The Best Chiropractor In Franklin : The Use Of Modalities

Today the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic. I want to talk about pain and some of the rehabilitation things that we can do to help with pain and help alleviate muscle soreness and some of the modalities that we use at the Best chiropractor in Franklin and Healthworks chiropractic are common. Principally you’re going to heal you’re going to hear is rice or rice. So essentially what that means is it’s going to mean that she need to rest. The area is going to help the area that you’re dealing with from further injury and is going to allow the body to focus on healing ice or higher cryotherapy is going to help to reduce swelling and provides effect on the injured tissue to prevent that tissue from further having inflammation. You know using heat during this phase it can actually delay the healing process by increasing the swelling or increasing the blood flow to that area compression elevation. It’s going to help decrease the swelling and bring bring blood flow to that area. Electrical stimulation and low powered lasers they’re going they’re going to help help regenerate some tissue and also help decrease swelling electrical stimulation. That’s something that we use in our office here or attends a unit or an immense machine. That’s what we do at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic some offices will use ultrasound. This is going to help stimulate cells and it’s going to encourage the healing of the tissue range of motion exercises can help with lymphatic drainage and it can also help reduce stiffness and swelling help restore some of that motion back in your body.

You know there’s some things like the repair phase where there’s a lot of swelling and inflammation and it’s kind of subsiding at this point and it’s going to help the body clean up after the injury and begin to form a bit of scar tissue. So there’s some common modalities that the repair phase includes and that’s heat or ice compression various frequencies of electrical stimulation low powered lasers like Arkie laser here at the Best chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic and some corrective exercises. The repair phase you know you can do heat or ice. You know a thermo therapy or cryotherapy typically heat it’s going to be applied in phases after most of the swinish subsided. You know warm Whirlpool can help increase circulation decrease the pain. You know I guess it’s going to be a common modality in the phase Swallow’s for Sistan or thermo therapy creates the reoccurrence of some information in the body. Then we’re going to use Eisenstat compression and it can still be used at this stage. It’s going to help remove some fluid and just some general information from that area helping that area stay stable and supported electrical stimulation like we talked about earlier that we have here at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic. It can be used for pain control. It does increase circulation it reduces muscle spasms and in certain kind of settings it can create muscle pumping action to help remove a little bit of waste in that muscle. You know low power lasers like our laser therapy here that we have at Healthworks chiropractic. The Best chiropractor in Franklin can help you with the cheerleads therapy.
It’s going to help decrease trigger points and speed up the healing process like we were talking about earlier range of motion and strengthening exercises to help restore some mobility. You know there’s such thing as a remodelling Phase 2 and it’s important to return to normal activity during this phase because it’s going to help to properly align scar tissue and increase the load capacity and flexibility of nerve tissue in your body after the repair phase. And as as war is increasing you know some of the loading capabilities and flexibility of the new tissue it’s going to help strengthen and add symmetry to the surrounding musculature. So some of the common modalities that we use we don’t have this at Healthworks have a practicums ultrasound short wave in microwave. I mean one that we do here have at Healthworks chiropractic The Best chiropractor in Franklin is electrical muscle stimulation progressive exercise rehabilitation things like ultrasound or diet Fermi help promote healing because they’re going to increase the flow of healthy blood and assist in removing some waste in the tissue and this treatment is used less frequently in this stage in the remodeling stage lecturer stimulation. It can help with pain but it’s also used for increasing muscle strength in range of motion. So there’s different modalities depending on what machine you use and the intensity of the machine exercise. It’s a it’s a vital portion of the stage to return to full range of motion and have flexibility in that area. And it’s it’s important to help align and strengthen the scar tissue of the surrounding areas by progressively overloading the load capabilities of the injured area. So you’re kind of slowly adding in resistance with exercise or a stretch that is more attention to it.
So the best chiropractor in Franklin a health scare frankly we can certainly help you with some of these things whether it be if you’re hearing from an injury or breaking up some scar tissue pain this is a large saying that we see in a lot of people and everybody deals with some sort of pain throughout their life on and off. So it’s our best study here at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractor to minimize that pain. And these are some modalities that we do use. And of course you know pain it’s it’s a sensation that warns us that a tissue is being damaged or is about to become injured. And if it’s already been injured pain helps us modulate activity and it’s reduced when modalities are applied. So that’s our best bet is to minimize pain. We can’t get rid of it completely in certain circumstances but we can do these things to help minimize that. And when pain is activated by various nerve fibers A.C receptors that when stimulated they cause impulses to be sent to the brain where pain is actually being going to be perceived. Acute pain can be controlled using modalities to help restore the body’s homeostasis or the body likes being a certain way and that homeostatic response is going to be optimal with these certain modalities. So once insulin inflammation subsides the mechanical and chemical stimulation of the nose your scepter subsides pain can be eliminated and modalities are also used to trick or mask pain impulses does disrupt the pain process. Typically chronic pain. It’s much more complicated and it’s a lot less understood.
They just generalized pain as we were talking about earlier and the effectiveness of a modality is more limited. Chronic pain. But there are a lot of applications to help increase range of motion flexibility blood flow and increase strengthening of the deconditioned tissues in the body. So there’s a lot of regulations that are regulating pain and we can use some of these modalities at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic was called it a 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 1 7. We wanted to get you and take a look at you and see which one of these modalities will work for you and work best for you. And we want to help you overall at the Best chiropractor and Frank right now Healthworks chiropractic pain is often measurable and pain skills are often used to assess different needs or variations of these modalities that we’ve talked about and a lot of these that we use at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic. They’re going to be used to describe a patient’s level of pain you know pain is very very subjective and you know an experience of pain is different from person to person and pain skills. They’re going to provide a means for the patient to better describe their pain and label its severity pain skills. They’re going to create a baseline that allows patients clinicians to see the progress that is being made over a period of time. That’s why we do that at Healthworks chiropractic care we want to measure your pain that’s why we do a subjective every time you come to our office. We want to check and see how you’re doing and how you’ve progressed over a period of time.