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A Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor at Healthworks Chiropractic can help you. Come see a Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor today. I want to talk to you about the care and why it’s so important to keep chiropractic and maintenance care into your routine. You know it’s it’s the same thing is you know we we have braces on her teeth and when we’re younger or older or whatever age for that matter and you know we’re told to wear our retainer to keep our to keep our teeth a line straight. So as as chiropractors in a chiropractic office we we we want to keep people after we’ve done the successful treatment you know such as our decompression protocol treatment where we incorporate things like laser therapy and you know and we see that maintenance care are preventative care can help keep issues at bay. You know after I guess that after we’ve finished the protocol we want to make sure those areas stay that way and those muscles don’t try to fight back around surrounding the spine. So it’s it’s imperative that when your body gets used to something or there’s a routine you know for chiropractic and some of the protocols that we have here it takes a while for your body to acclimate to these things. You know. You know maybe about three to four visits before your body kind of gets in the groove and really fully knows what to expect. So we we look at these things from kind of a broad aspect and the larger picture of things and that’s that’s made care in the long run you know kind of just making sure everything stays aligned like we’re alluding to earlier the the braces on the teeth.

You know we want to keep everything aligned and in a position to perform optimally through our daily life we want to hold things you know whether it be if you have dysfunction in your feet and maybe need corrected and souls and corrective exercises or soft tissue work done on these areas. We want to make sure that you’re holding these adjustments and your body is staying aligned in the long term and using that means care whether it be coming once a week or every other week or once a month. You know it’s it’s very important that your body keeps on a cycle and continues a cycle or it could regress or flare up again. So your body is in a constant state of homeostasis or wanting to stay the same regulating your body. So it’s like if you exercise you sweat to cool off your body. So you know just the same thing with chiropractic adjustments. If you’re if you’re getting adjusted regularly and you stop suddenly your body is going to have an adverse reaction to that and it may go back into pain. And he may have some of the same pain. Probably most the time it’s not as worse as it was when it initially started last year reinjured get into an accident. But we want to keep this constant state in the body and keep the body progressing rather than regressing back to the way it used to be. So at Healthworks practic we can definitely help with that with maintenance care. Some people you know seeing chiropractors prior and maybe they’ve moved areas. We can do that for you. Health Works Chiropractic in Franklin and in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

Our Franklin phone number is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. And our Murfreesboro Tennessee phone number is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 and now Healthworks chiropractic we believe that we can help you know if you’re looking for just general maintenance. You know and you want to keep your body alive. Keep the muscles loose keep tension out of your body and have that support and stability in your body where you need it the most. We can help at Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin and in Murfreesboro Tennessee. Give us a call a day for Franklin Tennessee location. It’s located at two eighty four Seaboard Lane and Suite 100 and that’s in Franklin Tennessee. The phone number is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. Also we have a location Murfreesboro Tennessee and our location address there is 9 25 South Church Street Suite a 200 and that’s in Murfreesboro Tennessee. And the phone number there is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. That’s in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We’re one of the top chiropractors in the middle Tennessee area and we pride ourselves on that patient experience and you know taking everything into consideration what the patient needs. What’s realistic for the patient as far as you know how many times they come and we like to work with the patient and figure out what works best for them and what they need specifically. And we do that health Healthworks Scurr practic in Franklin in Murfreesboro Tennessee. So give us a call today and we’ll be more than happy to help you out at Healthworks chiropractic.

Phone number is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 4 our Franklin Tennessee location and our Murfreesboro Tennessee Location 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 Health Works chiropractic we can help you. And we want to help you add Healthworks. Please give us a call the day and we’ll get you in the groove of everything and get your under maintenance care and help you stay pain free for the long run and keep pain free or go at Healthworks scarer practic. So give us a call a day 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 or in Murfreesboro Tennessee 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Health scare practic. You can visit us online at W W W dot. Health Works chiropractic dot net and or you can visit us online at on Instagram. See Videos and pictures. W W W dot Instagram dot com slash health. Works Teen Health Works tarof practic puts the patient first and we want to put a presence out there that shows our whole motto as a as a as a care practic office. We’re more than that you know we’re a wellness office to where we put the patient first and we want to get the patient pain free. And our whole goal is to get the patient on maintenance care if they come to us with a very chronic problem. We want to alleviate some of the inflammation there get them pain free as fast as possible and keep them pain free is our goal here at Healthworks terror practic. So give us a call today at one of the best chiropractors in the middle Tennessee area at Healthworks chiropractic.

You know give us a call at our Franklin Tennessee location 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 or Murfreesboro Tennessee location 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 Healthworks chiropractic can help you and we can help you the best in the middle Tennessee area. So come see us today for 9000 or special. We’ll get you and do a very thorough evaluation at Tres and your first treatment is all 19 dollars. We’re here for the patient at Healthworks chiropractic. Want to get you pain free and keep your pain free and that means care where you just have to come every now and then and not you know two to three times a week. So we get your body acclimated to it gets you feeling better gets you functioning better and back to doing the things that you love to do at Healthworks higher practic we can do that. Give us a call today to get scheduled and we’ll get you in as soon as possible. At Healthworks chiropractic.