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Write what is your name from.
My name is Catherine Lovelady and I’m from Franklin Tennessee.
How did your mother. I heard. About the clinic from. I believe he came to my workout place where I used to work out at Curves and he came and did a little talk there and and then I since I knew about him out had my daughter come and.
To him because she was having really bad migraines and it just and it just tremendously helped her.
And so just my word of mouth and I just decided to come myself. How has doctors since your first.
Doctor Schroeder and his team has helped me tremendously. I’ve. Suffered with curvature in my back for you know since I was young. And just with the. Posture problems and pain in my back it’s just just the treatment I’ve gotten here is just health that tremendously.
What do you most for it. Tennessee Chiropractor I really like the atmosphere here when I come to visit the clinic is just very welcoming. From the time you walk in the door to the. Meeting those that are at the front desk to the doctors and to you just all the staff. I’ve just really enjoyed coming and they’re very friendly and kind and just like I said just very welcoming and. And. Just a nice atmosphere.
Would you recommend doctors to you.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Shroeder and his team to all my friends and family in fact I have over the years I’ve certainly recommended him. I’ve been coming for the last year and my daughter as well and we both have recommended him.
To our family and friends. So I’m going to care.
If someone was hesitant about seeking chiropractic care. I would just tell them to rethink it because to not be hesitant about it it’s just you. Know it’s gotten them. Well I can’t say that I don’t unless I find out because you know I got a bad rap. And I kind of know how to say that because I mean I didn’t even like I didn’t even.
Really believe in it kind of thing but just getting the knowledge you know. So. I’m. I’m so.
Sorry about that. I will ask that question again and let me think about how. Yeah. Because. Should I say. I mean don’t be hesitant because.
I mean it’s worth coming to and just I mean just I research it.
I mean you can. Yeah yeah. The doctors. Tennessee Chiropractor
Really find out what it’s all about. And. This I can’t do it. I can do it if I wrote it down. Right. I cannot take it out. I cannot do this on my feet that allows me to keep it together. OK. OK. I will do that. Yeah do that one more time. The last one.
Here what do you tell them.
If someone was hesitant about seeking out copywriting care I would tell them to not be hesitant. I just think I know I have. I actually was hesitant you know years ago until I found out more about it and got more knowledge about it. And I just saw the benefits of it. And. I would just say I definitely definitely tried. And. That’s not right. And I wanted to save all of it I couldn’t get the.
Why my name is Leslie Milstead and I am from Franklin Tennessee. The first time I heard about the clinic I happened to be at my school. I teach teacher freedom middle school and the Dutch Shroder and and Karen came to came to our school and did like five minute massages and quick checks of our posture. And I had been having migraine headaches three and four times a week. So I went of course got a little five minute massage. And. And met Dr. Shroeder and he checked my posture and everything I’ve told him about the aches and so he decided for me to come in and take a you know let him check me out. So and that was like about 10 years ago.
Yeah. Tennessee Chiropractor
OK. So like I said I’ve been having headaches migraine headaches three or four times a week it was terrible. And we couldn’t figure out. I’d been to the doctor and the doctor and all that couldn’t figure it out. And Mark Schroeder did the the standard X-rays and everything and showed me how my neck was pressing on certain nerves and that compound and all that business. But anyway. And he explained to me how this could help. And I started coming three times a week. At that time and for about I guess for about a month I came like three times a week. I can’t remember like I said long time ago. But anyway within two weeks my migraines were gone. And and since that time and I do come I come every other week and I’ve been coming every other week for a long time.
But since that time I rarely ever have a migraine. I have other headaches from time to time with my job. How can you not. But
anyway. So yeah he you know Haim really took care of those headaches seriously.
And since that time with with him doing that regularly I feel like I stay really very healthy. I don’t get sick very often at all.
And I do I credit Doug Schroeder and Karen with keeping me keeping me healthy.
Yeah. Well everybody isn’t really so nice.
And supportive. Tennessee Chiropractor
And you know they’re great and the doctors are wonderful and they’re in the in the adjustments and everything and I explain what’s going on and on that. And then like I said Karen so that the the every other week massage really is extremely relaxing and helpful and she knows how to you know adjust what she’s doing to help me. So everything that happens here is is you know really really helpful and really nice and working with her is great.
I tell him that I was concerned myself. Let’s just run. Got it. Yeah. OK. If somebody came to me to say you know if we’re talking about chiropractic help and somebody said you know that they were they were concerned or afraid of chiropractic help a lot of people were concerned particular about the neck adjustments. And and I’d tell them you know I have those same concerns myself. But I know what has happened since then. Once I just relax and just let it happen. It’s been so helpful since then.
And I actually have had that situation happen where people will tell me now I’m not going to when I’m you know I don’t I’m afraid of they just my neck and all. I’ve had people tell me that and and a lot of those people have convinced to come. Some of them including my younger sister I can’t convince her to go ahead and let her be adjusted. But you know that’s all he can say is look I know what it is that and for me.
That were. Tennessee Chiropractor