Body Imbalances Equals Structural Dysfunction

As The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro really really strive to educate our patients and health-wise chiropractic authority on structural misalignment, if we’re the best chiropractor as we have our 90-day guarantee, so today is okay and what this means is structure and function are so intertwined. So if you have a skeletal misalignment of your head, neck hips, shoulders, river system in the sauce, elizabeth malfunctioning and, of course, body region of the body for the left, you’re going to have compression in the neck-and you have muscle spasms-cause a misalignment in its back and forth. It’s going to cause the headaches and neck pain, because that’s going to stress, stress and compress the house by the atlasthe most important bone in the body system comes to. The atlas, connects your brain to your spinal cord to serta’s control center for the car begins, and here in the center of the most important part of the body. It also controls the brains, blood supply. The vertebral artery is one of the main supplies. The blood to the brain does re course. It directly through an opening, in both sides of this atlas bone, proper blood supply to the brain crusher for brain function as your best chiropractor in murfreesboro, health, source chiropractic. We know the importance of body and balance in the atlas. Atlas, all the time, just to make sure that allison is an alignment. So it’s the body is functioning. Properlywhat structure and function are working together. The body the human body is one of those magnificent machines the world has ever created. However, that’s not happening. Our body begins to break down in this world today, with increased, stress and exercise, it’s more and more amplified as we go on and on a time as your best chiropractor in murfreesboro, health, source, chiropractic I want to go over some of the things that you can look for yourself to see. If your body them about is imbalanced and if this structure is going out of alignment is hence affecting the bodies function. So one thing we talked about with our patients is it’s really simple for you to check this on your own I sent you the window to the spine, for posh is out of alignmentfirst things. First, let’s see if one shoulder has higher than the other okay. If it is, you probably have a structural misalignment decreasing function in the neck in the upper back that one up to look at your ear, see if one’s higher than the other I don’t mean like to see. If that most important part of the body is putting nerve pressure, all the way down the spine there, certain chiropractors, that only focus on the atlas cuz we know, was the chiropractic profession. This is the most important phone, but go back to the analysis of yourself. Okay, so now I checked your shoulders. Now checked your head tilt. If you have that he’ll tell in there you’re, probably getting things like headaches, maybe using like dizziness, nausea, vertigo or some of the common things that happens when the allison that goes out of how to do that head tilt. Next I want you to check your pelvic alignment. Okay, so you need a partner for the second grab someone and have them find the very top bones in your hipokay and see, if one hand is higher than the other. If this, if you guys are having a hard time doing this, just lay on your stomach, okay and have someone check your leg length of one leg is longer than the other. That generally means you have a pelvic misalignment. Was this mean what major structures off no doubt affecting your function? So, let’s talk about some of the symptoms, involve when you have this misalignment of the spineless body at him in a balance, so let start from the bottom up. This is what we do on our chiropractors and we always have someone lay down, and we want to see if they have one leg shorter than the other lot of times. I do most times people do with low back issues, causes tight calf muscles affecting funk. Times. When this happens, the heel drops and it causes pain in the foot. Now as the best chiropractor in murfreesboro, we also fit people for orthotics if necessary, we believe that the foundation is thisand. If the feeder out of alignment on this is causing problems all the way up the spine, so literally your best chiropractor in murfreesboro will adjust your low back in your body and get you in a lineman and you’ll walk out of here and i. Do it because the feet are going out of alignment so that the arts drops the news rotates in the pelvis becomes unleveled again, so we got to check the function of the feet as well as a really important thing and chiropractors missed this, but your best chiropractor in murfreesboro health, source chiropractic. We do not miss this don’t happen. So when this happens, the knee rotates. Okay, so foot on levels drops rotates the cause of tight hamstrings of those tight hamstrings thenĀ  come to The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro pull in the back of your leg. If you ever heard of the bruised up really good after you pull it, but that attachment of the hamstring is to the bottom of the pelvis. So this could cause lots of thingsbut to it’s going to cause that pelvis 2 on level, because it’s going to pull that palace down. So we now have found a short leg more. Like leave now, he found on leveled and probably a rotated pelvis, and would that would have contracted hip muscles to relax, has are going to have hip pain because of that raised him and his shot from the bottom up is trying to exercise such as running or any type of movement utilize their feet. They’re going to have a ton of problems are going to get really discouraged because they’re going to have pain every time, I move, so I was really important as your best chiropractor as the best chiropractor in murfreesboro to really address this palette, misalignment bells from the feet in from the pelvic spine and pelvic region up in the lumbar spine without pelvis misaligned, you raise that hip up the spinal muscles in the back.

Go back all the way up in the mid backyes it all. The secondary muscles in the mid back in the low back or I’ll, get in fights has the quadratus lumborum the erector spinae, even the gluteus maximus the piriformis. These are all things that get affected with a raised, pelvic misalignment. It is all going to lead to one thing back pain. Now we’re going to come in with people with back pain ever going to try and figure out where the pain sources from sometime this from the si joint, which is the hip, sometimes it from the lumbar spine, sometimes from the disc, but sometimes too it’s from the muscles and that’s the case willThe Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro or for you out to another provider, for this is where the pain generators coming from 9 times out of 10. It’s not. The structure is generally decrease in the function. Think of structure of spine think is function function as muscles okay, so, where those contractions spinal muscles in between the shoulder blades and going up in the neck in the upper back you’re going to have contracted shoulder muscle, so you going The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro to have things like shoulder:pain and arm pain, just to name a few, even numbers and going down into the hands. Those rims will tend to go out of alignment, so you’ll have sharp shooting pain in mid back rib area to see one shoulder higher than the other. This point in time, and that’s because structures off the talking function function is, is decreased muscle, spasm happening on that shoulder in that head down shoulder up head down, which shrek has those muscles and I’m going to The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro have to stretch tight neck muscles? Does a missile I’m in the neck in the upper back area, causing headaches and neck pain? So, as you can see the structure in the in the function or so and find that the best chiropractor in murfreesboro health, first chiropractic people checked on a ongoing basis, I’m talking about even babies, newborn babies all the way up to 90 year olds, okay, everyone that has a spine and nervous system and structure which we all do cuz The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro. If we did have the structure, which is the bones skeletal system will be one big blob of nothing there I would be a big ol amoeba or the blob, which is what we saw from the sci-fi movies back in the day. To the best, highly recommends that you and your family come in and get checked if you have any type of symptoms like neck issues, low back pain and headaches, sciatica, numbness and tingling carpal tunnel was all be caused by a structural dysfunction in your spine in the best chiropractor in merchant has so many ways to treat this. We go through a very thorough evaluation to figure out where the pain generators coming from and what to do with it cuz one of three things going on, so we can help you with okay. If that’s the case will refer you out and get you the right people to you have a structural miss language. We talked about in death today or 3. We got a disk issue and the disk issue we have a 90% success rate with our decompression protocol on the best chiropractor in murfreesboro is highly sought after due to our success with disc problems in misalignment issues. So if you’re having issues give us a call 615-867-1144, you can look us up at health, source chiropractic. Net. We also have a facebook page. We have a ton of reviews with the most reviewed clinic in middle tennessee, with over 280 combine reviews between each office and in the end we can help you and we can help you a lot. Please look us up, look forward to seeing you in our office. If you have a problem. Thank you