur The Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor because of the plantar fasciitis and your feet are good indicators for the rest of your body of kind of what’s going upward. You know there could be a lot of heel pain that could be worse with wearing bearing weight down on the legs and after long periods of rest. This could worsen the symptoms in people with putter fasciitis. Their symptoms are most intense during their first few steps of the day all the inflammation has time to kind of sit down and swell up and that typically occurs you know getting out of bed that morning or if you’re sitting in for prolonged periods of time you know the improvement of a lot of the symptoms could be seen with continued walking. You know it’s rare but there could be some numbness tingling radiating pain swelling you know in the first Fasha continues to be overused. If this is the case the plight of Fasha can actually rupture and signs of that would include like a clicking or a Papin or snapping sound and there’d be a lot of local swelling and there’d be very acute pain and the soul of the foot. You know there are some risk factors with plantar fasciitis as well. Come see us today The best Murfreesboro chiropractor at healthworks chiropractic in Murfreesboro, Tennessee 615-867-1144 we can help with foot and lower limb pain at The Best Chiropractor in Murfreesboro Tennessee.