Shooting Pain Down The Arm |  Keeping The Shoulders Stable

At Healthworks chiropractic I want to talk to you about shooting pain down the arm and how your shoulder can play a very important role in this shooting pain down the arm. You know first off I want to say that we have two locations that should come and see us at at Healthworks chiropractic we have one in Franklin Tennessee which is located at 2 8 4 seaboards Lane and Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee. And our phone number for that office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. And then we also have another Middle Tennessee location in Murfreesboro Tennessee located at nine twenty five South Church Street and suite 8200 in Murfreesboro Tennessee. That phone number for that office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 2 locations located conveniently in the middle Tennessee area. You know I want to talk to you about the shoulder stability and how that can play into having shooting pain down the arm or numbness or that loss of stability to hold one shoulder up or the muscles in the back. The rotator cuff they’re getting lax you know if they get too lax and they pull your shoulder forward or your pecs your pack mine or your pack. Major pectorals if one of those starts getting to shuteye tight they can start. And if your posture is bad. Also there’s other factors that play into this as well.

But if your posture is bad and you’re letting your short shoulder roll forward too much and you’re reinforcing this with how you’re sitting how you’re standing how you’re riding or whatever you may be doing daily activities on the computer or phone and you like that shoulder roll forward you’re actually stretching those muscles out more than they need to be and you can actually start wearing the tenets of the rotator cuff on the back side. That kind of lay underneath the poster deltoids you know commonly to areas that are torn in the shoulder. The superstar nadus kind of lies underneath the front portion of the shoulder underneath the kind of scapular region and the front portion of the interior deltoid. This area is commonly torn in people who play sports like baseball you know anything tennis or things that require a lot of forward motion or real jarring of the shoulder quite little micro cares and not it was kind of connects to the humorous or kind of the top portion of the arm or the shoulder and these areas can sometimes be lax and overstretched. And we need to keep those areas kind of tight to support our posture back in our shoulders. And if that’s impinging on a nerve or something is inflamed or Strach and it starts to spasm this can lead to a lot of problems because you know that this area becomes overstressed it’ll spasm and it can press on a nerve whether it be a nerve underneath your armpit depending on where that where that area is that you can get some impingement in the shoulder where you have lost a range of motion various different things can happen if these muscles become weak and your shoulders roll forward.

So at Healthworks chiropractics we like to diagnose these and kind of assess your posture and do a very thorough evaluation to see how the bones are resting in the shoulder and how all of these areas can affect your general well-being. And you know they take a toll on your spine your structure. And if your structure is off your function is going to be impaired and things are just not going to fall into place and when you do move or if you exercise whatever you may do this will definitely affect your exercise. And I Healthworks chiropractic. We want to make sure that your body is functioning optimally so you can begin to heal and you know get those. If there’s any adhesions in the rotator cuff or any portion of the shoulder you can start handling those areas. We offer several modalities to help assist with this process and help kind of begin you know creating fibrous tissue in those areas to help heal. And then you know turn to college. And so your your shoulder and your range of motion become normal again and we want to help you do that. Health Works chiropractic because we want to be able to help you function and feel better as a whole. And if your function and you’re feeling better than you know you can kind of see overall general scope of how these things relate and how they make you feel. And you know our health works chiropractic. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your treatment. So we fall very specific protocols with this DePinho. What’s you’re having going on. So if you think you’re having some limited mobility in your shoulder or loss of range of motion. Give us a call today at Healthworks Hower practic.

Like I said we have two locations conveniently located in Franklin Tennessee in Murfreesboro Tennessee. Health care practic we’re here to help you if you’re having this shooting pain down the army think it may be coming from a shoulder or your nose one ear a shoulder blades this kind of winged out in the back and the opposite side isn’t there could be a dysfunction with how you’re moving or how your spine is resting and how all these things kind of correlate to each other. Because it’s not just one thing it’s usually a group of things that are occurring. So we do things like K laser therapy muscle stimulation corrective exercises as well as the manipulations. You know we can show you things to help that stability in your shoulder because the shoulders are very unstable joint. And when we lose that stability overall it can really really affect us. So at Healthworks chiropractic we take great pride and helping heal not only the shoulders but the spine stopping any shooting pain you’re having down the arm will help you to do Healthworks chiropractics so give us a call today. Like I said we have two locations one in Franklin Tennessee located at two eighty four Seaboard Lane in Suite 100 and our phone number for our friend from Timoci office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 or Murfreesboro Tennessee office located at 925 South Church Street Suite 8200 in Murfreesboro Tennessee. And our phone number there is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Come see us today at Healthworks chiropractic. You think you’ve lost stability in your shoulder. We can show you the different motions.

Take the shoulder through to help gain some stability back and if you’re getting that shooting pain down the arm then we want to assess those things and see if there’s a nerve problem. Sometimes it can be underlying sometimes a come coming from the neck or the upper portion of the spine and we want to make sure to rule out all causes. And you know before we look at the stability and things that we can fix over over time we want to assess these things and make sure that your body is functioning really. Optimally so you get the most out of your treatment and be the best version of yourself possible want to help you do that. Healthworks Kara practic because we truly care. And you know at Healthworks Hareb practic we can help with shoulder stability issues and shooting pain down the arm that may be caused from these things. So give us a call today at Healthworks chiropractic can we be more than happy to help you out and get you feeling and functioning better than ever before.