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Today at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic wouldn’t talk to you about electoral muscle stimulation some of the benefits behind it and why we use it at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractor. You know the basics of what the actual muscle stimulation that kind of confuses the brain sends the pain signals and mixes the signals up. So that’s why we use it here. It’s many modalities that we use in chiropractic are required of an electrical current passing through the affected tissue to create some type of therapeutic effect on the body and the equipment it has to modify the current it receives from an outlet and transforms it and to better understand this how the lexical modalities are used in the body. It’s important to understand some of the basics of electricity and current and alternating current. So essentially an electrical current is a movement of electrons are negatively charged particles from a higher potential to a quite a lower potential. So the force produced by movement it’s called the voltage at the rate of which current moves and ampere a watt. It’s a unit used to measure electrical power and that’s what we use. Healthworks chiropractic at the Best chiropractor in Franklin. It’s a you know there’s a direct current on alternating current pulse current you know there’s different types of currents that can run through the body and they affect the body differently. So alter alterations and current are related to treatment regimens. So when we’re using electrical stimulation more attends unit Nemus unit at the Best chiropractor in Franklin.

We’re going to be it’s it’s important to know the various factors that can influence an electrical current and how these different factors can affect the body as a whole matter standees factors the parameters of the treatment can be altered to create the desired physiological effect. And there’s a few points you know one of the first parameters that we’d like to utilize is going to be determined whether we use a Monna aphasic or a very direct current or a buyoff basic which is basically an alternating current. So basically by phase currents there are a lot more effective at creating muscle contractions and Mano aphasic the current are considered to be more effective for reducing edema or some type of inflammation or floater area swelling. So for an electrical current to create a physiological effect on a muscle or a particular nerve or the tissue surrounding the nerve it must be polarized. So basically what the occurs when a chemical or some type of Musse mechanical stimulation is strong enough to cause a nerve cell or the muscle cell specifically the membrane of that muscle smeltery act or initiate a discharge of a certain stimuli. So what this reaction. It could be an impulse along the nerve or contraction the muscle fibres. And when we’re using electrical stimulation the current has to be strong enough to cause depolarization of the desired tissue impedance refers basically to how much body tissue resist the passage of an electrical current. So basically an electrical current it likes to travel through the path of least resistance. So in the body the best conductors are the tissue with the highest water content. What you’re essentially bone fat tendons things like that along with skin skin.

They are poor conductors of this current and muscle and blood are much more efficient. Nerves are actually good conductors are like conductors but they’re surrounded by adipose tissue and fibrous sheath which are going to impede flow. So tissues with higher impedance mean more current must be used to create depolarization the frequency or the number of pulses per second you know of a particular current will actually determine the amount and length of tissue contractions in the body. So basically like a frequency that’s a bit higher is used to increase muscle tension at the Best chiropractor in Franklin. And basically what this frequency does is it’s used to increase the muscle tension. There is a very little or a very high frequency. And there’s very little rest time in between the pulses so it’s pretty constant. So a lower frequency can be used to as a muscle pump and for reduction of things like a demon the intensity or the strength of a current it’s going to be determined by the depth of the current. But the depth that the current reach is so the higher intensity the deeper that the current can reach into the tissue the duration is also something we take into consideration to. And basically it’s a current with the length of a wavelength that at last. So by increasing the duration of a stimulus or more tissues more tissue fibers. The Best chiropractor and Franklin will be able to recruit and the effects of the current will be spread over a larger area the polarity has something to do with the current and can be determined by the effect of the electrical stimulation throughout the body.

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The polarity it can be either positive or negative with by Phasuk or those alternating currents that we talked about earlier or it can be on aphasic which is basically like a direct current in the polarity. It can be determined and set accordingly to the desired goal or a particular treatment with the patient and we use multiple ones here at the Best chiropractor in Franklin and Healthworks chiropractic chemical changes that could potentially occur with this and it may change the pH of the tissue how acidic or not acidic it is or how neutral it is and if it’s stimulated there’s an increased ability to move particular ions into damaged tissue. And it’s it’s a concept noted in the modality and it’s used with regards to polarity and it’s going to ease the Excite excitement of the muscle. So the concept of basically how efficient polarity is that stimulate stimulating muscle contraction a negative current flow produces a more comfortable contraction so less intense and basically uses a lower intensity than a positive current flow direction of the current flow it’s considered important and says when trying to replicate a normal flow of electrons in the body. Basically the negative electron electrode is placed distal the or below the injured side and the positive electrode should be placed proximal or above. So there’s a lot of different setups for electrical muscle stimulation a few that we do years here at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic and of course at the Best chiropractor in Franklin. These kind of clinical applications of electoral stimulation they vary just a bit. So there’s there’s some basic guidelines that we need to go over for the setup of electrical muscle stimulation.