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Today in Healthworks Chiropractic in Murfreesboro Tennessee Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor. I’d like to talk to you about something that we offer the office and that’s our laser laser light therapy. Essentially what this is it’s a class for laser and it’s doing great things for people here at Healthworks Chiropractic in Murfreesboro Tennessee. Because what this does is it’s going to put red light into the tissue and essentially help heal that tissue by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to that area. Kind of if there’s anything that needs to reform such as like me or maybe minor tears that aren’t too bad off this laser like definitely help with that. It’s a Class 4 laser and it doesn’t put off radiation because it’s not an izing. It’s very very effective. We’ve had a lot of great success for it puts off a very mild heat that we just put directly over the skin and brings that oxygen blood flow to that area. So what we do when we do this we always work from top to bottom proximal to distal so it can bring blood flow and drain out some of that lymphatic drainage out of the tissue and kind of help blood circulate better through whatever area that we’re doing at Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor.

You know if we’re if we’re following a nerve pathway this definitely can help as well with nerve pain things such as carpal tunnel carpal tunnel syndrome where you know from overuse or repetitive motions are K-laser Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor can certainly help here at Healthworks chiropractic because what that does is if if your median nerve in the middle nerve usually kind of affected the pointer finger and the middle finger portion Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor of the middle finger the inner portion if that’s affected from carpal tunnel you know you get some numbness or tingling into those fingers and that that Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor what it will do. Healthworks chiropractic as we fall out of that nerve root coming out of that flexi sixty seven nerve root and we follow that all the way down you know from your neck to your shoulder to your wrist. Trying to find the root cause of it because you know it may not always be at the wrist if you’re doing wrist or elbow pain. You know you want to follow it to a source starting at the top and work down from the bottom. And if you know you see the patients getting an improvement but they’re starting to hurt. One area that may be the source of an actual pain. So sometimes you can’t be fooled by referred pain. You know if you’re getting that carpal tunnel syndrome you know it’s good to work from top to bottom the whole neck the shoulder or the elbow everything you get proper blood flow to that area and help that tissue aid in that tissue of healing that they can naturally do. So you know things like knee replacements you know those obviously want to be avoided for as long as possible you know with the comfort of the person the person we don’t want to be into too much pain. It’s just inevitable are too far gone. But Kay Lazar is great for you know free.

However preventative you know things you know you can actually regenerate at a Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor some of the tissue over a long period of time and it takes time for that to help get that inflammation down or balance that inflammation so you know your body needs like a certain amount of inflammation to stay regular if he has too much then that’s where you’ll have the problems with swelling the different things like that too little that they can’t properly Hill. So we want to find that good balance. So what that laser does is it brings the inflammation level to an optimal level for your body in that specific area. Creating that tissue or you know whatever it’s trying to regenerate ligaments tendons it it’ll bring that tissue the oxygen in red blood cells to kind of help further that that healing process. So the Cayley’s are it’s very very effective for all different types of things from ligament injuries soft tissue injuries slip disc herniated disc you know helping some of that inflammation become an optimal level and kind of start that healing process with other modalities neuropathy. You know there’s there’s a lot of different things that can can definitely help from with the laser for that you know diabetic neuropathy. There’s several several different things that the Cayley’s are can do to help accelerate the healing time. You know and get that get that body pain free and functioning optimally. One thing that we like to incorporate while we do this because it’s got to be under kind of a stress or a tensile strength to really make a change in that tissue. So there’s a couple of different ways that you can do this and one that we do at Healthworks Chiropractic is kind of mobilize that tissue.

You know either while we’re doing it you know with our other hand you know putting very light pressure stretching the tissue out lengthening it shortening it so we can put that tissue under some stress. So then can we act appropriately you know form a little micro Keres in there like you do when you’re working out. And then what that does is it forms that scar tissue over it and it kind of rebuilds that tissue. So you know if we’re doing the elbow flex the elbow flex and extend is a beneficial thing you know for doing the like something for plantar fasciitis stretching or Dorsey flexing the plan or flexing the foot to help facilitate those changes in the tissue and putting the tissue under stress you know that’s not used to can definitely be effective for you know healing that tissue in the long term along with you know you know several weeks or a couple of weeks down the road depending on the severity at a Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor of the problem. You know it definitely depends on how long you should go without doing some you know corrective exercises. Once that tissue is it’s kind of healing you know in certain cases it is good to rest. But we don’t want to rely on that you know brace forever. You know you have to train your muscles your ligaments your tendons to react under stresses and so when you teach them how to react and those needs stresses when they’re put under those stresses they’ll act accordingly. So all of these different stimuluses the body may you know react a little differently to each one. So it’s our job to make sure that the patient is comfortable at Healthworks chiropractic and getting the best of their treatment. We can help with this Kay Lazar at Healthworks chiropractic. We have two locations one in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

The phone number there is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 or in Franklin Tennessee. Our number is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. In Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor we’re located near the downtown area on 925 South Church Street Suite 8200 and Murfreesboro Tennessee and in Franklin Tennessee we’re located at two eighty four Seaboard Lane Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee. We offer this Cayley’s Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor with therapy at both locations as well as spinal decompression that we sometimes like to group together. That’s a very effective treatment. Whether the Cayless was done before or after you know you’ll still get a large benefit for that as well as the manipulations or adjustments in several different other modalities that we offer here such as that corrective exercises you know muscle stimulation and some different other things too such as the orthotics and retraining those areas to stay healthy and to continuously be healthy Tennessee Murfreesboro Chiropractor and the long term is our goal here at Healthworks chiropractic. So give us a call the day whether it be at Murfreesboro Tennessee it’s 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 on our Franklin Tennessee location. 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. We’re here at Healthworks are to help you make sure that the patient gets the best treatment possible for his or her time and know get better even though it does take some time. We want to make sure that we’re here for you at Healthworks chiropractic. We’re the Best chiropractor in the middle Tennessee area. So give us a call the day.