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Today at Healthworks chiropractor I want to talk to you about neck pain in sitting at a computer all day. You know these are these are very important things because as technology grows and grows and grows we’re going to experience a lot more neck pain and you know neck pain in between ergonomic positions while you’re at a computer is going to alleviate neck pain or pain in neck from sitting at a computer all day. And that sounds something like what you deal with at the office or after a day of work. You’ve got you know terrible neck pain and shoulder pain you know pain in neck from seeing your computer all day. Do your eyes feel strained and kind of sore. Are you real headache. A lot of headaches or migraines. You know this may be pain in the neck from sitting at computer all day. And if that does sound like you then we’re here to help it Healthworks chiropractic and show you how to avoid having pain in neck from sitting on a computer all day will to give you some tips and tricks on how this can help you around the office and you know focusing on making sure you’re using the best computer screen is very imperative for your needs as well as positioning the screen to avoid twisted postures while you’re working and sitting down you know in addition to that though eyestrain and headaches they can actually be caused you know by uncorrected vision. Sometimes poor image quality if you get a glare on your screen from the side and by screen viewing at a distance away from you.

Those can all kind of be some underlying sources of discomfort for why you get pain in neck from sitting on a computer all day and checking all these are going to help you to prevent your neck pain and alleviate pain from sitting on a computer all day. And you know upper back pain can accompany neck pain as well. But we would recommend people on the computer you know obtain eyewear specifically for computer use so they can avoid eye strain. And we also encourage the top of the screen to be at eye level as well. This is this is imperative 2 or 2 inches above our level in regards to the seated position. We want a chair fitted to our body type and some good back support in the neck and the lower back position you in a very neutral and straight spine. And we also want to look at image quality of our computer screen on the images not very sharp or have a fuzzy tint to them this can you know cause headaches and pain and neck while sitting at a computer all day you know stable. The images aren’t kind of jittery and flickering back and forth bright enough for comfortable viewing. There’s no glare on the screen from you know an outside window that maybe cracked open a lot of this can lead to eye strain and pain in neck from sitting at a computer all day. And if not you can try to adjust the screen brightness contrast. And refresh rate and resolution to give you the best image quality possible. The screen image though it’s going to be a comfortable viewing size.

And most software programs actually allow you to magnify your screen content in a full size. And if screen content is too too small or too large for that matter then select a different font size or use the in function. Most computers have these on them nowadays and you’re not sure where your workers is out. Just type in your Mauler computer on Google and you know how to change the font size and usually in modern computers. There’s always a way to do this. So one thing that we kind of touched on was to avoid screen glare and the screen should be actually free from any bright reflections or specular glare as they call it kind of a radiating glare and the screen image should not appear to be washed out or veiling glare and to avoid the glare. You need to be in your position where your computer is either located or the screen you know has condemned the overhead lights and use anti glare filters over the screen. Bly’s in office. You know if you’re getting some some glare or something like that from a window you can cover them with blinds that help make the room dark and we want to watch. How far are our screenings away because this can create a lot of neck strain and pain and neck from Sinak computer all day and the screen should be had a comfortable horizontal distance for viewing. And if you can’t position this on a comfortable viewing distance it’s better for your eyes to have the screen too far away and zoom into the content rather than be being sit being seated too close to the screen. And the most comfortable viewing distance is usually at least an arm’s length away from your body.

And you can make the screen high enough. You know we want that ideal vertical position for the screen depends on the size of your screen and the size of the casing around the screen. Your eyes should be analyzed with an imaginary point on the screen of about two inches below the top of the visible screen image when you seated comfortably. And thats very imperative for preventing neck pain. And if you’re looking to prevent neck pain further. Come see us at Healthworks chiropractic today. If you get pain in neck from sitting on computer all day cause this and give me debilitating it can really take away from your quality of work and just how comfortable you are at work. You know if you can’t prevent sitting in computer or you know pay pain in neck while sitting on a computer all day you should come see us at Healthworks they’re practically if you’re in the middle Tennessee area and we can be more than happy to take a look at you and see if there’s any dysfunction going on. You know I Healthworks chiropractic we truly care about our patients so if you have pain in neck from sitting on computer all day come see us today we have two locations can be located in the middle Tennessee area. The first one is in Franklin Tennessee which is located at 2 8 4 Seaboard Lane in Franklin Tennessee in Suite 100. The phone number for that Franklin Tennessee office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. And then we also have another location conveniently located in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

It it’s located at nine to five South Church Street in Suite a 200 in Murfreesboro Tennessee and the phone number for that Murfreesboro Tennessee office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Come see us at Healthworks refractor today if you’re dealing with paint in neck from sitting at a computer all day and we can certainly help you out get your feeling get your functioning better. You know some things with that we see it Healthworks Konner practic. When people have pain in neck from sitting at a computer all day is we want to make sure our head is a proper alignment and we see a lot of us that Healthworks chiropractic you know neck pain can be caused by working on a twisted posture and we see a lot of this at Healthworks chiropractor being the top chiropractor in the middle Tennessee area. So if you’re dealing with pain and neck from sitting on a computer all day and you feel like your neck maybe twisted or twisted kind of cocked posture to the side. We want to eliminate neck twisting by placing the computer monitor directly in front so it’s facing you and it’s not angled that your left side or right side of a screen that’s too high or too low. It can also cause neck and shoulder strain. So you want to make sure that you tilt your head backwards to look up the screen is too high and you know kind of position your neck forward if it’s too low adjusting Seated position for your corrective eyewear is very imperative to ask any optometrist this they’re going to tell you the same thing.