Franklin Chiropractor | Proactive vs Reactive

That’s your frequent chiropractor one of the things I’d love to do is to teach and make people aware of their health and what true health is. Proactive vs Reactive. And most people are actually very aware of what true health is. Proactive vs Reactive. So I have a passion to help people live a lifestyle that enhances their expressions their dreams their goals and is truly about helping them become the best they can be. You know we’ve had the privilege of treating pain for over 12 years. We’ve seen thousands and thousands of patients and given over 200 thousand adjustments. I’ve also seen our health care system decline. I’ve seen patients come in with poor and poor health. We’ve seen more diabetes obesity heart disease cancer increased blood pressure increased cholesterol among many other disease processes that are on the rise. So it’s a day as you’re Franklin chiropractor. I want to go over some essential ways to renew your mind body and spirit and give you some tools that absolutely need to know to improve your health and lifestyle. Proactive vs Reactive. Many people out there are in a state of stuck if you will and find it quite difficult to make the next move because they really don’t know what changes need to be made. So the first question now is ask is do you want to change do you want to make things different because if you go down the path that you’re on now it’s not going to change. Obviously if you’re asking that question you know that and then simply you’re in a state of stuck if you will and so you’re just not quite sure what the next move is or what the plan would be to make that change. And quite frankly many people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You feel like you’re essentially stuck with no options. And that is just not the case. First let’s just dive into some numbers in year. There are over 1 million preventable preventable deaths over 100000 deaths a year are due to side effects to drugs which is a staggering number. Thirty five percent of Americans are obese or overweight and over 30 percent of Americans are diabetic. And those are all very eye opening numbers. But on the other side of that in the course of a year one billion cells are replaced every hour. So if you do the math 1 billion cells per hour 24 hours a day 24 billion cells in a day which equals 168 trillion in a week being replaced. The math is staggering for me to go any further I just can’t comprehend that. But the point of the matter is our body has the ability to change rapidly. Just we need to change. It’s generally the six inches between the ears that don’t allow that change to happen. It’s our mindset. It’s our thoughts and if we can change that mindset if we can change those thoughts the body will naturally follow us. As Franklin chiropractor I’ve been doing this for a long time and one of the questions that I get is hey doc who should I go see who’s the best doctor for this or for that. And certainly that question is answered for certain cases. But in the end the best doctors are you you know your body better than anyone else. You need to look in the mirror because every day you’re either living or dying and how you treat yourself every day will have the biggest impact on your health and wellness. So next I want to go over. Something that people really don’t have a good enough knowledge base on to make decisions. And that is disease care versus health care and it is very important that you understand the difference between disease care and health care and or wellness care. The one main difference is the word responsibility. Disease care requires no responsibility. You don’t have to take care of yourself. And when you get a problem just go to your doctor and get a drug to counter the symptom. Disease care is reactive care. It’s not exercising is taking medicine for every condition out there. But what you need to know. About disease care is that this doesn’t take care of the problem and only covers it up and likely creates side effects. Disease care allows you to wait until you have the problem and then react to it. Disease care is reactive care Wallace care. On the other side takes responsibility. Proactive vs Reactive. Of taking care of yourself and being proactive you’re Franklin chiropractor asks where are you. What lifestyle do you live in. Where do you think is the best and healthiest place to be. Is it reacting to symptoms. Or is it proactively taking care of your health. That question seems like it should be very easy to answer. But unfortunately most people in our country and around the world prescribe to the disease care model. So there are some things that you can do proactively to live outside of this disease care model. The first thing is nutrition. You literally you are what you eat your body needs nutrients to create fuel to power all the functions it does on a daily basis. It’s important to eat eight to ten servings of vegetables each and every day. Stay away from the three whites white sugar white flour and salt. Eat more fish. Use coconut oil for cooking. Eat butter and not margarine. Your frequent chiropractor often also offers free body composition analysis scans everyday in our office so you can learn more about our weight loss program through that in our DNA based program that has shown great results. Next exercise. Everyone should be exercising at least three to four days a week. It’s vitally important to the human body that we do move that we do exercise. All studies reveal the importance of exercise for optimal wellness. Proactive vs Reactive. It’s important to also exercise for the mind. There’s a whole list of things that improve when you exercise that lowers blood pressure. It prevents osteoporosis. It burns calories it prevents heart disease it slows aging. Among a litany of other things it’s also important to spend time stretching stretching helps keep the muscles viable. And so you are able to exercise. On another note our lifetime metabolic program will also tell you how to exercise based on your muscle makeup. Our Lifetime metabolic problem is again our DNA based weight loss program that has shown phenomenal results in your Franklin Chiropractors office. The next thing I want to talk about is sleep. It’s very important that we’re getting good sleep. Six to eight hours of sleep per night is required for our body to heal the body essentially cleans house and charges when you’re sleeping and lack of sleep creates low energy in the mind and body. It’s important to have a good supporting mattress for a good night’s sleep the best sleeping position is on your side knees slightly bent with your arms folded across your chest or simply on your back. A proper pelo is important to support the curve in your neck whether you’re sleeping on your side or on your back. Stay away from things like sleeping pills because that does not allow your body to get into deep sleep and did not eat before going to bed. These are all very important for our body to recharge at night. But it’s also important that we have a positive mental attitude live inspired. Meditate pray. The body will follow the mind. Whatever we’re thinking whatever we’re doing the body will follow your Franklin chiropractor likes to use the no complaining rule the no complaining rule is like vomit. It goes either it’s like vomiting. Complaining is like vomiting afterwards you feel better but everyone around you feels sick. Work on planting positive information into the mind be the most positive person anyone around you will meet. It will go such a long ways in helping you become a healthier happier person. Next it’s vitally important that you get your spine and nervous system checked the nerves that exit the spine control every part of the body. And if you have a spine that’s misaligned pressure on the nerves the body just cannot function at 100 percent. Your Franklin chiropractor has technology to determine the quality of your nervous system and how effectively the nervous system is functioning. The nervous system does many things it self heals itself regulates it maintains homeostasis. It is essentially the most important part of our body as your Franklin chiropractor. We make positive proactive changes in your nervous system so your body can heal. It is the body that is the hero. Not science. Not antibiotics not machines or new devices. I will leave with this quote today. The task of the physician today is what it has always been to help the body to do what is learned so well to do on its own to heal itself. It is the body not medicine that is the hero.Proactive vs Reactive.