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My name is Vicki Rowland and I’ve lived in the middle Tennessee area for over 25 years.
How did you meet your mother. I was a car Proctor who had been trained by Polmar chiropractic and I found Dr. from on one.
Of these pictures I was having none numbing in my legs and in my arms tingling and I had an appointment with a neurologist. Thinking that it was going to be diagnosed as neuropathy but it wasn’t delivered at the end. They have improved my circulation in my arms and legs completely 100 percent. So I have no symptoms.
What is this. Franklin  hiropractor
It is very easy to come here. You don’t have to take your clothes off and you don’t have to get shots or anything like that going to a medical doctor. And it’s very relaxing atmosphere and a very friendly atmosphere and they are always on time and very prompt about getting you in and out. Would you recommend I would recommend Dr. Shroder to my friends and family. Definitely. I think he’s the best chiropractor that I’ve ever had service from and I’ve had kind of practical care of most of my adult life. So I would recommend him. So. Someone is.
Here with you.
I would tell anyone not to be hesitant about chiropractic care. I think it’s been proven to be successful for a lot of people. And I would recommend it if you’re having any pain and problems with your back or neck.
My name is James I’m from Brentwood.
Dr. Schrader and his team came to our office where I work and introduced themselves and did a preliminary exam. Dr. Schroeder and his team have helped to alleviate a lot of my pain in my neck my lower back my middle back and really just really helped out a lot when it came to some of the nerve impingement that I was having. You know the friendly atmosphere all the people that work here you know everybody’s just so good at taking care of me and the things that I need.
I just like coming here. Franklin Chiropractor
You know I’d absolutely recommend Dr. Schroeder and his team to anybody who feels like you know they maybe they don’t know what to do with the pain that they’ve had. Try chiropractor. I think it’s done wonders for me.
I don’t see why it wouldn’t do any good for somebody else.
Don’t be afraid to seek out a contract to care. It’s easy. It’s simple. If anything you find out more than you knew when you walked in and at least it’s coming from a place of knowledge when you start making decisions about your health.
It. From. Franklin Chiropractor
My name is Amelia Eisenhower and I’m from Nashville Franklin .
How did you originally hear about her. Franklin Chiropractor
I originally heard about Schroeder’s card practic from my father who is a patient here. He highly recommended it. So. How how does Dr. Schroders team help you since your first. Doctor Schroeder and his team have helped me quite a bit since my first visit before I was having a lot of pain from an auto accident and now I’m even better off than I was before. What is it to her. What I enjoy him the most. What I enjoy most about the visits to the clinic is I love talking to all the staff. They’re very fun people and they’re awesome. And I would love. To just talk to them all the time but I can’t.
What would you recommend. Or would you recommend for to your friends and family.
I would highly recommend Dr. Shroeder and his team to all my friends and family because of the differences that they’ve made in each.
If someone is seeking out chiropractic care what would you tell. Franklin Chiropractor
If somebody is hesitant about seeking out chiropractic care i would tell them to do it and just just do it.
What is your name. Where are you from my sweetie. I’m from Franklin Franklin right. How did you originally hear about the last program.
I remember when I first heard about this program I was out of town for Christmas and I got an e-mail that sounds interesting but I don’t know. And then when I came in for my next visit there was some information and actually Dr. Schreuder mentioned it to me directly recommending that I schedule a consultation because I have some weight issues and that has some negative effects on my posture and some pain particularly in my knees.
So I decided to schedule a consultation and that’s how I got started. How has that program helped you since you started.
It’s been about three months. Franklin Chiropractor
2 1/2 months since I started on the weight loss program and you know the fast improvements were almost immediate. It wasn’t even two weeks before I noticed that my knees weren’t hurting anymore and that I had more energy and had more mental clarity than I had really had in a while. I never realized just the fall off that I’ve been living in. And you know not only that but I’ve lost 30 pounds in that time. And I’m hoping to continue it’s more.
Would you recommend a lifetime program for people who are looking to lose weight.
I would definitely recommend a program for people who are looking to lose weight. And I’ve actually spoken to a few people that I know that are in that area who have weight issues and giving them information and business cards so that they can call and check it out if someone has to turn around. What would you tell them if someone was hesitant about the program. I would tell them Look I’ve been doing this for such a small amount of time and I’ve already lost 30 pounds. I have friends that have done other programs for a year or a year and a half and are not that much further along than I am.
The diet is restrictive. Franklin Chiropractor
There are things that you can eat and a lot of things that you can’t. But it’s manageable. And once you get into the swing of it you’ll wonder why you were eating that way to begin with and you realize your Eat real food and that’s it. I mean you eat real food and you’re not hungry and it’s.
It’s hard sometimes but the results are worth it and it’s worth sticking to it and keeping up. Franklin Chiropractor