Franklin Chiropractor | Process vs Event

As you’re Franklin chiropractor I believe it’s part of my job to educate people on what health is and what health isn’t. In Italy it’s not what you don’t know about health. It’s what you do. No that isn’t so. And so today we’re going to talk about some of those myths. Some of those things that we think are healthy habits that we do on a daily basis that may be leading down a path that’s maybe not ideal or optimal. So the question I have first off is a drought and event a drought is not just one day with no rain a drought results from a process consisting of many many days without rain. So is a drought an event or is it a process that leads up to the event. Let me ask you this is a flood event is a flood. Process vs Event. Just one day with too much rain. Or is it a process result from many days of more rain the soil can handle essentially a stress greater than the land ability to adapt. Well let me ask you this is a fire and event. Yeah it’s an emergency and emergencies require immediate attention. Unfortunately people let their health care consist of putting one fire out after another when they treat their health like an event. So today we’re going to focus on events and processes that lead to either good health or bad health. And there’s all kinds of health problems out there. Heart disease diabetes for example that we in our medical profession treats as events versus processes. Is your headache really an event. Or are headaches the result of not enough aspirin in the blood you’re Franklin chiropractors as. Probably not. Why do aspirin containers say for temporary relief well because aspirin treats the headache as an individual event. On the other hand a broken wrist for example is an event and it is treated like an event. It is set and put in a cast but then it takes time to heal. Healing is a process and processes take time and that’s just how it works. Anything worth having such as good health usually takes time and it’s a process it’s many different things that come together to create health. Process vs Event. It’s healthy habits like eating right exercising and getting adjusted. Not just reactive events when we are in pain. So for example our best patients who get the best results incorporate chiropractic as part of their healthy routine. They don’t just come in when they have an event like headache or the back goes out because they understand the value of keeping their spine maintain. And again it’s a part of their healthy routine. How is nature damaged. Is it the result of a single event or episode of pollution or is it the result of a continuous process of polluting our planet. The answer to that question is of course it’s the result of a continuous process of polluting our planet in that very much falls in line and is similar to the process of our health deteriorating over time for example healthy eating is a process our bodies reaction to tainted foods is an event. So for example if you eat something that is contaminated with toxin or or what have you. Food poisoning happens that is an event a lifetime of Twinkies and Bud Lights however is a process that takes time to break down our body. So we encourage you to make a lifestyle lifestyle decision for healthy eating. What about exercise is exercise an event or process. Well the Franklin chiropractor goes to sporting events all the time but we do not exercise as an event. We exercise as a result of a lifestyle decision to engage in a process that we recognize as good for us in that process over time helps us be healthier. On the flip side the practice over time of not exercising takes down the opposite path. Having a child is certainly an event that we all celebrate but raising a healthy happy drug free family is a process that requires time energy discipline education and having it as a family priority. So I hope you can see through these examples that we talked about that all processes take time and events and processes are certainly different things. Your Health today is a result of the priority you placed on your health. Up until now to change your health tomorrow you must change your priorities today. Health just like happiness is a journey not a destination. We must really enjoy the journey and strive for excellence. Being a better person tomorrow than today is so key. Doesn’t matter where we are at today. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities. The Franklin Chiropractor cannot drive that point home enough. It is so important that we realize no matter what we can always change who we are in what we’re doing. It is our decision. You can give a man a fish and he can eat for a day. This is an event you can teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Process vs Event. This is a finite process. Continue to enlighten him and he opens a chain of seafood restaurants. This is a true process. I hope you guys are seeing the point here. The differences. These two things. So let’s talk about that in an exercise format so we can take a walk. We can do it once or once in a while and that’s an event we can do do it to lose weight for a period of time. And that’s a finite process. Or you can make it a part of your lifestyle and it becomes a true process whereas the real benefit there if Franklin chiropractor says making it a true process is where the money is where the gold is. So isn’t it a contradiction to tell us heart disease is a silent killer that results from years of abuse in our diet and activity increased stress. And so therefore it’s a process. But then treat it with surgery which of course the event and still expect a healthy outcome. That does not seem like a very good thing to me. So then why when our every experience tells us life happiness and health are all processes. Why would the medical profession insist on acting as if we get sick as a result of an event. Because it’s the only way to convince us that a pill powder potion injection or surgery is the way to health because as long as we continue to believe that health is just as lost as a result of an event like germs not wearing a jacket or just simple bad luck we will continue to let the medical profession provide treatment like drugs and surgery. And unfortunately this is the path that most people take because it’s easier it’s easier to take a pill or a potion or what have you versus going out and making lifestyle changes. In the end it’s going to catch up to us. Health is like investing. You can put a little bit into the piggy bank each day and down the road that the bank grows and you are a healthier person. Process vs Event. Or you can not put anything in that piggy bank and down the road you’re going to be broke or you’re going to be unhealthy. Process vs Event. It’s a very similar outcome when we confuse process in an event we think better living through chemistry is the answer. Yet the studies appear almost daily that demonstrates devastate effects drugs are having on our health in our culture. But when we understand that health is lost as a result of our process only then can we accept the way to recover one’s health and have it flourish is a result of a process. Also if Franklin chiropractor is a father just like most of you guys are as well or a mother. And I think it’s important that we set an example for our kids. So there’s a problem that is here with us today is not as prevalent tomorrow. If you don’t want your kids to be unhealthy if you don’t want your kids to take drugs to make them feel better when they’re feeling bad. Maybe we should be setting a better example of not taking a towel or an Advil for everything that ails us and get them to understand what true health is about. And then all of us can soar with a new level of thinking. Einstein said you cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them. Today’s health crisis cannot be solved with the same thinking that created we must start thinking processes and making lifestyle changes for the health of it. The Franklin chiropractor wants you to start thinking in processes versus events when it comes to your health. If you do that things will change in a positive manner in your health.  Process vs Event