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Today at Healthworks chiropractic a Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor I want to talk to you about lower back pain and how the glute muscles play a very vital role into glute weakness I should say plays a vital role and lower back pain. And you know take glute muscles such as the performance muscle. It’s going to lie underneath the glue. The gluteus maximus or the buttocks. And when the goods and performance that you are tight and they seem to fatigue they cause you to have a swar lower back and hamstrings poor balance and even that Siatic nerve runs underneath the performance muscle. So you know you need to strengthen your lower back to be able to keep the glutes strong and kind of get that perfect balance. And there’s a lot of causes why people have lower back pain you know many people they believe that they have lower back pain and that’s their cause. And there’s something understandable given that movements of you know daily life in sports and a lot of weight variant exercises and activities. There’s modalities that require the spine to move forward forward backwards side to side and in rotation and you know when you we’re leaning forward you know the spinal rounds and flexes and when we’re walking running it moves from side to side as we transfer weight from one foot to another. You know when we’re performing movements like you know these ball golf tennis different things like that that involve the rotation of the spine. You know do that movement to do those activities. And all these movements that require the spine require other portions of the body as well.

Like when we’re bending forward or picking something up off the floor our ankles our knees or hips we have the hands at the hips should also bend it and help the torso lower down so they kind of work synergistically to provide a good support base for the spine as it moves and rotational movements and the spine that should be accompanied by rotational movements in the legs and hips. So a tremendous amount of force that’s created by swinging a golf club or a baseball bat or a tennis racket is going to be you know distributed evenly through the entire body. And when those actions of the spine are not accompanied by correct movement in the body as a whole the spine and its surrounding muscles such as like the lower back had to take that slack and they’re going to become overworked or they’re going to become severely injured. And we look at the glutes and the gluteus you know muscles like Maximus medius and Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor. as a play a key role into helping take that stress off the spine during all these different planes emotion and different movements that we do throughout our life. And that’s because these muscles help control movements of you know the torso the pelvis the hips and the legs. And when you’re going to bend down to pick something up off the ground or squatting your hips should bend backwards to counterbalance the forward motion of your upper body so that your whole body stays neutral and upright in what the gluteus maximus does is it does it works to decelerate deflection of your hips to help counteract the downward pull of gravity and prevent your lower back or your lumbar spine from over around him too much forward to helping at a Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor.And if your glutes are not strong enough to fully engage when your hips bend backwards the Spurts around forward excessively to lower your arms to the ground. And you know kind of very similar to that much of the rotational movement stress experienced by our spine during sporting activities. It’s going to be moderated by our glutes specifically our gluteus maximus muscle. And when the spine rotates like with the legs on one side or the other like you’re like you’re falling through with a golf swing or a baseball bat or any type of movement where you’re hitting something with a stick the hips and the legs should also rotate to take the stress off out lower back. And because of that reason the gluteus maximus stay attached to the structures of the spine in the pelvis and to the lake and rotation of the hip and lection engage in length and this muscle and it’s going to help to decelerate that rotational movement of the torso. And if that gluteus maximus it’s not working you know as it should stress from the rotational movements is going to be transferred to a lumbar stripe spine in may and may may lead to things such as lower back pain and that side to side movement of the stress the spine is it’s going to be moderated by the swarm muscles the glutes and that’s the gluteus medius. Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor can give you the care you deserve.

And as a spine moves from left to right as a person takes alternate steps of walking or running the pelvis should also move from side to side and that’s going to shift most of the pelvis with the torso as it’s going to be accelerated by the gluteus medius ofM.O.s because of their attachments on the pelvis and that’s what helps the side of the hip and leg time properly and when they’re healthy and functional they’re going to act as almost like a break for the lumbar spine protecting a lot of time from excessive stress and movement. If they’re not working correctly then there’s going to be a bit of pain and it could manifest itself in the hips and the lower back area. We want to build a stronger foundation down below our lower back to help keep strong glutes in a pain free lower back and correcting any of the gluteal complex like we do health works Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee and in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We’re going to help to protect the structures of the lumbar spines that moves during multiple different planes of rotations rotational frontal side to side movement and it’s extremely important to adequately parent them. So you know your lower back was you know my old fashioned release exercises neuro muscular activation techniques your muscles were correctly protect your lower body through various different ranges of motion different movements warm up exercise physical gluteal muscles to be flexible enough to actually decelerate pelvis hips the spine you know we have our clients times actually some tennis ball up and down muscles to spawn lower back gluteus maximus ties should lower back down lumbar the rock lumbar fascia massaging spine support for the troops on the side of the fire or shall I think to be you’ll be Tashan on the thigh. Taxes gluteus maximus muscles lower leg increased blood supply structure correct. The side of the foam roller you know people are by products they typically have difficulty to be directed. Give us a call today at a Healthworks Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor at 615-867-1144 for our murfreesboro, tennessee location or give us a call at 615-791-9917 for our franklin, tennessee location. visit us online at www.healthworkschiropractic.net