The Healthworks Difference

Like to think of ourselves as the best chiropractor in murfreesboro .I want to go over what the health works difference is in our office. We only accept cases that we think we can help and we put your money where your mouth is. We have a 90-day policy where we can I get you better and 90 days the next 90 days around us. So what does that mean to you? Well, it means that we’re not going to accept your case. We don’t think we could help you get you better and not give you care for free, but we will, if we don’t see if we don’t come up to our standards of care and we don’t get you better like we say we will. So how do we do this? Well, first things. First, we do a very thorough evaluation. We call her once exam, so we do orthopedic testing nerve testing, a full chiropractic exam in a set of x-rays. Now, based on all this information, we make this the decision. If we can help you or not, and if we can with an outline the best course of care for you. What we say to people when they come in as sexually this there’s one of three things going on. First, things would be like some:we could have example you got into a car accident and you fractured your neck or you fell down the stairs and you fractured your ankle. Are you have an internal problem that chiropractic can’t help with such as liver disease or heart disease or what-have-you? So we always rule that out. That’s a step stuff out the next.

The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro

When you look at a spine from front to back, you wanted to be as straight as possible and if it’s not well, that’s what we talked about was for a misalignment in the spine. So how can the spine misalignment? How many ways first look at the pelvis? Okay, if one hip is higher than the other, a lot has gone on best chiropractor in murfreesboro. North of this means and we’ll definitely understand, there’s a pelvic misalignment happening for you say the left lamp has gone. I have a short left. Legwhat’ll happen. Is that powerful tilt with the left side being high and I’ll? Kick that lower back to the right? So you’ll have a tilt in your lower back. When we see this a lot of times, people are coming with a lot of low back pain, and this is because the nerves getting pinched know. How does this happen well lot of ways, but one thing is a traumatic fall, injury or repetitive motions right, maybe sit at a desk all day, so you sit all day or you got a factory, so you rotate to the one to the right all day. Okay, again, in many ways this could happencheckers as well as a lot of times. These things have been going on for several years. People are always surprised when we tell them how long they’re subluxation have been present for subway stations are known as the silent killer. What does that mean? It means that they been there for a long time, and we don’t know it. Cuz pain is the last sense when it comes to subluxation.

That’s because only 10% of the nerves in the body are actually focused on and therefore seconds, usually in there a long time before it’s recognized most commonly supplications. Are there at least 20 years for what we see you before it? A lot of symptoms start to come on now, people generally report off and on pain here and there, but it kind of goes away until he never doing about it by the time they get into our office. Things develop for a long time, so we always encourage people at the office which is The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro to get checked before is there we encourage our for our patients to get kids checked because kids are so much easier to deal with than adults. So what happened about the palace in the low back a lot of times and mid-back, which is between the bottom of the rib cage up until the top of the shoulders bottom of the neck, is compensatory so a lot of times we’ll see this area shift out of alignment as a result of the neck on a low back going. So if the mid back has moved out of alignment lot of times, that means they’re going to pain between the shoulder blades. Maybe a rib is gone out as well, so they’re having tough time taking deep breaths, but lots of that mid-back has gone out of alignment. Is a lot of sharp pain involved with that. But again, unless it was involved in what is involved. I mean is a shift in the mid spine or the low back.

That is also pinching the nerve the next semester. I want to talk about it. The cervical spine are the neck. It’s a problem for most people today because of our technology, we’re out of computer or on a cell phone. We got a laptop or an ipad or working at a desk. All this leaves to forward head posture when your head goes out in front of you.So when your normal posture does usually about 10 pounds of pressure from your head, your head weighs about 10 pounds, but, as your head goes out in front of you as much as 60, pounds of pressure can go into that neck and upper back here. So that’s going to cause neck pain, muscular tension, nerve, interference, early degeneration, so the best chiropractor brushboro highly recommend that you have proper posture when looking at a phone, don’t put your head down. Put your head up towards horizon because again, as you tilt your head forward, look at your phone or tablet the force exerted on the spine increase from 10 lb to as much is 60 lb of neck flexion.

Over this time, over x added pressure manifest itself like i, said:neck pain center of changes of your spine, and if you visit the best chiropractor in murfreesboro, health-wise chiropractic, we can give you advice on how to how to do this better. So they just some of them that we look at now. The second thing you say is you could have a disc issue. Rights of the disc is the padding between the bonus to shock absorbers of the spine, and these things are designed to push in the spine help with motion in the spine. But what happens if that disc is a tens to wear out The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro when you have misalignment of the spine degenerative changes happen and the disc where’s hours rc arthritic changes, then the disc, ultimately, just not a thing about the disc is it doesn’t? Have it doesn’t have nerve or not? I should not air flow, it doesn’t have direct blood flow, so it’s got to go.

Does blood flow from the motion of the spine when the spine misaligned it decreases? Motion decreases. Motion get less blood flow to the desk, and this is a very bad problem. The way we like talk about this is pathetic. Tires on your car must a line. that when they do what happens well, the tires on the trailer tire tend to wear out faster. Unless you realign the tires. The tread tires fast can i. Think of the low back is the car the disk has the tires and when the low back misaligned the tread wears out faster, you restore proper motion to the to the spinal. At times it slows down that wear and tear, but in the best chiropractor in mercer office, health first chiropractic.Now the best chiropractor in murfreesboro, health, source chiropractic, goes over all this one. The initial new patient evaluation explain to the patient when they come in what could be going on? What are the possibilities and what are the possible treatment options for them and there’s only one of three things:one will refer them out if we don’t feel like we can help them move for them to the proper provider to get. proper care to put them on a subluxation for a call, so I’ll just say, for example, they have misaligned spine, but their disc look right. Subluxation protocol is what the patient needs to get better fast and again. We do this within 90 days. The next, the best chiropractic decompression protocol in this would be more for where we going to that, we not only realign the spine.

The best chiropractor in murfreesboro highly recommended maintenance care on the road, but this outline of what I just talked about is what separates The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro, first chiropractic from the rest of in town. We take a lot of time to figure out. What’s going on with the patient, we take x-rays, we analyze those x-rays. We spent a lot of time seeing what’s going on. We then do a quick treatment on the first visit to see how the patient respond. Okay, we want to see how the patient respond to the adjustment or whatever trimmer recommend. So as we have an idea as far as how to treat them going forward, taylor make each plan to the patient.

Does each patient’s different need. Subluxation is different. Each time is different. As The best chiropractor in murfreesboro can be reached at 615-867-1144. Chiropractor mercer also has a franklin location. They there at 284 seaboard lane in franklin,, is the best chiropractor in murfreesboro website. we have a facebook page and you can also reach us online and we have found The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro looks forward to seeing you and if you have any questions on how we are different than differential ourselves. Please give us a call reach out to us online or come on in the office