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Today we will talk about Healthworks Chiropractic if you’re having pain after auto accident could be caused from and there are several different treatment methods for this such as electric muscle stim, k-laser therapy and our spinal decompression table. At healthworks chiropractic we have three types of pre-adjustment therapies in our clinic.  We use these pre-adjustment therapies to help the body in different ways before the actually adjustment takes place. We will be focusing on our main pre-adjustment therapy which is our spinal decompression table. The other therapies provided are stim and traction, and the use of our k-laser which produces infrared heat for acute or chronic injuries Having pain after auto accident . The spinal decompression table we have is primarily used for spinal injuries acute or chronic and Having pain after auto accident . The spinal decompression table that we use is specifically made for any type of herniated and or bulging disc issues throughout the vertebrae for pain in the body after an accident. Come see one of the top chiropractors in the middle Tennessee area at Healthworks Chiropractic.


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Throughout the spinal region, there are compact discs that are used to cushion the actual vertebrae. Without the compact discs that allow cushion, there could potentially be grinding of the bones in the spine for pain after auto accident . Which can cause excoriating pain through the spinal region, and throughout the body for Having pain after auto accident . For our new patients that come into our clinic, we do the detailed evaluation on each patient for Having pain after auto accident . Once x-rays are finished the doctors will view the spinal region and determine if the decompression table could be of use and help if there is any additional pain or grinding of the vertebrae with Having pain and discomfort . If the chiropractic doctor deems it necessary we will go forward and do a trial session on that individual.

Trail sessions vary from each patient. Cervical and lumbar protocols are different. First we document the individual’s weight, we gather the patient’s information regarding weight in order to effectively and correctly for the use of the weight of the pull. The decompression table uses a computer system that physically separates small blocks of the table while the patient is laying down for Having pain after auto accident  . It can be done from the headrest of a cervical treatment, or done from mid to low back, or thoracic to lumbar. There are for each cervical and lumbar protocols 8 different type of programs that can be used. Each program has a different setting depending on where the bulging or herniated disc is compact or degenerative. Once the chiropractic doctor figures out where the specific injury is to the spine.Each program is used and the spinal decompression table manually does a release and pull motion. Some patients will not feel a big jump and pull of the back area. The spinal decompression table is made to give a slow release and pull of the spine without furthering injury. The candidates for chiropractic care are any type of herniated discs, degenerative discs. Possible spinal surgery that didn’t work, or facet syndrome pain after auto accident .  There are types of contraindications when it comes to a new patient being on the decompression table for Having pain after auto accident . The contraindications must be addressed before any services are provided so no type of injuries are occurred for pain after auto accident .Some of the contraindications are if an individual is pregnant, the decompression table is not suitable for these patients that are pregnant. Along with pregnancies, there are other contraindications that can occur. Such as types of cancers, primarily spinal cancer for Having pain after auto accident  . Cardiac insufficiency, join hyper mobility. There is a myriad of other contraindications to decompression. Before any contraindications are observed before the spinal decompression table, patients are required to answer and fill out our FABQ.

The FABQ is our survey which lets us know if any patients are eligible for spinal decompression. The FABQ is our Bournemouth questionnaire, which asks certain questions such as on average how you would rate your back pain on a scale of one to ten pain after auto accident . Over the past week, how depressed have you been feeling. Over the past week, how much have you been able to control your neck pain on your own? There are specific questions regarding the neck, back, that the patient will fill out prior to the initial consultation for Healthworks Chiropractic pain after auto accident . Our decompression tables are state of the art, and they are operated by small computer systems. In which these computer systems our fault proof. If there is any type of issue that arrives the machine will automatically pause itself until a chiropractic technician becomes available. As well once the patient is on the spinal decompression table there is a small button that is attached to the band that is wrapped around them for Having pain after auto accident  . This small button is used in case the patient who is on the machine has an emergency such as extreme discomfort, nausea, light headed, or even if the individual patient has to use the facilities. The spinal decompression table that we have at Healthworks Chiropractic is used for pain after auto accident . The decompression table is not recommended for anyone under the ages of eighteen years old. We primarily don’t recommend anyone under this age to be treated for the reason of growth development pain after auto accident . The bones of an individual such as a young child aren’t done developing until usually the age range of eighteen to early twenties pain after auto accident . After main growth has finished then there is a possibility of doing the actual decompression table. So if you are having any type of spinal disc issues ranging from compacted discs, degenerative discs there is a high possibility of us helping you out in your current state.

Give us a call at Healthworks Chiropractic at 264 Seaboard Lane, suite one hundred for Having pain after auto accident . We are located in Franklin Tennessee ten minutes away from Cool Springs Galleria Mall. We love our decompression table, and we have two decompression tables to help accommodate more individuals who need our help with their vertebrae spine and spinal region for Having pain after auto accident   The five components of our decompression protocol are first doing a pretreatment such as stim and traction or the use of our k-laser. The actual decompression protocol, then afterwards an adjustment. The use of nutritional supplements for daily/ weekly use, and last but not least the use of home exercises.