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Hi this is your Franklin chiropractor I am here today to talk about. A pretty important topic and that is how to stay young for your first 100 years. Do we really need to know how to stay young. The first 100 years.  Probably it is a fact. We are living longer. The average lifespan in 1900 was forty nine years old. The average lifespan today is almost 78 years old. By 2050 eight hundred thousand Americans will live to be over 100 and many will live to be 150. This according to this study out of University of Texas in 2006. What has long life revealed the onslaught of baby boomers getting older has revealed flaws in our health care that we didn’t realize because not enough people lived long enough to see it. Now we are much more aware of mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Stay Young. It has revealed many cosmetic changes that now we work hard to reverse it at all. It has also revealed the neglect of our structural system and now the most common cause of functional disability of persons over 50 years of age is Spinal disorders. Are you going to live past 50. Probably then you should do something about it as your Franklin chiropractor. I’m here to talk about what to do. Today if I could tell you who is going to rob your house. And at what time would you do something to prevent it. If we lose our mobility at age 65 and Live 105 years old that is 40 years of mobility and pain. First let’s talk about what has improved first tooth decay has improved. Our teeth were dying before we were in the past. Now we have increased the lifespan of our teeth with proper maintenance and care before there is a problem. Wrinkles have also improved since 1997.There’s been a 465 percent increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures. Now there are eleven point nine million cosmetic adjustments due to our desire to stay young. But more important. Than your wrinkles and pearly whites is your ability to function work and play your lack of mobility will make you look older than your crow’s feet. Here’s a fun fact from your Franklin chiropractor. If our spine were on our face we would take better care of it. You no longer wait until your teeth fall out before deciding to maintain them. You take preventative steps to make sure this doesn’t happen should you and your family wait until your back goes out quote unquote before you take care of it. Probably not.  So take the gamble that you’re going to live past 50 and take preventative steps to make sure that your fellow continued to work and play hard. So why is preventative care so important. Well most importantly there’s no such thing as a spine transplant. You can get a new set of teeth. You can get a new heart liver or kidney you can get lots of things transplanted. The one thing you cannot is your spine. So if you do not take care of your spine there is no turning back. You cannot get a new one and this simply this isn’t just limited to back pain. In a study of 10000 adults one in three suffered neck pain. Can’t get a new neck either. Do you plan on using your neck after age 50. Would you like to use your neck without experiencing pain. Another fun fact from your Franklin chiropractor this one not so fun. Eighty five in 100 adults will suffer with low back pain in one in three will have neck pain. Why. Well because unfortunately everyone waits until they get in pain instead of take care and taking care of their spine before it happens.  The key to this is preventative chiropractic care.  The goal of preventative care practic care is to help us live longer live healthier and be able to do what we want to do when we want to do it with no limitations. It’s never too late to start in chiropractic care. Unfortunately most people wait until they reached a point of pain before coming to see us but that that’s not good. But again it’s never too late. Once you start care. You’ll start to see things change. Like pain. You’ll start to feel better and once people feel better they are tempted to drop out of care. This is a mistake. Don’t do this. Pain is always the last thing to show up and the first thing to go. Let’s talk about. How care works. Our goal for everyone is pain relief.  That’s step one the cause of your pain and other related health problems generally are what is called a subject sation which is a misalignment of the vertebra causing nerve interference. It’s basically pinching the nerve which can impact many areas of the body including organs and it causes many things that we may or may not be aware of. But it certainly causes pain in the neck in the back what is the solution getting adjusted to relieve the pain. We must remove the pressure off the nerve from the spine. The adjustment gradually moves your spine back in alignment and away from the nerve allowing the body to heal itself. The pain relief stage every recommendation of care is only the beginning of care. Do not stop here. Your recommendation could take you through what we call a rehab stage rehab phase of relief.  We find. Generally it takes 10 to 15 visits or four to six weeks to get you feeling better. Past that. Is what we call the rehab phase and this generally takes 90 days after 90 days you’ll start to see some lasting change. The reason why it takes longer is your spine has actually been misaligned for a long time and your body has now accepted that misalignment as being correct the body muscles and spine must be retrained to go into a more proper position and this takes time unless the spine and joints. Are retrained with adjustments and kept in the proper position for a long period of time. Your body will naturally go back into the misalign condition. Why does this take work in time. Well let me ask you this. Can you go to the gym for one visit and be in shape. Franklin chiropractor says no. Did the orthodontist straighten your teeth on the first visit. Stay Young
No probably not. Past the rehab stage in the restaurant and once your spent spinors maintained once your spine is restored to a natural position a more proper position within recommend maintenance. We will dismiss you from active care and recommend preventative health care plan. It’s simple and affordable but also essential to change in your mobility scale for future years. This is what you want isn’t it. Well you’re probably saying I knew it. I always heard chiropractors want you to come back the rest of your life. Well you are right. Let me ask you this. Have you ever gone to the dentist. And they said not to come back until your teeth fall out. Your Franklin chiropractor says No probably not. Did you ever think you’d get your eyes checked in third grade or that it was over. No sir I care. No. Probably that in fact has any doctor ever told you to never come back again and ignore your health your Franklin chiropractor emphatically says no that is not the case. You see we don’t want you to come in any more times and you need to adjust in tables or for as it is. The purpose of recommendations of care is a change that mobility is scale for your life. We can’t remove your wrinkles or make your teeth stay wide but we can enable you to move so you can work play and do all the things you want to do so you can stay young for the first 100 years. Your Franklin chiropractor is here for you. If you have any questions or concerns.