The Best Chiropractor In Franklin : Electrical Muscle Stimulation

So we use this primarily in our chiropractic office to create desired physiological effect on the body with easing tension and decreasing pain and inflammation and increasing the blood flow to that area. There’s a lot of different modalities that are plugged into an outlet. The fact that they require electricity to operate does not identify them as an electrical stimulation. The types considered to be a lecturer stimulators are those that pass an electrical signal through the body and are many many forms intellectual stimulation including high voltage stimulation Lowville galvanic interfer renal stimulation there’s a lot of different stimulation and different varieties and the pad from small to large medium circular square you name it there’s a lot of different variations of these pads. We typically at the Best chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic we usually just use the square a Russian stimulators there’s micro current simulators that tends unit. There’s some of the known uses of electrical muscle stimulation. Like you said to control the pain. Edina I control muscle education in those muscles to fire accurately in the proper spots healing of a fracture fractured Mohmed tendon ligament healing wounds as well. And before starting treatment it’s important to identify the goals of the treatment and make sure the type of electrical stimulation that you’re using is set appropriately and that’s what we do here at the Best chiropractor in Franklin health works chiropractic we make sure that the muscle stimulation we do sell them here as well as we do at the office are set appropriately and are going to be most effective for where you’re having trouble. So things that we need to be mindful of though is we need to check the leaves on wires to make sure there’s no frayed or damaged wires.

Clean the area to ensure proper contact with the skin using an alcoholic based solution or wipes. Make sure all controls are in off or Zeera position before we’re applying the electrodes and you know electrodes must be properly inspected before applications. If you’re using rubber electrodes you need to make sure to apply water conductive gel or a wet sponge to the electrical contact with the patient. If using cells sticking electric pads inspect them for damage or where there are certain qualities that electrode pads they need to have and they can affect the current and that’s electrical current depth increases as a low electrode spacing increases small electrodes that actually have a greater current didn’t see them larger electrodes set the parameters accordingly. Frequency mode duration the intensity and before starting treatment. We’d like to oversee these patients and give them direction as far as how to use this modality in their treatment. Patients should never feel pens or needles or a major discomfort during your electro stimulation and many times a lot of patients do have this stigma that goes around no pain no gain and believe more stimulation is a little bit better. And if the treatment it’s too strong or painful the patient cannot relax or feel the benefits of the treatment. Or they could burn themselves if their severity is up very very high. So we don’t want that. And that’s why we take great caution with using this modality at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic.

We do this the safest way and that’s why we are the Best chiropractor in Franklin you know high voltage versus low voltage electro muscle stimulation both the high voltage and the low voltage stimulators they use a direct current that flows in only one direction. So basically what that means is these units their desired polarity or the positive or negative they charged ions they’re going to be determined for each treatment in each type of simulator. It has a little bit of variance with treatments. It’s commonly used for so Polsce high voltage simulators. It’s commonly used for muscle reeducation nerve stimulation pain control and reduce reduction of edema. Low Voltage stimulators their POLST. It can be used for applications similar to the pulse and a high voltage Assimilator continuous low voltage it can be very effective for changing the pH of the area under the lecture pad increasing the blood flow and for transportation of different fluids. McNay are you kind of feel a little bit faster and there’s a risk with continuous low voltage simulation of severe Sk√•ne complications and sometimes even some burns. So we take great caution with this modality. It’s infor Tural stimulation it’s basically widely used for electro stimulation that uses alternating currents and it does involve the use of two different channels of logical stimulation and they intersect with each other with the two currents. They create a third current that can penetrate tissues and very little resistance within the tissues and is used for pain control contractions and edema production for the most part. And we use some of this the best chiropractor in Franklin a Healthworks chiropractor.

It’s very important that you set up the placement of these pads in particular areas where the patient is having pain and the pattern is determined you know alternating the vector setting on most in and for Tennille Teneo stimulations setting’s rotates angle of interference and in turn it’s going to create a larger treatment area. So like pre modulated currents there is similar to the end interfer fraternal currents but used only with one channel and are often used with four pads that cannot be used because of the size or the shape of the treatment area and pretty modulated simulators the desired treatment area should be located between the electrodes. So it’s initially surrounding the area is what we want. There is a Russian stimulate stimulation micro current stimulation and tends units and there’s a lot of different factors with these electrical stimuli stimulation. They’re used frequently in the chiropractic and the rehabilitation setting. And each one of these that we use is the best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic has unique properties that can be useful in producing certain therapeutic effects in the body. You know you just want to kind of surround the area to get the most effectiveness out of the stimulation. Russian stimulators it’s an alternating current that’s used to create a strong strong muscle contraction it can be very very effective and muscle reeducation strengthening or if there’s a bit of muscle atrophy. So if you’re rehabilitating from you know some type of tear and a ligament or tendon and since you know the Russian stimulation it’s going to force some muscle contraction there’s going to be a little bit of discomfort and you know it’s to be expected with this type of treatment and it can be used for spasm reductions that contractions should be more frequent in order to create muscle fatigue.

You know ten seconds on ten seconds off it’s going to provide little time for the muscle to relax and may help reduce spasms by creating muscle fatigue for muscle strengthening and reeducation. The contractions should be further apart. You know ten seconds on 50 seconds off is commonly used in strengthening and Russian simulators that can be very effective in reducing the amount of atrophy and muscles that are weakened after a particular injury to an area such as the VMO or the quadriceps muscle the vastest me also obliques and during Russian simulation typically one channel is used and the electrodes should be placed near both the origin and the insertion of the target muscle to get the most effective contractions and their setups label code contractions and reciprocal however you know the individual machine will be a little bit of a variance when it comes to that. So the best chiropractor and Franklin we typically use a trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or a micro current stimulation. But basically what tends units are there a small battery powered electrical stimulator device that can be carried or worn by the patient. You know not in the office but at home and tinnies units must be operated in a specific safe manner and that’s what we do at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic. We make sure you know how to use this modality at home so it can better