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We can help at healthworks chiropractic the Best Chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee do you have knee pain and other related lower body pain give us a call today at The Best Chiropractor in Franklin TennesseeToday the Best chiropractor Franklin Tennessee at Healthworks Carver practic would like to talk to you about knee pain and how your knee pain may be affecting your back.There’s a lot of causes of knee pain and they can vary from tears and other symptoms that pain around the knee.That may be an indicator of a condition affecting the knee joint itself or maybe there’s a bit of soft tissue around the knee that’s damage and can potentially affect everything leading upward. You know there’s some knee pain. There’s multiple causes for it that aren’t due to underlying diseases you know things like heavy physical activity the wear and tear lack of use for you know some atrophy of the tissue or the muscles around the kneecap injuries to the kneecap. You know things like straining the knee cap or a portion of the knee cap sprains sitting in a confined area for a long period of time or sitting on the knees for a prolonged amount of time.So some symptoms of knee pain some stiffness some knee instability while walking or something feels loose in the kneecap. You know if there’s some swelling or some inflammation around that area abnormal gait. So if you’re walking and you fills and stiffness or some shifting like what we’re saying in the knee happe things like your arthritis when there’s arthritis that occurs that flexible tissue at the ends of the bone is going to wear down or things like bursitis inflammation of that fluid filled sac that kind of pads the knee and acts as cushion for the joint of the knee. You know that inflammation causes that burset a kind of swell up.You know we see a lot of people out health works chiropractic with these knee dysfunctions and how they’re kind of walking moving.We can definitely tell and we can definitely help that Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee because you know sometimes strengthening the the root causes of the knee can definitely help these things.

And you know if maybe there’s another dysfunction on your body and your ankles or your back or your lower back that may be causing you some pain.And because of this it’s limiting the movement of the kneecap.So if it’s inner outer knee pain you know we can help you’re out at Healthworks chiropractic to determine what the best treatment source is for you.And if there’s pain on the inside of the knee you know it’s a common thing and there’s symptoms that can vary with different knee conditions or injuries the inside of your knee which is called the medial knee or the medial compartment of the knee in the outer portion of the lateral compartment of the knee. Sometimes you hear things like ACL or NZL medial portion NCL ACL the front portion the interior portion.And the lateral portion LCL. You know it’s the closest to the opposite knee.

So the medial knee pain it can typically occur because of a deterioration of cartilage. It can also follow a sports injury or any type of injury for that matter. Trauma to the knee. And with the knee it’s easily injured because it’s one of the most complex joints in the body. And the knee consists of the intersection of four bones four ligaments several several tendons too minuscule and cartilage. There’s a lot of common causes there’s a variety of things that can cause inner and outer knee pain. And a lot of time they can be linked to some type of injury or overuse and some of the most common accidents that could potentially cause me The Best Chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee pain include falls sports injuries or increase activity too soon adults you know ones that are 60 and over they are more than likely to experience some knee pain and internee pain can also occur in children or adolescents from overuse or you know sports injuries like we were saying earlier osteoarthritis. What we talked about earlier that we sometimes see here at Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee can could.

And there’s a lot of different ways that we can help back pain and pain. You know like we’re talking about there are highly correlated Dossey arthritis these breakdowns of the cartilage causing the bone in your joints to grind together. And if you’re experiencing that internee pain while putting pressure on. The leg. You know such as if you’re digging out from a surface or a chair something like that walking up and down stairs you may have some osteoarthritis built up in the knee. Rheumatoid arthritis is another common area of that mean that in any pain rheumatoid arthritis it’s an autoimmune disease that can also cause that internee pain. You know rheumatoid arthritis can cause inflammation in your joints. So it’s recommended that people with rheumatoid arthritis that are experiencing need pain in the morning and symptoms that decrease throughout the day with movement you know LCL things like that. The medial collateral ligament This runs along the outside of your knee. Of your inner portion of her knee. Of course to stabilize the joint. If the ligament is overstretched you could have an MC sprain and you can also partially tear or fully tear ACL which is the most commonly. Injured area after force is applied to the outer portion of the knee. Things like football if you hit from the outer portion inward over such as that like many can tear it you know symptoms that would be swelling if you’re getting some some locking in the knees up Papin or cracking sound at the time of the impact instability. While standing. You know the inner portion of the need the medial meniscus has to meniscus of the knee and they serve as that cushion between your thigh and your shin bone and your meniscus can tear or become damage if your knee is rotated or put under pressure most commonly during you know at sports or some type of contact activity. And there’s a lot of different meniscus tears there’s a bucket handle tear there’s a radio tear generative over time a flat tear and depending on the severity of it stiffness sharp pain in your knee lock in any sense of imbalance.

You know we can check you for these things at Healthworks chiropractic┬áThe Best Chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee and if you’re having maybe some back pain while you’re healing from one of these potential injuries we can certainly help to stabilize that area and make it feel better for the time being. You know if it’s something that we can’t help you with will be more than willing to refer you out. You’re all set up. We are the best chiropractor in Franklin and at Middle Tennessee.And we want to help you today at Healthworks chiropractics would give us a call or phone number 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 per Franklin Tennessee location or Murfreesboro Location 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 Health Works chiropractic can help. If there’s maybe an underlying cause of this knee pain from your ankles your hips.

Different areas correlate together and we want to get to the root cause of what’s causing your knee pain. And if it’s something out of our realm like I said we’ll be more than willing to refer you out to somebody that can help you. We’re looking out for our patients and we have the best interest in mind for them at Healthworks works chiroPractic┬áThe Best Chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee so give us a call the day and come see the best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee. Matt health works chiropractic we have two different locations. Our first location Franklin Tennessee.

Located at 284 Seaboard Lane in Franklin Tennessee. That phone number 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 or Murfreesboro Tennessee location located at 925 South Church Street Suite 8200 in Murfreesboro Tennessee. That phone number there is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Come see the best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee at Healthworks chiropractic and we could help diagnose different dysfunction in your body. Not only just the back to the hips the knees the ankles the feet we’re here to help your body as a whole and help you function properly and keep functioning properly at Healthworks practic we are the best chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee. So give us a call and come see us todaywe are The Best Chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee