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Print what is your name and my name is their comments and I live in Spring Hill Tennessee. How did you originally hear about it. My husband actually was the one that got me to start coming here.
Oh yes. OK. It’s hard. I yeah. So if I look down like that so that it doesn’t make me nervous. I’m just like we’ll just wait and just keep talking. OK. All right. How did you originally hear about our clinic.
I originally heard about the clinic where my husband who had an issue with his neck and was able to come in to see Dr. J He had such a great experience.
We sort of we as a how often Schroeder is to help you since your first visit. Tennessee Chiropractor
Dr. shorter than him have helped me since my first visit. By pretty much being able to keep me even keel with the pain I have had lots of issues from Britain my tailbone originally in the seventh grade and of course all softish hurt his team.
How do you think your first doctor ordered his team only for my first visit just by being able to remain comfortable throughout my day to day activities. Having two kids really was a lot of strain on the back so I was able to able to pretty much function day to day with no pain. What do you enjoy most about your visits to our clinic. What I enjoy most about your chiropractor is the fact that they are family friendly and my kids. OK and they’re able to work with my schedule if I have to comment on a non-story if I’m unable to come in at my scheduled appointments are able to work with me and be able to visit me in plenty to bring me. We’re told now.
That we’re transitioning. See how it works eventually. OK. So that was a perfect answer and it was not easy to complete your thought.
All right. What do you enjoy most about your business. Sure. Tennessee Chiropractor
What I enjoyed most was that this is a very family friendly way to get me out and whatever I do. However what I enjoy most about the clinic is a family friendly vibes. I’m able to come in if I need to or if I have a problem with my back and be able to be snuck in and adjusted and feeling friendly and bring my kids. And then usually somebody is here to be able to keep a sharp eye on them when I’m here. But my whole family comes here.
You just my kids with your mother and daughter from her and esteemed your friends and family.
I would absolutely recommend Dr. shorter just to my friends and family. Tennessee Chiropractor
If someone is hesitant about seeking out targeted care what would you tell them if someone was hesitant about seeking help chiropractic care.
I would just let them know how much it’s changed my life and my world.Tennessee Chiropractor
I’m able to be perfect to start over. When someone is hesitant about seeking out chiropractic care what would you tell them if someone was hesitant about seeing her do care.
I would just give them my examples of being able to go through my day to day life pain free and it’s just a minor adjustment here and there. And it makes a world of difference.
Thank you John.Tennessee Chiropractor
My name is Monica Laird and I am from Fairview Tennessee.
How did you hear.
I originally heard about our clinic here at shorter chiropractic. There was an open house at one of the local businesses and they were kind of doing an Open House. This is what we do. Let me do a scan for you. And we just relocated here about four years ago. And I was actually in the process of finding doctors and chiropractors and dentists and I’m like ha a contractor. Let me go check it out. And I met Dr. Dan and Dr. Dan brought me in. And I’m a Dr. J. And we sat down and we talked about it and I was really excited to. Just have a normal conversation and it wasn’t a doctor patient conversation it was just. Like a console.
It was nice. First. Tulsa Chiropractor
Dr. Schroeder helped me on my first visit since then by giving me a lot of support not only physically but also giving me suggestions about just the holistic living. So things like if you go get a massage or either the things that you want to look for these are the areas these are the things you want to ask them to do for you. I have also helped me be able to get rid of my allergies so I have had allergies since I’ve been forever. And I mean hay fever comes and goes just because you can’t ever get rid of ragweed. But overall my my allergic anus has definitely come down quite a bit. I used to be on lots of medications for allergies and I take a little Zyrtec here and there when it’s seasonal but it’s not nearly as chronic as it used to be. The headaches went away as well. They do treatment on sinuses and then just just overall just being supportive and being very busy. I not only teach but I also have my own business. And so just working around the schedule has been very hard to find a doctor that will do that. And so there were a couple of times where I’ve had to email in and saying Oh my goodness my pain is like a nine and 10 and the like will just come in on a Saturday morning and we’ll help you out. And it was I’ve never seen or heard of a doctor ever doing that before. But that was why I’ve been so loyal is because they’ve been loyal to me.
What are you doing this.
I most enjoy coming here just because we have a relationship and being able to walk in and pick up right where we left off and the last time I came in and they know exactly who I am by name. And what’s going on as well as knowing exactly what I need physically what adjustments I need it makes me feel good when I leave.
Would you recommend.
I would totally recommend Dr. Schroeder to anyone especially if you’re new in the area. Just come on in and check it out and sit down and just have a conversation about what things that you’re struggling with physically whether it’s allergies or pain or you know having a kid. It will really help a lot of the questions get answered just by having a conversation. So I would definitely recommend anyone to come in.
Someone’s care if someone is hesitant about chiropractic care. Tennessee Chiropractor
I would first say come in and ask because a lot of people think it’s holistic living and they’re not really sure what that is. You know word of mouth has been the number one. Advertisement for chiropractic and a lot of times you hear the negative first without really knowing the truth about it. My mom has done chiropractic care ever since I was a child and I got to see it firsthand and what it’s done for our family. And so I never had. I’ve always had people say oh chiropractic you know I’m not sure about you know having so many manipulate my back and my neck like that. And then I I thought to myself well why wouldn’t you at least ask or at least go in and find out about it because again one negative is louder than a lot of positives. So I’m really excited about being able to talk to you more about that today and share my experience of how positive it’s been in my life.