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What is your name. Where are you from. My name is Vanessa Wright. I’m originally from Ecuador from the. South America and I currently live and Springhill Tennessee. How did you hear about her. When I heard about the clinic through my job they were doing a health and wellness day. And so. Three or four people from the staff. Came over to our office and they did look up the. Up and so. I followed up with an appointment just to kind of take a look because I had a prior back pain history and. I. Wanted to try it up. And have softish for help. Is it your first visit. Oh my God. It’s it’s a night and day difference so when I came here I had a lot of back pain which. Still happens.
But I have learned like how to manage it and I’ve become more aware of my body and pain and how to figured out what the root of a problem is. Before I had no idea. So they have helped me manage and you know learn how to do certain exercises to get rid of the pain. And you know I mean I’m I am a lot more aware of my body and the things that cause. My pain when you have it and when I do have it you guys is such a good job helping me without any occasion. It’s just. I’m. Tennessee Chiropractor
Super super happy with it. And what do you enjoy most about your business. It. Seems that you guys are awesome. And yeah is a treat.
I mean I know when I come here that I’m going to feel some sort of relief from whatever I have going on. And when I don’t have any pain I know coming here is going to help me to just continue to feel better.
What would you recommend or would you recommend doctors programs. Absolutely. Tennessee Chiropractor
I have already recommended somebody that used to work with me. She loves it too. She says she’s seen the difference already so yes. Anybody else that I know that eats. Anything. And here’s the way you guys too I’ve mentioned it. So. This.
Is someone to take care of what we tell them. I would tell them that it wouldn’t hurt to check it out just in case. Tennessee Chiropractor 
You know what’s the worst that can happen. I know I know Trish Schroeder if he couldn’t help anybody he will tell them rather than keep them along and it’s better to try this. I feel first rather than going to another doctor that’s probably just going to give you a prescription for some sort of medicine that’s going to temporarily relieve the pain but not actually you know solve the problem. So I will definitely tell him to check it out.
All right what is your name and where are you from. I am Martin. Tennessee Chiropractor
And I’m from Nashville Tennessee.
How did you originally hear about our clinic.
I heard about Dr. Schroeder through word of mouth her that he was a great actor. Come check it out.
How has Dr. Stryder and his team helped you since your first visit. Tennessee Chiropractor
Dr. Schroder’s help me. I’ve enjoyed it for years now. And. I’ve had chronic back pain ever since I was 19 and I’ve done everything from neuro Mr therapy to surgery. And everything you could think of you know coming to the doctor Schroeder and he say we really don’t have the pain that I have for him.
And when I do that and it goes away a lot faster than you see before you should take any you know a week or two weeks before and now and take a day or two.
Perfect. What do you enjoy most about your visits to a clinic. Tennessee Chiropractor
The thing I enjoy most about coming to the clinic is come to see Lindsay. She is smoking hot. And now here’s. The thing I enjoy coming to doctor’s office the most. Just sat.
There all day. They’re off and it is just a friendly atmosphere.
Good answer. Would you recommend Dr. Schraeder and his team to your friends and family.
Oh absolutely recommended to my friends and family. Actually I recommended several people already that have come and said he’s made a huge difference.
If someone is hesitant about seeking out chiropractic care what would you tell them. Tennessee Chiropractor
If somebody was looking to see a chiropractor. A lot of people you know don’t really believe that then they try everything from acupuncture to neuromuscular therapy. I mean this is something that is a proven method that works. I didn’t really understand until I started doing it myself. So I would tell them to at least try it and see if it works for them because I know it will. Tennessee Chiropractor
you are not going to want to miss out in the amazing opportunity to work with the people over at Healthworks Chiropractic. Make sure you everything you can to go and visit them today. They are the absolute best whenever it comes to helping you feel young again and whenever it comes to relieving pain.