Text Neck

We were missing ourselves of the best chiropractor in murfreesboro and helpers chiropractic. What are my goals? Does educate people on how different things they’re doing on a daily basis can really affect me how I feel, but how the body functions and today the best chiropractor in reference to talk about text neck. This is a new term of come out for an old condition has gotten worse over the last several years of technology, and what text neck refers to is the position that people’s head gets in when they are using their phone on a Tableti’m at a computer at a desk and all the problems that happen when overtime the spine starts to change from its normal position. 8 know, if you look at a spine from front to back, you want to be a strong as possible when you look at it from the side. There’s three natural curves on the top curve called the lordotic curve. If it has a nice c-shaped position and then the kyphosis, the cathodic curve and the mid spine go just the opposite direction, so a backwards c and the lordotic curve in low back would be the same position same orientation at the cervical spine. What happens when are head starts to go out in front of us because of text neck. Is we start to lose the curve in your neck and your head goes out in front of us. So let’s talk about what this means. First of all, so the normal human head is about 10 lb, all right when we start to get into text neck physician,the best chiropractor in murfreesboro has seen as much as 60 poundsusher in the neck. North think about this. Let’s just saying you have a bowling ball in your hand and you’re going to hold us bowling ball over your shoulder and i. Want you to now think about the tension in your in your bicep muscle, think of your bicep muscle as your neck muscles of the neck muscles being kind of the traps and the top of the shoulders going to the end of the bottom of neck into the hat right, here. the best chiropractor in murfreesboro , health, source chiropractic wants you to again hold that over your head, but your palm palm to the sky and put the ball in the bottom right and hold him a second chance to realize it’s not a lot of pressure, and that are you can find almost here forever now. I simply want you to rotate your hand and have your fingers as opposed to being backwards behind your back point in buying your back I want those fingers pointing now. This would be early phases, text, neck problems, okay or just a little bit of forward head posture, but I want you automatically see and feel how your bicep point from no tension tune a little bit of tension in okay, and so, let’s think about this-maybe two years into your desk job or from your kid. When they’re 10 years old after I’ve had for a couple years, this is the tension of starting to develop in the neck and the shoulder so kids, especially these days you’re on the computer and I’ve, had all the time really started.

Developing neurological problems in his headaches, an early age, neck problems in early age as well, because the curve of the night begins to reverse begins to take on that kind of position like you, throw a 6 by 9, does the mid back, which is abnormal for the cervical spine, okay, so down for a little bit now you can feelhe, probably couldn’t hold it as long go back and forth. Take your fingers back pointing towards the back your back and just hold of there until the difference with the fingers pointed forward again. Okay, nowthe best chiropractor in murfreesboro wants you to next extend your arm out, okay and feel how much pressure is in that bicep? How much that bicep is happened to could track the hold the weight of a bowling ball? Okay, now think of that bowling ball again. Is your head right. The average human head is about 10 degrees are in 10 pounds, so is, as we talked about the muscles in your neck, and feel how much stress and tension in that bicep. Okay, now whole there for a little bit and the best chiropractor in murfreesboro , health, source chiropractic want you to take it back to the original position and think of that original position as normalturn the fingers frontwards again starting to be abnormal and now hold it out in front of your feelers tension and that by 7. This is where most people’s necks are these days. So it’s no wonder that people are having a ton of neck pain, town of headaches. Okay, it’s no wonder thatthe best chiropractor in murfreesboro is seeing a ton of reverse curve in the neck and a ton of for deposition. Okay, when this happens, if it starts as much as 60 pounds of pressure in the neck in the upper back so causes neck pain, muscular tension, nirvana, frances nerves, I’m get pants. What happens is the bones in the spine in the neck, in the upper back on the upper part of the next call, the atlas they start to rotate misaligned, and when that happens, these bones pinched a nerve okay, when those nerves get packaged. What it does. Is it abnormal signal nursing on to the rest of the body by the texas understand of something? That’s not right. So it starts to tighten up those muscles in the neck of the number back and tries to keep it from getting worse. Okay, some muscular tension in generalalways a secondary condition to something else. Unless and I was talk about that, muscular tension or spasm can be simple. If you strain your quad okay, now, that’s primarily a muscular issues.

