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Do you have shooting pain down the arm? Have you ever heard of  laser light therapy? It’s going to be helpful for very acute injuries such as strains sprains shoulder injuries tendonitis to nerve pain from repetitive use injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome Impingement Syndrome of the shoulder traumatic injuries and chronic issues with a shoulder frozen shoulder or arthritis or more specifically that tend to notice that we’re talking about when tendinitis gets a little worse. s healing both in hands and soft tissue including muscles ligaments and even some bones you know laser therapy is still a fairly unknown. You know modern day treatment brutality can have several benefits for pain and nerve damage especially upper cervical problems that can often lead to shooting pain down the arm.

Here at healthworks chiropracitc we offer this k-laser treatment if you’re having shooting pain down the arm. or if there is a blockage in the nerve pathway, which can also lead to shooting pain down the are. So the most significant issue with the clinical use of lasers is the depth the penetration. You know some practitioners make the mistake of using low powered lasers. A Class 3 laser which basically amounts to a standard laser pointer to play with like with your cat’s most class 3 8 lasers. They’re only getting use a red wavelength which is about six hundred and thirty five nanometers and visible red. And when you look at the depth of penetration with a laser red laser light only penetrates about 1 to 2 millimeters which is going to be far less than one eighth of an inch into the human body. No red laser is highly useful for treating specific or superficial wounds like cuts abrasions. And perhaps the treatment of a Lago or pigmentation of the skin but it’s not going to penetrate far deep enough to get that tissue and deep into healing the tissue and the pain reduction. So however you know infrared lasers around 800 nanometers penetrate far deeper and are able to go several centimeters in your body which is going to reach most the tissue where injuries occur.

The Power of the laser determines how deep it can go and if we’re trying to treat shooting pain down the arm, then there is a specfic program and protocol for that. it is also another crucial factor when it comes to laser light therapy. Power is measured in wants of course and you can think of it as brightness of the lights a high power lasers a brighter light and it can produce more energy per unit of time. And when it comes to doing laser light therapy treatment a higher powered class for laser it’s going to provide several different benefits a therapeutic dose of laser light can be applied to a much larger area or volume of the tissue and which goes by shining the light that brighter light at the surface photons of light are able to penetrate deeper into the tissues which can allow you to treat deep seeded pain conditions. You know there’s a lot of health benefits with with the laser and red light therapy treatment and there’s basically three things that happen during a laser light therapy which we see at a chiropractor in Murphy’s Murphysboro and a chiropractor in Franklin is first the infrared laser light therapy it helps to reduce pain reduce the inflammation enhance tissue healing both in heart and soft tissues including muscles ligaments or even bones. And we look at the basic mechanism of how it works we’re enhancing the micro circulation of the body and we’re getting more red blood cells you know flowing to that general area but it’s not just the arterial blood supply to the area that we’re going to be the venemous and lymphatic return from that area. We’re also increasing oxygenation of more more of the tissues and we’re stimulating the haemoglobin molecule to dump off oxygen at the treatment site.

So we’re basically increasing the oxygenation of the tissues and finally the treatment stimulates cytochrome oxidase enzymes into the cell and mitochondria and what this does is it’s one of the key discoveries in the whole science of laser light therapy specifically injured cells are targeted because damaged cells are more readily accepting of photons of light whereas healthy cells they’re not going to need this extra energy it’s going to be a surplus. So by stimulating the cytochrome oxidase enzyme we’re essentially utilising that oxygen respiratory chain aside of the mitochondria which produces more ATP for that cell. So regardless of what kind of cell it is it’s going to function at a higher higher rate and now we’re not turbocharging and we’re not making your body do anything. It’s not normally doing what the Red Light Laser does is it’s just facilitating the process and we’re helping those cells produce the energy that they normally would. So they can function as they normally should and your being up this process in utilising that oxygen in the chain of events that happened naturally in your body. The mitochondria are basically the powerhouse the cell is producing a lot more energy for that particular cell. So now you know lasers are going to be used in other areas of medicine specifically with surgical interventions and surgeries. You know there’s some for cutting removing tattoos and a lot of terme dermatology offices do use them for things like acne and minor blemishes and things like that. But the class 4 laser it doesn’t do any of that.So the laser can produce up to 15 watts and the laser light is allowed the fuse to a spot about the size of a quarter whereas the other lasers the ones that are used for surgery there are closer to 100 watts and the laser like focus into one tiny specific area. So the interaction that we’re getting in the body in what we see and a chiropractor in Franklin out Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee is that with the laser it’s called the photo chemical reaction and by shining a light on a tissue we’re getting that ATP energy produced. And whereas your surgical lasers or hair removal lasers are taught to really remove lasers. Things like that. They’re designed to cut off a blade the shield at a very very high powered density and a very high power concentration on that one specific spot. So the infrared wavelengths used the K laser allowed for targeting specific areas of the body lasers. It’s unique in that the only class for laser that we utilize at a chiropractor in Franklin is that it utilizes three infrared wavelengths that allow for very deep penetration in the body to reach areas such as Your spine and hips and other joints so that light into the joint and actually can start healing that joint tissue.  This k-laser therapy is very effective for nerve pain and we have helped several patients, especially those with shooting pain down the arm from nerve damage. Give healthworks chiropractic a call today at either our franklin, tennessee location or murfressboro, tennessee location a call today. for franklin, tennessee call 615-791-9917 or murfreesboro, tennessee 615-867-1144. come see us at Healthworks chiropractic today if you’re exerpiencing shooting pain down the arm. We can help today at healthworks!