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Today in healthworks like to talk to you about rib dysfunction Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor and some of the pain associated with and see with these dysfunctions. You know let me inflammation of that cartilage and that rib cage  due to Costochondritis. It’s not a serious disorder although it can cause some anxiety because you feel this kind of weight on your chest and you know it can kind of inhibits your breathing or make you breathe a little differently than you normally would. And there’s a lot of different causes for it. So essentially it’s inflammation of that junction where the upper ribs and kind of join with the cartilage and basically what that does is it holds them to the breast bone in the sternum and that condition.Costochondritis that essentially causes pain kind of local on the chest that can be reproduced by pushing on that cartilage in the front portion of the rib cage and Costco contriteness it’s it it’s a harmless condition but it usually can go away without any treatment. And the cause is usually unknown but it can happen from things like increased activity that involves Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor the arms. Is a common problem for it. You know you should talk to a chiropractor specifically one Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee about this problem and dysfunction if you’re having it. And you know make sure that you’re getting the care that you need and you deserve and basically the cause of that Kaso Custos contriteness is usually unknown. And you know it’s usually cause for chest pain in children and adolescents. The Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor  And you know doctors see this a whole whole lot and it’s good to get a very thorough diagnosis of this because it’s possible for adults have chest pain but chest pain in the adult population Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor is considered potentially serious and it could be a potential heart problem. Until they prove otherwise and chest pain in adults it usually leads to a lot of different tests for things such as heart attacks and heart disease. And if those tests are normal and you know physical examination is very consistent you know Castelo contriteness it can be sometimes idiopathic. There’s not really a particular cause for that we see at a Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor inflammation but you know your doctor will diagnose you with you know Costco contriteness as the cause Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor of your chest pain. And it’s important for adults with the chest pain to be examined for things like heart disease specially if you’re susceptible to those things. It’s good that you get a thorough examination and rule every other possibility out. I wish we can do here at Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee.

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We understand what we kind of see here and what we look for health first Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor. You know one of the top chiropractors in Franklin. You know it’s it’s very important for us to diagnose our patients as thoroughly and as you know properly as possible in the safest manner. And you know something that we see sometimes is Costco contriteness and essentially what that is inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone. It’s a very common condition it can be from several different things and. Costco contriteness causes pain and tenderness on the breastbone and pain and it can be a pain. More than one rib or pain that gets worse as you kind of inhale and exhale pain the chest and rib and it’s Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor We’re here to do a very thorough examination and take x rays make sure that we cover our bases. 615-867-1144 for our murfreesboro, tennessee location Give us a call today at 615-791-9917 for our franklin, tn location or 615-867-1144 for our murfreesboro, tennessee And if it’s something we feel like we have to refer you to someone else we will because we here for you. But you know if you’re looking and think you may have this there’s no related chest pain or anything like that is just maybe some pain in the tissue or the thoracic spine. It could be in this condition. So give us a call day at Healthworks Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor  Our number is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. And we can tell you for this debilitating condition and make sure that there’s no underlying cause behind it. You know there’s something called toddies syndrome and it’s often referred to as Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor. But there’s two differences between those conditions and you can tell the difference by noting Ty syndrome. It’s a very rare syndrome and it usually comes abruptly and you know chest pain to your arms or shoulders and it can last several weeks. And that syndrome is also accompanied by a localized swelling at the painful area. You know typically the junction of the ribs and the breastbone like I said sometimes Costco can drag can be idiopathic that inflammatory response could be can have no definite cause. You know there could be things such as repeated minor trauma to the chest wall over use of the arms or a viral respiratory infection that could commonly cause you know chest pain due to Costco contriteness and it usually occurs as a result.And there is an infection of a bacterial infection could incur when there’s ideas with drugs or people who have surgery in their upper chest after surgery the cartilage can become more prone to infection because of the reduced blood flow in that region that it’s been operated on. And there’s different types of infectious diseases that can cause Castera Kundera’s you know viral you Tennessee Franklin Chiropractor know respiratory infections you know things like inflammation in the area the viral infection itself from strain or coughing bacterial after surgery fungal of different causes for that there are symptoms of caustic dryness. You know the pain may be Doel usually with sharp and local localized in the front portion of your chest and it may reach your back your thoracic or your abdomen. It’s more commonly on the left side. At Healthworks chiropractic give us a call today at 615-791-9917 for our franklin, tennessee location or 615-867-1144 for our murfreesboro, tennessee location Give us a call today at 615-791-9917 for our franklin, tn location or 615-867-1144 for our murfreesboro, tennessee location visit us online at  on instagram at www.instagram.com/healthworkstn or our website at www.healthworkschiropractic.net