So we know that’s muscle, but otherwise muscle tension is definitely not a primary think so loud he will come into your best. the best chiropractor in murfreesboro health risk, I practice as i. Think it is a muscular I think he’s got a strained. Muscle are not wrong. The muscle is definitely titan tender and sore, but it’s a secondary component to that nerve, interference, those nerves getting pants and then, ultimately, thethe best chiropractor in murfreesboro¬† biggest problem is is early generation of that spine in the one that happens, you start to see bone spurs, arthritic changes, the disc degeneration they’re, just ramping, the best deliberately being so rot out of there and it’s just a nasty problem and then what’s going to happen when you going to have surgery, if you go to your medical doctor, they’re going to recommend physical therapy that doesn’t work, they going to give you pills at such as muscle relaxers and pain killers and whatsit doing to fix the problem. Absolutely nothing. The best chiropractor in murfreesboro encourage use you and your family to come to the chiropractor first to get your neck checked for having neck pain and headaches, I’m, really in general, the best chiropractor in murfreesboro health, plus chiropractor, recommended to go to the chiropractor first, if there’s any type of musculoskeletal problem before you medical doctor, because the best chiropractor in murfreesboro is trained on how to treat all these problems in. This is what we do. Okay, your medical doctor is a really good doctor, I’m quite sure of it, but they’re not trained like we are on the ins and outs of the musculoskeletal system in the spine of the nervous system and go to do to treat it. And if we don’t, we send you back your medical doctor anyway, but we’re going to save you a whole lot of problems with taking pills and go to the process of just knocking fix to get the frustrate. I can’t tell you how many times the best chiropractor in murfreesboro health, source, chiropractic, jasper people so frustrated coming into us and has gone through specialist after specialist and physical therapy in this, and that and just no no reliefand they’re, just really frustrating at their wit’s end. Unfortunately, we’re the last stop. If that would have gone the other way and they would have come to us first, it would have been much easier process. So again, the best chiropractor in murfreesboro help us can I find. It really recommends that you coming to us to get checked as soon as you’re having any type of tent in the neck or or if your child is on the computer or ipad when you get them checked as well or if you have a desk job, when you get, you checked as well, because I’m going to guess you’re starting to have that neck tension in their social by the end of the day and I’m sure you just don’t know what to do about. You think it’s normal! That’s one thing I like the really go over patience, the analogy of a sample if you lived on a farm grown up and most who lived on a farm, grown up, drink, well, water, and that was your normal okay, so well water, as we all know, that has a very salty taste and smell.

But if that’s all you’re used to, but that’s normal for you well so once you get off the phone or start drinking regular water again what havewell? You know the difference between the well water, the salt for the water and good, sheltered water, and he didn’t realize before how much of an issue was how nasty that water was chiropractor in murfreesboro clinic albers chiropractic is a start to feel a difference between getting adjusted. Getting that spine, realign get that muscle tension out of there get the body feeling and function better cuz those nerve not only tighten up the muscles when they get it. They go everywhere to the body the best chiropractor in murfreesboro . So there’s lots of things that we’re not better bodies, not doing it. A hundred percent like, for example, not sleeping as best we could weep i, don’t have the energy that we could get a lot of factors to tom, such as our diet and exercise habits. That’s another topic for another day, but the text neck issue that people are going on with this day is is is a big problem and it just because of technology the way it’s going on when people having bad for it had positioning-and you know your best chiropractor in murfreesboro-wants you to be aware of this and I want you understand what you need to do to get it fixed at the best chiropractor in murfreesboro . Chiropractor mercer can help you with this, and if you have any lessons we describe before, please come in and get checked in. Okay, because this it can be to become an issue down the road. That’s going to be harder and harder fixed. If everyone’s main thing is our main thought process is, maybe it will go away and other sometimes the most dangerous words in the in the language in the english language and then in general, is not going to just go away. So you best chiropractor in murfreesboro, can be found on facebook or website is the best chiropractor in murfreesboro . We also have a location in franklin, cool springs, and we are here to serve you to help. You figure out what’s going on if tex-mex is something we could help you with and if not what to do to get a better. So please give us a call 615-867-1144 or in the franklin location, 615-791-9917