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At the┬áThe Best Chiropractor in Murfreesboro Tennessee at healthworks chiropractic we can help with lower back pain.Today Healthworks Chiropractic in Murfreesboro Tennessee. I’d like to talk to you about a specific muscle that leads to a lot of sciatic nerve. That’s the Perry formas muscle and this muscle it can become very inflamed with tighter overstretch. Tower and touch it in. About a couple of things that you can do to alleviate some of this. And that performance muscle. It’s in the buttocks and it can really irritate the largest one of the largest nerves in your body decided nerve. And some of the common symptoms that. They’re unclip they’re going to include some localized pain maybe that radiates tingling or numbness in the buttocks down the leg.

Which could potentially worsen after sitting for long period of time climbing stairs walking or running. You know it could be a sensation of pins and needles. In those general areas but it’s all going to kind of originate. Out of that little junction in your back. And. You know. The pain isn’t typically in the the back. Of the leg.Or just in the buttocks if it’s not impinge too much. So. You can of course stretch this muscle if you feel like it’s a tight muscle.By pulling the knee up to the chest while you grasp the knee with the opposite hand and you put towards your shoulder and you hold that stretch stretching your long getting that Parry form as a muscle.There’s a lot of different therapies for that. You know. Us here at Healthworks chiropractic we take it very seriously. So as well as the manipulations that we do.

We do perform some some passive stretches. You know we can do our K laser on you that’s very effective at decreasing the inflammation and helping that tissue heal. And you know Healthworks chiropractic. In Murfreesboro Tennessee can’t help you. And we want to help you. You know this syndrome it’s very very debilitating because. It could you know it could lead to a lot of different things. And you know when your glutes and you know glute media’s KlootM.S. And Maximus are overly tight this pay for porous muscle. It could fatigue and they could cause you to have a sore lower back. And hamstrings. You could have poor balance because of this and you could even have that shooting nerve pain that we’re talking about.Due to this nerve being impinged and when one it’s inflamed that Perry formas muscle compresses that Siamak nerve and that’s what causes that pain. So the main theory behind this is that we want to strengthen.And stretch. So it’s what the glutes. All those kind of three muscles of the glutes need. And what the performace need. And when most people are running. You know they see long long forward strides. And in reality. A long distance runner or somebody that runs for long periods of time. This this can kind of thrust.Happens Behind his or her body.

And with that distance running perform properly is a pushing motion from the mid foot strikes the ground. And what that push contributes to is the tightness and soreness. That could affect those gluteal muscles and the performance muscle which the performance muscle of lies beneath the glutes or the buttocks. And you know when your glutes and that performance muscle get tight and fatigued that can lead to a lot of dysfunction and that’s what we’re we’re here to help with that Healthworks Chiropractic in Murfreesboro Tennessee. You know and that’s what could be potentially causing your sciatica. So your citing nerve shoots through your performance and when that is inflamed it’s going to compress on that nerve. What we’re saying. So when you stretch this area. And the muscles of the gluten the pay for Mesi strengthen them. It’s going to help your body function more efficiently. And you’re going to avoid injury while you’re doing know activities such as running or walking even or working out in general. And. You know. Strengthening. You know. It helps in the recovery and tightness and the fatigue of the glutes and the performance combined. So. The glutes are three separate muscles. You know you get the glute Maximus glute medius and glute minimus and the glute Maximus is one of the strongest muscles your buttocks in the human body. And it’s one of the primary movers when you’re doing activities like running or walking because it’s going to give you that extra push. You know if you’re sprinting things like. That.

The glute MIT Media us it’s a it’s a pelvic dynamic stabilizer. So it means it’s going to hold the pelvis in a neutral position. When you know one foot. Is lifting and the other foot is up in the air. And the muscle can become very very tight. And females in particular if there are heavier runners and exercisers due to the hips being wider in females.

So the the glute gluteusM.S. And Parry forMS. the lateral portion are the outer portion. They rotate and flex the thighs so abduction are going away from the body. Of the Flex thighs. It’s important when you’re walking and running because it shifts the body weight to the opposing side of the foot being lifted which it’s going to keep you stabilized and falling from when you’re running or walking and strengthening this general area. There’s many ways to strengthen you know the glutes and the performance. And they’re very easy to implement. The smaller things kind of go a long way. You can do. You know lying on your back and with your knees bent in about 45 degree angle and both of your feet are flat on the ground you let your arms rest kind of at your sides and you slowly raise the hips up by pushing on the floor and keeping your feet. Your feet until your knee and hip and shoulder are in a straight line. This is a very very effective exercise for help helping not glute shrink. You can do lateral ban walks.

This is very very effective as well. And by putting the resistance bands on each of your ankle or stepping down on them depending on what kind of resistance band that you had you can spread the feet slightly at a 45 degree angle with your core brace your abs or tucked. You know you want to feel like you’re trying to touch your belly button to your backbone keeping everything tight and he like some he’s going to punch you in the stomach. He step laterally you keep his shoulders even. And you bring the other foot towards the leg to finish the. Finish the movement. In the same direction doing the same amount of repetitions to either side stretching. You know the main. The glute in the performance area is a lack of stretching and recovery. And you know it’s very very important for people to realize this when they’re doing you know they’re very active people. And we see a lot of Healthworks chiropractic and very active people if they get that that pain. And you know. Most people stretch and recover. They find it dull and just very time consuming. But if you don’t do these it can’t keep your body injury free. It’s very very important to do the small things like what we were saying so you can stay injury free free and be able to do things that you like to do in your everyday life. You can do a little bit of my fashion release like sitting down with a tennis ball under your buttocks crush your legs and place your left foot. Or your right foot on top of your left or right knee and you lean to that side and you’re going to roll out any tight spot spots fits you fine you know recovery it’s a very important thing I guess. You know surely get that inflammation down. Some of the best thing you can do. You know take the time if you feel like you’re overworking this area and need something a little bit more.

You know you do need to take the time sometimes and rest and gradually bring in lighter movements because you know if you’re not moving properly or not functioning properly it’s going to really affect you. And if you’re having this problem please give us a call.

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