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This is your franklin chiropractor today. I like to talk about what we believe our health to be versus what being healthy actually is. And I’d like to maybe install a paradigm shift for people when they think about their health as a first and it’s like to say this when you have healthy beliefs. That gives us healthy feelings which give us healthy actions which lead to greater health does anyone ever think what a chiropractor actually does. Most people think from what I’ve found that chiropractors treat neck pain back pain and maybe even headaches. And we certainly do that. But how do you think Chiropractic can best help improve your health. And that’s some of the stuff I’d like to dive into today because Chiropractic is so much more than just neck pain back pain and headaches. It actually is a part of a healthy lifestyle that people can utilize in unison with eating better and exercising. Did you realize that there are far more reaching effects of chiropractor to care. They really are. Because a characteristic adjustment stimulates the body’s ability to heal and be healthy. And why does chiropractic work so well. Well because it’s a natural approach to health. There’s no drugs there’s no surgery Franklin Chiropractor . Paradigm Shift. The body’s innate ability to heal is unleashed when we have a care package Usman put into our system and the way this works is it stimulates the nervous system the nervous system is the brain in the spinal cord which of course control every part of our body every thing that we do. If you guys remember you know several years ago Christopher Reeves aka Superman had a terrible accident and become became paralyzed. And the reason he became paralyzed because the spinal cord got severed. Paradigm Shift. So let’s talk about how that works. The brain sends signals down the spine and communicates with the body. If the signal from the brain cannot reach the body there’s no function below the area that was severed. And so for Christopher Reeves unfortunately he fell on his head in the spinal cord was severed way up in the neck. And so anything below that he had no function. So everything he had to do was with machines so he couldn’t walk he couldn’t talk he couldn’t eat everything had to be done for him. And unfortunately that’s that was a very severe case for him. And that’s a very severe example of what we’re talking about. But it really drives home the point as far as how important the brain and the spinal cord as the purpose of the nervous system in the body and in human health is again to control every aspect of living. You essentially live your life through your nervous system. Now there are two parts of the nervous system. One we talked about the brain which houses the control centers for every tissue cell and organ in our body. And to again the spinal cord and spinal nerves the spinal cord and the spinal nerves communicate all the information from the brain to the body and back. Now what people don’t understand or don’t realize is how this nervous system can become interfered with. And in today’s society the nervous system interference that is out there has really reached an epidemic proportion. What this interference is called is a vertebral subluxation. And I’m going to help you understand the nervous system and how it relates to your health and how ever temporal subluxations cause dysfunction in unhealthiness in our body so let’s talk about a couple of things that everyone can understand. Lack of central nutrients is called starvation lack of essential water is called dehydration lack of air. It’s called suffocation you Franklin chiropractor wants you to understand a very important term lack of proper nerve function is called subluxation and that’s what chiropractor’s deal with and that’s what the Franklin chiropractor deals with everyday. We remove subluxations to let the body heal itself. Paradigm Shift. Let’s talk about a vertebral subluxation a little more detail what a spinal bone is out of a proper alignment or position with respect to its neighbors which would be the bones above it and below it it affects the opening between the bones where the nerves exit the spine. These nerves essentially get pinched. And this has a negative effect on nerve system function. So again think back to the example of Christopher Reeves. Anything below the spine that got severed doesn’t function. Now fortunately for us this is not something that happens with subluxation. It just decreases the nerve flows of the body can still function but just not at 100 percent. So how. How does your frequent chiropractor detect subluxations. Well we do several things in our office. We do a very thorough evaluation called our once exam. So we do orthopedic testing a nerve system skin care practic testing and a full set of X-rays. So some of the things that we do as we we check your leg length to see if there even we do a postural analysis we do palpation which means we feel for type muscles along the spine. Paradigm Shift. Of course we take X-rays like we talked about. We look at wear and tear on your shoes and we look at the muscle tone and balance that we find during our palpation assessment. The nerve system scan that we do is used to detect nerve interference. It’s a state of the art piece of equipment and it’s called the subject sation station. It lets us see if in where the nerve system has interference there’s several parts to this scan one evaluates the electrical activity of the skeletal muscles. And this test allows us to see the motor portion of your nervous system. The symmetry test that we use tells us how your nervous system is working comparing right to left. It allows us to see if your spine is in a tug of war if you will with itself due to some exceptions. We also do a thermal scan the thermal profile monitors the autonomic portion of our nervous system the autonomic portion of the nervous system controls things that we don’t think about breathing digesting our food. Heart beating. Etc.. So let’s review again how the nervous system works. So 10 percent of the nerve system is sensory so sight sound taste touch smell etc.. Ninety percent of the nerve system controls all functions so heart lungs liver brain reproduction and it also controls the ongoing repair and replacement of tissue. So what happens is the brain sending signals down the spine and goes down the motor nerves to the muscles and the autonomic nervous to the organs of glands and blood vessels to the body the body and then get that message and it communicates back to the brain. And the brain then interprets what. What’s going on in the body and makes any type of decision as far as what we need to do. And this is how the body functions. Franklin Chiropractor So the patient comes in. And slows down that process decreases function. If it’s been in there for a long Franklin Chiropractor time it’ll start to cause pain. So let’s talk about some causes of or temporal subluxation. This could be due to physical trauma. So it accident an injury a fall this could be due to chemical stress. So this would be stuff that we’re putting into our body. So legal any illegal drugs. Poor poor food poor water poor air. This is because again stress. In her body and can lead to a Pretty-Rose allegation being upset so emotional stress certainly can cause the same thing environmental pollution poor postural habits repetitive motions and just pressure over time. This causes pressure over time. So how does this work. Altmayer body will. Compensate for as long as it can. But stress beyond the ability of the nurse system to constructively adapt produces Muslim balance which causes skeletal distortions which then naturally affect the nervous system and that’s where the downward spiral ensues. In our office the vertebral subluxation is the most important part of health and being healthy. So correction to some locations include manually adjusting the spine adjusting the spine with the instrument indirectly affecting the spine through various chiropractic techniques. Lifestyle recommendations posho corrections and stress management. Chiropractic puts a constructive impulse into the nervous system with an adjustment resulting in muscle balance skeletal integrity and positive feedback to the nerve system causing an upward spiral in the person’s health and vitality. It ultimately in the end improving person peoples health. The chiropractor is here to tell you. Getting adjusted is a very important part of your lifestyle habits. You do this in. In. Step with eating right and exercising in the fact that chiropractors hit hotel you will be healthier.¬†Paradigm Shift