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Right what’s your name from.
My name is Carly laughy and I’m from Franklin Tennessee.
How did you originally hear about this program. I originally heard about the weight loss program because my husband is the director of that. How for first. Started. When I first.
When I first started. The weight loss program. I was a couple of months into my chiropractic care which for the past 10 years I’ve been dealing with chronic pain. So something that was really attractive to me about the program is that it starts you off with all anti-inflammatory foods. Which I thought was really cool. And then. In. Probably my first two weeks of starting on that type of menu. I my pain was significantly decreased. And I think it was due to eating those foods. So that is one of the things that. Has really helped me and my pain management.
Would you recommend room for four people. Franklin Chiropractor
I would definitely recommend lifetime antibiotics to anyone who’s looking to lose weight. I am a year and a half out from having my first child and. I could not get off the last 20 pounds no matter what I did. So this was a great opportunity for me to kind of test it out and in my losing faith which is the 40 days I am. I am almost down 20 pounds. So that is. Awesome and I am super thankful. Someone says what. If someone is hesitant about the program. I would tell them that there’s a free consultation which even though my husband is a director I still did. I did a full consultation and learned about the DNA testing and learned about. Kind of everything that the program has to offer. And I would hate to do that. And then I would say to be prepared to ask. Questions that you had. And. He would do a really good job at answering them for you. My name is Cliff and I live in Franklin Tennessee.
I heard about the weight loss program actually from a. Originally from a flier. And then when I came into on one of my regular visits I learned a lot more about it and decided to sign up. The weight loss program has been really eye opening for me today. And I’ve been on this program about three months. I’ve lost some lost 30 pounds. It has helped me increase my energy levels and the weight loss is. Just surprisingly Come out come off a lot easier than I thought it would. I most definitely will recommend lifetime. It is truly inspiring to get on it and try to make plans. They work. There obviously are some. Some challenges and it takes some willpower but I’m most definitely and have recommended people try this program. If you’re truly serious about weight loss. It does take a mindset. It does take encouragement. And the coaching. They give you and the information they provide you as long as you would just. Give it the 90 days or six months you will see results. My name is clef and I live in Franklin Tennessee. My neighbors told me about the clinic. They actually have been using that.
So I thought I would give it a shot. Franklin Chiropractor
Dr. Schroder’s opened my eyes to what car practic hair can do for you. It is definitely eased my lower back pain which is why I came here. It’s the best part about coming here as the staff is extremely friendly they’re very thorough and they really get me in and out and the timeframes work with my schedule.¬†Franklin Chiropractor
And doctors.
I most definitely would recommend the Clinic and Dr. Shroder to anyone seeking relief from any pain they might have. Anybody reluctant to try Franklin Chiropractor care really needs to just give it one try. The relief is an education you get when you come here and it’s been very helpful. So I would highly recommend they try it. Franklin Chiropractor
So from my name is Joseph Standridge and I’m from Franklin Tennessee.
How did you. I originally met Dr. Schroeder.
At school. He and his staff came to our school and offered us a 15 minute treatment or adjustment. And then I joined his his. His. Following. We went to a training he had a training in the evening we attended and then I signed up to have regular adjustments. Dr. Schroeder and his team have changed my life. I didn’t know I had a curve tailbone and. I was in a lot of pain and he adjusted that. And then I had a forward bending neck and he’s fixed the arch in my neck but just overall my my feeling I feel well I sit up straighter my head and neck are straight. So I come every month just to make sure I maintain all of the work that he’s done.
With what.
I enjoy most about the clinic. The efficiency we come in. If you have an appointment you don’t wait you you’re in. And he’s very thorough and and listens to everything we say or ask him and get you in and out quickly. If I am if I add anything to you know if I have a problem or anything like that he’s always very willing to take a minute and listen to me and I appreciate that. And he remembers things and he questions me the next time. So I just appreciated the finches efficiency and his thoroughness. Which I have recommended Dr. Schroeder to many of my friends and family and I would highly recommend him to anyone that suffering back pain or neck. Uncomfortableness or anything like that. So if you’re hesitant about seeking chiropractic care don’t be I say give it a try. Come one time and see if you can feel and notice the benefits and if you can’t then don’t continue but try it. I really believe it’s a good way to maintain your health.
I stumbled a lot. Franklin Chiropractor