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What is your name.
I’m Pamela Johnson from Franklin Tennessee.
How did you originally.
I was one of Dr. Schroder’s first clients. He came to the school where I teach and was offering free. Services at the time for. A visit at the school.
And so can you start off like really nervous doing that. How did you originally or.
Dr. Shroeder came to the school where I teach in order to advertise his services. And I signed up to come and visit.
How he you said first. Tennessee Chiropractor
He’s helped keep my spine in line and helped with a lot of the pain and movement that I’ve had due to car accident injuries in my college years. What do you enjoy most for. The relief and the relaxation that I need for health issues as well as the. Camaraderie and friendship and wonderful people that I can counter when I come in the office every day.
What do you recommend Dr. Schroders your friends and family. Yes and I have done so many of my friends and family who have decided to also come. Out and start. Just getting just. Recommend doctors for you and your family. I would recommend Dr. Shroeder to my friends and family and have done so on many occasions and some of them are also.
Coming to receive his services. Tennessee Chiropractor
Are somewhat hesitant about seeking out how to care. What would you tell them.
I would give them a little bit about my own experience because I was hesitant as well. And I would say try it because I think you’ll find that it is very beneficial for what you need.
What is your name. My name’s Gary and I’m from Mount Pleasant Tennessee. Recently. I originally heard about Dr. J’s clinic from word of mouth from my wife and my niece that she works with. Dr. Strange. Dr. Sharp and I. See. Your. Back your shoulder and the theme of help me since my first visit I got injured at work and I came in and. He did some adjustments where he.
Alleviated the pressure that was compressing the nerves in my spine. And that. Eliminated the pain and three visits so I’ve been giving back ever since.
Why do you do it. That’s. Tennessee Chiropractor
What I enjoy most about coming to the clinic because it’s kind of like a family atmosphere. Everybody’s interested in you and they know who you are and they take care of you. Would
you recommend doctors Schrader to your friends and family. I’ve recommended Dr. Carter and his team to many of my friends and my family that have been hurt and had injuries and we’re going to go to the doctor and I told him to go to the chiropractor first and see what they could do for.
Him. Care what would you tell. Somebody was hesitant about seeking out chiropractic care. I tell them you’re better off to go there first and see what they can do for you. So you don’t go to the doctor get drugs and. Talk about surgery and things like that if he can help you out. It’s better to go that route.
What is your name and where are you from.
I don’t really want you there in California. Tennessee Chiropractor
OK. And how did you originally hear about our clinic.
I had looked up her five years. We moved here five years ago in the local area. And Dr. Schreuder has the best.
Recommendations. How has Dr. Shroeder and his team helped you since your first visit.
Doctor sure and his team helped me greatly this year. The issues with my back. And neck. And. Three to five years I’ve been here. He and his team have reduced that to acceptable is not. The best I’ve felt for many years.
What do you enjoy most about your visits to our clinic. What I enjoy most of my visits to the clinic the friend the staff.
The ability to get in and out of the times on time it’s my meetings. So. You go to get treatment.
You like much better.
Would you recommend Dr. Schraeder and his team to your friends and family.
I leave it to my friends and family. My family actually had been here before and he’s not sure and I.
Certainly recommend everybody you know was looking for her. Tennessee Chiropractor
If someone is hesitant about seeking out chiropractic care what would you tell them.
So it doesn’t occur to you cure I would tell them that they need to try for a short period of time to see the difference in their life. Many skeptics out there about charabanc You care of it give it a try and see if that affects you in a positive way. No no no. But you know as it was so. Skeptical. That would. Be.
My suggestion to anybody.
What is your name and where you’re from. Hi my name’s Marlene Kilbourn and I’m from Franklin Tennessee. And how did you reach your it. I had a friend that recommended Dr. Schroeder to me. How I. Used orchestrator and his team helped you since your first visit. Dr. Schroder’s help me. I used to have a lot of back pain and shoulder pain. And now when I come here I rarely have any pain. So. What do you enjoy most about this is. I enjoy the friendly people here and just staying on my maintenance plan. It’s just a pleasant place to come visit. Would you recommend orchestrators to you and to your friends and family. I would recommend Dr. Shroder to yes anybody that’s having pain. Yes. You know. If. Someone is hesitant about speaking out here what would you tell them. I know I was very hesitant about coming to a chiropractor I just thought it was something to get you to keep coming back and getting adjusted. But I would highly recommend coming to if you have pain on home because like I say I’m pain free now. No it’s just a whole different world. So.