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At Healthworks chiropractic today I would like to talk to you about shooting pain down the arm and how some of our movement patterns can greatly affect the shooting pain down the arm and how that may be occurring how that relates to your body and what you’re feeling right now. Some of the muscle slings were kind of the trails of the muscle. You know it’s a sling is essentially when you’re talking about an anatomy term refers to a chain or loops or a functional component of our muscular skeletal system. And if we think of our torso as a core Selander of something there are multiple slings that wrap around the cylinder in different orientations and there’s different ways of moving around these cylinders and dysfunctions that can occur that we’ve seen here at Healthworks chiropractic that can lead to things like shooting pain down the arm. And you know we want to go over an overview of some of the sling systems as well as entier and post your slings the obliques sling and some exercises that you can progress to. You know we must understand why you know these feelings are important because it greatly affects our soft tissue and the body’s core cylinder. It depends on slings to facilitate dynamic movement. And you know you want to keep stability across multiple joints throughout the body. And what slings do is they help the transfer force through our trunk or midsection and they can facilitate things like rotational movements.

And it’s the muscular and meio fashion or soft tissue components of slings that make us very powerful and things like just you know rotation things like golf tennis pitches baseball any type of movement where you’re using your arms or using any type of rotational movement. We want to utilize these slings and make sure that they’re stable and mobile in the areas that we need them to be or you’re going to So it uses that sweat as a mechanism to cool your body down. So or a fever. Same kind of way your body’s trying to stay in a constant state of homeostasis. So if you’re experiencing Shooting Pain Down The Arm we want to make sure that we adapt your body very slowly to these changes in other forces and make sure that you’re getting the proper treatment for your condition. That’s why so we do a very thorough evaluation. One of the cheapest in the middle Tennessee area we do X rays a very thorough neurological if you’re getting that shooting pain down the arm. Very thorough neurological pain so we can see where the dysfunction may rest if inside your shoulder your neck if you’re getting that shooting pain down the arm. We want to help you today and figure out the source of that that area. Take x rays so we know the structure of the body very very important to know the structure because cause a lot of dysfunction or better yet you’re going to pinch something in your neck or your shoulder you know because the body is a chain and it’s going to lead to things like shooting pain down the arm. And you know we we want to make sure there’s no dysfunction with the movement if you want to you know give assessments that can potentially show us if there is a problem or dysfunction the movement of the sling and assessing muscle function Shooting Pain Down The Arm or clients that health care center practic is a big tool that we use for determining tissue sources like contract now and not contract out tissues and the extent of the pathology or the tone of the muscle or muscle weakness. There there’s been some recent research that has shed light on the side to side difference can only be detected by manual muscle testing if muscle strength is at a minimum of less than 75 percent. On one side so you know there are specific tests for this.

You know we’d like to think of different progressions into these things if we look at you know a posting here or the back obliques sling and it consist of the lats the LATISM is DORSAMI muscle the opposite side the glued gluteus maximus muscle and interconnecting the Rocco lumbar Fasha in the slayings at the level of the Lembo Lembo Seguro Junction provide what’s known as a force closer to the sacredly act joint and forced closure provides stability to the Esai region by allowing it to distribute load between the lower extremities the spine in the upper extremities so we want to make sure everything is balanced in the pelvic region so we don’t have anything that will affect our shoulders or neck that can lead to potentially having shooting pain down the arm. And if you’re experiencing some of that shooting pain down the arm you must look at you know below what’s kind of affecting how are your hips resting because it may be affecting your shoulder or your neck how it’s positioned and we want to help you with this at Healthworks chiropractic you know because we believe that we can help this function the movement of your body and make sure everything is just perfect perfectly placed so you don’t get shooting pain down the arm. And these dysfunctions you know take great energy to do and to different movement patterns and want to make sure that they’re accurate movie Paton’s for your bhabhi him. You know you know forces that force closure allows for coordinated movements for activities such as walking climbing stairs and just about every single sport specific movement you can think of involves this. This general area. So if we take a throwing or just somebody throwing something for instance energy is going to be generated in one body region. So let’s take the legs. They’re going to transfer through the hips and the pelvis and their release through the upper extremity or the hand. So if a baseball players delivering a pitch that can be the race stat about a hundred miles an hour.

That’s a lot of power that needs to be generated and transferred effortlessly from one region of the body to another. And that’s where a power transfer of mile fashionable slangs actually play an important role. So you know we can movement we can use these movement patterns in different exercises to to make sure that we have the slings and improper alignment and one of the things that you can do is simple progression is began in a quadruple position and you perform hip extension by using the glute on one side and the shoulder extension on the other side using the flat. And you can progress into a half kneeling position focused on driving your front heel into the ground to maintain some stability. Next you can work on a lunge position and you can hold the lunge position or work through the range of motion and make sure to keep your weight forward. And the last position is incorporated into a step. So really focusing on the in position here fully squeezing the glutes at the top and come to terminal hip extension while the shoulders is fully extended. So the entier obliques sling consist of the external and internal obliques and the opposite side of the abductor muscle or the side of your leg and the connecting adductor abdominal Fasha and the interior of the front portion obliques sling it plays a huge role in accelerating decelerating the body during sport specific movements basically including change of directions too. So if you’re moving laterally or to the side and then you have to twist you know this sling is going to be very important in that movement. We want to help prevent Shooting Pain Down The Arm and other movement dysfunctions give us a call today at healthworks chiropractic!