Bracing Your Spine

at the Best chiropractor in Franklin. I want to talk to you about you know how we’re supposed to look at exercising and for a lot of people they exercise to stay well and to you know prevent muscle atrophy. You know we want to think of Jim as a bit of a laboratory in our bodies kind of the experiment. So a lot of the times we look at like modern day strength and conditioning training. You know I just you know keeping your body healthy and looking good and feeling good. But we want to think of it as a Human Performance Lab or toy. And basically what the goal of both somebody who is a fitness trainer and an athlete should be is to exceed any strength or metabolic demand that they might need in life or potential sport or you know let’s say if they’re a police officer or part of a SWAT team you know it’s also going to be a place where a person can hunt out every positional inefficiency and poor mechanical tendencies and every single default or compensatory movement pattern where else these athletes can stay safe and expose their movement and tissue dysfunctions. That’s going to be some type of training center we want to think about as a laboratory and it’s a controlled environment where a person can safely and systematically layer skills in progress and they’re going to be simultaneously addressing mechanical and range of motion issues for the long term that can help their body feel and function better. And that’s what we want to do. We Are The Best chiropractor in Franklin and Franklin Tennessee is a big area.

There’s a lot of choices and we want you to come to Healthworks chiropractic because we feel like we can get you functioning better for exercise and feeling better keeping movement pain free is our whole goal at the Best chiropractor in Franklin and we want to get you feeling great and feeling so much better and we can do it in a short amount of time and keep that on maintenance for you at the Best chiropractor and Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic. And you know a hallmark of any good system for exercise is going to be twofold. So it’s basically going to consist of routinely challenging the person with strength and fitness components in general Cox consultation with the person and you’re going to express motor control under a wide variety of different demands and situations and you’re going to do some movements to screenings that we’ve referred to in another article and quick movement test or range of motion tests that are going to be performed statically and without any external loading at all. But the problem is that tests don’t even come close to replicating real life demands. And that’s what we’re seeing a lot of the time at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks Chiropractic is these tests. They’re not simulating real life everyday movements much less sports or some type of situation that a police officer may find himself in. But if the something is altered and if the strength that conditioning program continuously challenges an athlete’s physician with the additional structure the stresses of an actual load and demand metabolically like speed and competition then there’s going to be little doubt that the person’s going to be conditioned that the person is going to be conditioned to these tendencies in motor patterns.

And it’s going to be a true representation of their physical self and it’s going to be revealed very quickly. So basically to illustrate this point and what we do at the top chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks Chiropractic is we want to keep you adjusted and do a thorough examination of you and we’re going to keep it simple to illustrate the point. And we see people who could perform something like over and squat with a pipe and it’s going to be the most challenging iteration of this overhead squat because of high hip and ankle commands the athletes going to keep their torso absolutely upright and the shoulders are going to be stable while the load is locked out overhead. But if we take that same exact position and they’re going to run you know for a few hundred meters over head squat or anything heavier than a barbell for more than a few repetitions all while they’re competing to get someone else we end up with a totally different person. And all we did was going to add a little bit of volume intensity and metabolic demand to that squat and it’s going to very quickly and very safely be invisible yet visible at the same time. So we make the invisible visible. And the point is to get the person who flashes the quick test will sometimes fall apart under real life conditions and working demand. You know having that competition next to us. But also it’s gonna make them stronger faster it’s going to make them a lot more explosive and capable human being.

So at the top chiropractor in Franklin you know we we believe that we are the best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee. And we want to get athletes functioning better everyday life people functioning better with movement screens and thorough orthopedic testing x rays to know the dysfunction in your body will want to keep you on maintenance care at Healthworks chiropractic being the best chiropractor in Franklin and we want to stabilize everything from your neck to shoulders to your hands to your elbows to your mid back to your lower back to your hips your knees to ankles to your feet. Everything’s connected the body is in just one day you we see that at the Best chiropractor in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic and we think about it like this. You know if a person understands grammar and spelling they’re going to be able to write a sentence if they’re going to understand how to create you know stable stability in their body it’s going to help them in the long run tremendously. And if you use the called the two hand rule it’s a technique to help people see and feel the difference between a brace neutral position and a broken position like as if they’re rounded forwarder over Xed stinted in a sense. And how this works is it’s gonna take one thumb and you’re going to put it on your sternum keeping your hands splayed and placing your port your pumps you be facing down and you get a pin the thumb on your pubic bone creating two parallel lines and you get the key is to keep your hands on the same horizontal lines as your rib cage and you can apply the two hand roll you know to everyday life positions like standing sitting and lying down.


It can also be used for basic body weight movements like squatting running or walking. And although we should think of the spine as one of those you know stable structures with the same nervous system right through it basically divided into two parts it’s going to be a convenient way to spot spinal faults and why the the two hand roll is actually so effective that it’s going to bring a heightened sense of awareness to these reference points like the pelvis and the rib cage so that you can start identifying where you are are losing stability and form. So there’s just one problem with this model. We missed a key reference point which is the most important part is the pelvis and the rib cage and the head. And in fact it would be very useful if we had a third hand because three main parts to the spinal system the head basically the cervical spine and rib cage the thoracic spine and the pelvis which is the lumbar spine. If any one of these pieces out of alignment and we see that at the best Kowa Proctor and Franklin It’s difficult to create an optimal positioning when using the two hand roll to bring awareness to brace. And the secrets of spotting the spinal faults and the dysfunctions that rust in the body. You know we want to make sure that you’re feeling better you’re functioning better and at Healthworks chiropractic The Best chiropractor in Franklin we can help you with that. We want to help you today so give us a call a phone number 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7.

It will be more than willing to take a look at you and make sure that there is no faulty movement patterns in your functioning to your fullest and you’re becoming the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. And we can help you do that at the Best chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee. It’s called a 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7.