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Today HealthWorks chiropractic The best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee. I want to talk to you about the lower body and its role in the whole function of everything that we do. So the lower limbs of course the lower lumbar spine the pelvis the hips the knees the ankles they all have ligaments and tendons that helps support the structure. The top portion of course I guess you could call that the torso of the body or the trunk of the body that includes flexors of the body with the SO asked muscles depending on the position the to dominance the spineless long Miss Cleo costless muscles. And the quadratics Lamborn side benders of the back off to the side when they’re working on the back. The two most common muscles involved are the mall type the motto of fittedness and the quadratics The best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee Boram the next common muscle is the glute gluteus medialis which refers pain into the sacredly act joint’s working these muscles will usually help a lot of back pain. The general area is getting strengthened up so they can support the body and support the lower back and the structures of it. When we look at you know the hips muscles and the hips the bones of the ears of the hips like the joint secretly actually into the side joint are commonly known as the little joint and between your hip the Illium are kind of the inner portion of your hand. See Krumm the bottom portion of your spine the pubic Synopsis The femur or the thigh bone the hips are usually the foundation of the lower body typically.

And there are pools there are basically like a bull that cures are different keep its shelves. And they also kind of help are organs for storage and the hips are balanced upon each of the femur of the femur bone decide bone and then they support the spine where the lower back or the lumbar vertebrae meet the same crumb the lowest portion of the spine. The shape of the hip bones they basically create like an arch with the top being the sacrum in the sides coming down onto the femur bone. This arch in the hips and of that structure allows The best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee the hips to transfer the weight of the body to the femur bones. And there are about four groups of muscles around the hips and these are the eye doctor muscles on the outside or the inside of the thigh. And then abductor’s the outer portion of the lateral hip muscles flexors force the your side and the stench extensor. Think about it. There are two possibilities. The first possibility would be that someone is going to be placing weight. So the opposite joint was able to treat a femur. We know what happens. So what next step is going to carry out other possibilities that are going to be changed. The answer would be no relation to are there two major. Which is basically tilting toward increased or The best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee thicker rotation so things can increase more with each distortion selfish thinking body. Just example that poster rotation shrinks. This is so right back with your records. I think it’s six were three times more not tight enough it has to have this great balance between the two. We look at another common dysfunction that we help The best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee with that health works chiropractic care in Franklin Tennessee.
And that’s of that nice there can be a lot of dysfunction in the knees hips various different problems can occur. And you know things like you know the hamstrings the flexors of The best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee knee like the biceps for Morris the shark Namias or the calf muscles the populists you know extensor of the knee the fastest VLS fastest ladder fastest or medius the for Morris. Those four muscles of the quadriceps make up The best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee quadriceps and a lot of the main movements of the knee are going to be that of flexion extension for lateral lead pain. We look at things such as the vastest The best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee or the outer portion of the quad and for anterior knee pain we see the vastest yes and for posterior pain of the knee we see all the flexors of the knee you know different movements you know like torsion e of the knee can result in things . All these muscles the ankle the knees the feet they help to support our lower body and when they support properly we can do things that we normally love to do like walking and running and you know all these dysfunctions if we have these areas stable and strengthen up it’ll help your performance throughout the day and make your life a little bit better. Make sure the line with proper chiropractic adjustments that we do here at Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee. So give us a call. We also have an office in Murfreesboro Tennessee off of South 925 South Church Street in our old location in Franklin is located to 84 Seaboard Lane and suy. One hundred are phone number for our Franklin location is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 1 7 and Murphysboro our phone number is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 Give us a call a day to get scheduled and see if you have some of these dysfunctions going on in your body and we can help with these dysfunctions. You know I’ll leave you have pain and tight and sore muscles for the long term. You know we want to make sure that you’re feeling good and you’re receiving the care that you deserve. Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin or Murfreesboro Tennessee chiropractor can help you. And we want to help you today when he gets you feeling better functioning better living better and having a more productive life because that’s what you deserve and gets you out of pain. And our goal here.
Health Works chiropractic so give us a call Francl location 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. Or give us a call at our Murfreesboro location. That number is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. And we can help you with lower body pain and the dysfunction that comes along with having some of these common problems you know getting getting that attention out of your your torso which is the pelvis. You know we you know different things in dysfunction. TheS.I. joint can also play a role in these as well. We want to help you get better and stop those dysfunctions. And if it’s something we can’t help you with who refer you to somebody that can hear it like this because tears ACL tears seal tears you name it there’s potential if the need goes out of these different emotions The best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee rather than flexion and extension of the knees can be prone to injury with those different movements in know muscles of the ankle that can also play a factor as well. You know there’s Proteus long and brevis the ligaments with those plantar flexors like the calf muscle the gastric anemia and the Salyers Dorsey flexors or muscles that kind of points your toes up like the Tibe Allison Teer where we come moreso there The best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee shin splints and the most common ankle injury it’s going to involve the tibial fibula and Calkin heel fibula or ligament strain and some Achilles tendonitis commonly be seen as well.
But the important thing is working these injuries consistent Fricks mean the ligaments in these muscles release the muscle suggesting that our clients here perform ankle strengthening exercises. Home is something that we do here at Healthworks Chiropractic in Frankfurt Tennessee and basically the injury of the ankle joint to respond in two ways to a strain and one of them could be like the ankle ligament could be stretched which causes the ankle to feel unstable and to actually become looser than the healthier side. So creating that imbalance when someone has a loose ankle they need to perform strength and even exercise helps keep that ankle more stable in the main muscle stabilization of the ankle joint are erroneous brevis probably as long as the deep hole. Give us a call today at HealthWorks Chiropractic to get the best chiropractic care in middle Tennessee we are the best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee.