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Today the best chiropractor in franklin at HealthWorks Chiropractic sees things are getting worse or better if they fluctuate from day to day. We want to measure these things and make sure that you’re getting the best treatment possible from day to day week to week month to month year to year. And we want to keep you healthy and moving for the long term. You know we want to see the progress that’s being made. There’s various kinds of pain skills. You know there’s a VLS skill or visual analog scale makeup that byline that’s labeled no pain on one in and in severe on the other in patients mark where they think their pain falls. That’s typically what we use here at the Best chiropractor in Franklin a vast scale pain charts things that allow the patient to mark where their pain is on a drawing of a body we do something similar to that with our program Kairo touch where you can select a portion of the body and describe what you’re feeling in that area of the body. You know if it’s a you know aching tingling burning sensation diffused pain kind of spreading out. You know there’s there’s various ways that we can describe pain and more we can narrow it down the better we can treat you the best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic. So numeric scales there are very general they tell patients to rate their pain on a scale of 1 to 10 would do something like that. The Best chiropractor in Franklin┬áThe Best Chiropractor In Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic course you know 1 through 10 10 being the worst pain they could imagine. It’s basically the same principle as that visual analog scale that we’re talking about earlier.

So you know at Healthworks chiropractic The Best chiropractor in Franklin we can certainly help you with these different things and show you these different modalities that may be able to guide you out of pain. You know there’s a lot of therapeutic modalities and a large portion of the modalities that are used in the rehabilitation process. They fall under two different categories on either electromagnetic or an acoustic device. And while the two classes they used different forms of energy to create physiological effects in the body tissue Boult depend on frequency and a lot on wavelength to achieve their desired effect. So frequency it’s basically the number of cycles or wave oscillations that occur and the second unit it’s used to express frequency is Hertz. So one Hertz is the same as one cycle per second. And that’s how we kind of describe frequency as as a general term wavelength is the distance from one point on a wave to the same point in the falling wave. So a wave essentially you know shorter wavelengths frequency is faster longer wavelength the frequency is a bit slower. So we use these wavelengths in correlation with the electrical muscle stimulation that we use here at the Best chiropractor in Franklin and Healthworks chiropractic we use that with the frequency wavelength they’re going to be determined by radiant energy and electromagnetic modalities and by sound waves and acoustic modalities. So like the electrical stimulation that we’re talking about many modalities that we use here at health first chiropractic get the best chiropractor in Franklin in the lot of chiropractors do use this sending it’s required the use of an electrical current passing through the affected tissue to create a desired therapeutic effect on the body.
So the equipment must modify the current it receives from the outlet and transform it to understand a little bit more how the electrical modalities are used on the body it’s important to understand some basics of electricity and electrical current. Basically it’s the movement of the electrons are negatively charged particles from a higher potential to a lower potential. So the force produced by this movement is called voltage and the rate at which the current is going to move is called an amp pure what is the unit used to measure electrical power and the power is determined by multiplying the voltage of the force but it appears are occurring now and there’s three types of currents that are used in electro therapeutic modalities that could be obtuse and that’s direct current it’s an uninterrupted flow of electrons from the negative to the positive pole direct currents flow in one direction. An example of direct current electricity from you know a flashlight battery its constant it current. It’s an uninterrupted flow of electricity that alternates the direction it moves the current direction. When the polls are reversed example that current would be something like a wall outlet. Polls current occurs when you know it’s Interop interrupted and intentionally to achieve a specific effect through a therapeutic setting. The pulses can be director they can alternate currents the pulsation can range from very slow to very rapid. This variation exists is pressed by the hole the pulse rate currents they can create. These three types of physiological responses when applied tissue.
These responses are thermal physiologic and core chemical all tissues rise in temperature when electrical current passes through it the higher the resistance the The Best Chiropractor In Franklin tissue the greater the heat response electrical currents can produce a muscle contraction alter pain impulses at the nerve level. It’s also possible for some of the different currents affect the tissue chemically so that’s why we use that at the best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic as we want to help you with these different problems that you’re going through and when Moskal electrical stimulation some of these different modalities it’s going to be important to know the various factors that can influence the currents and how the factors can affect the body. And by understanding these factors and┬áThe Best Chiropractor In Franklin the parameters of the treatment it can be altered to create a desired physiological effect. And you know we want to do these things so we can help you out and give you the best treatment at the best chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic we’re here to help. So give us a call 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 0 1 7 1 Kitchener ninety nine special we’re located at 284 Seaboard Lane Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee give us a call today at Healthworks chiropractic. The Best chiropractor in Franklin can help 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. We’re going to use some of these modalities to get you the best treatment possible. We Are The Best chiropractor in Franklin and we are here to help you out. Healthworks chiropractic.