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Today at the Best chiropractor in Franklin. I want to talk to you about the hips and how important the hip is as it’s a ball and socket joint. We see a lot of dysfunctions here at Healthworks chiropractic at the Best chiropractor in Franklin. We see a lot of dysfunctions in the hips and the pelvis area and I want to kind of go over today what exactly the hips are and kind of how you can alleviate some of this tension with chiropractic care at the Best chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic. Want to go over these things and talk to you a little bit about how the hip joint. It’s basically a ball and socket joint and it allows a wider range of muscular movement than most other joints in the body just because you know there’s a lot more motion that can happen abduction abduction flexion extension. But there’s also a lot of problems and underlying tissue that can happen that we see at the Best chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic because the two of the muscles the Soaz and the Perry form as they are kind of run between the pelvic bones in the thigh bones or you know the femur big long bone your thigh and the Suez Major and the Perry for us are going to run between the lower vertebrae and in the column the lower vertebral column with the lower back and the femur the thigh bone. So the muscles that move the hip joint there some of the most there’s some of the largest muscles in your body. You know the adDr. Magnus wanted the late model the muscles that helps kind of bring your legs.

And then also the gluteus maximus or the buttocks. And then you also have some of the smallest like this superior inferior. No less muscles used during you know it’s kind of like a front muscle. And also you have the Soaz major because the requests for Morrison fire the quadriceps and the Sartorius which basically they used the hip to flex and are used with movements like swinging the leg forward or kind of flexing the leg forward. And there’s a lot of there’s some posterior muscles too on the back side like the gluteus maximus the biceps Morris in some of the other hamstring muscles that are going to fight the opposite motion or the backwards swing while you’re walking. A group of large muscles you know. Barabas eye doctor magnesite Dr Longears gracilis you know all the muscles that are in the inner portion of your thigh. They can get often tight or you know develop some weakness because we don’t do a lot of those motions in our everyday life. You know at the best chiropractor in Franklin we want to help align the lower back muscles and maybe you’re feeling a little bit of discomfort or numbness in the legs or tingling down legs or the loss of sensation. You know we want to help align these vertebrae in the lower back to help alleviate some of that discomfort. So you know Chiropractic is very effective in treating lower back and pelvis dysfunctions and helping these muscles work in conjunction with each other.

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And you know a small group of them most of the smaller muscles kind of in the glutes in the hip region you know the glute mediusM.S. that Peri formas muscle that kind of runs over top the sciatic nerve whooshes the largest nerve in your body. So if that gets kind of inflamed or has some tightness or overly tightness pressing on it nervure and to feel that pain running down your leg you know we get the TEFL or the tensor fash a lot on the outside or lateral portion of thigh that’s going to work display the legs to the side so that muscle also though it’s very small in comparison to some others it’s long and it can develop a lot of dysfunction and trigger points. You know another group that makes up about 70 percent of the hip muscles are the external hip rotators and of course that would include the large glutes the three muscles the glue the Maximus medius andM.S. that Perry form this muscle all these kind of work in conjunction and the flexibility it has a little bit more to do with the overall function of the body than what people previously thought. And what we’ve seen here at the best chiropractor in Franklin is that often pain the buttocks area is associated with poor hip flexibility. And it’s going to be especially true after going on a long run or a hike with very steep inclines or declines and hip pain that occurs you just about a day or two after the activity is typically due to extensive use of those extra rotator muscles or kind of on the outside of a lateral portion of the body and it’s caused by damage to both the muscle and the connective tissue around the muscle and stretching these muscles before and after some of these activities may help decrease the soreness.

And in addition to the hip external rotators the muscles are at least stretched the least stretched muscles in the lower body is what we’re seeing here at Healthworks chiropractic at the best chiropractor in Franklin. And we want to show you specific stretches here to help these particular muscles that are often neglected and hip external rotators are very important but very tight with these activities. So it’s important that we stretch these and keep these up to date. And you know one side maybe tighter than the other and it may be throwing you know your pelvis off so you can do like a hip external rotator and hip external extensor stretch by lying on the floor you know placing one foot kind of on the inner portion of your thighs where your abductors are reaching forward just a bit. That’s that’s a common hip stretch that can help you out. We want to stretch all these muscles out especially the external rotators because they’re kind of the driving force of all these motions walking running going up stairs. We want to help with this important joint and the hips that ball and socket joint. Healthworks chiropractic the best chiropractor in Franklin can help you with these and help you get that dysfunction out of those hips and help you move and feel better in the long term. That’s what we’re here for is hip dysfunction lower back pain. Everything kind of runs together. So we want to make sure that we’re giving you the best care possible and we can do that at the best chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic.

Give us a call that a 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 will be more than happy to get chann for our 19 dollar offer which includes exam x rays a very thorough examination. You can look at the hips and the dysfunctions of higher kind of moving and give you your first adjustment. For 19 dollars at the Best chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic. We can help you out of your pain while running or doing any type of activity. The hips are very very important. You’re basically the middle ground for all your movements that you do in your everyday life and if there is some type of problem in the hips or the muscles surrounding the hips they’re too tight. We can help you with these things we can show you the specific stretches and use some manual techniques to help loosen up the tension in the particular areas that I kind of talked about at the Best chiropractor in Franklin. We can help you out and we want to do it today. So give us a call 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. And we’ll be more than happy to take a look at you and see if your hips are the leading problem. Or there’s another root cause in the knees ankles somewhere else that may be causing dysfunction but we’re here to help at Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee. Located at two eighty four Seaboard Lane Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee. Healthworks Chiropractic is the Best chiropractor in Franklin. Give us a call and come see us today and we’ll make sure that your hips are no longer a problem.