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Today at Healthworks chiropractic and I would like to talked about neck pain relief and some of the things that we do here at Healthworks chiropractic that can really get you feeling and functioning better than you ever thought was possible. And if you’re looking for relief from that pain there’s a few things that I want to talk to you today about that you can do to help you get out of this pain and get that neck pain relief. There’s a lot of soft tissue work that she can do to get you feeling better. You know you can massage the occipital muscles the muscles kind of at the base of the skull you know neck pain can be very very debilitating. And you know some of the things that we see at Healthworks chiropractic are you know people getting relief from the pain in their neck. And you know it’s it can be something that can give you a headache or just the stiffness and tightness in the neck. And you know there can be some varying opinions about you know chiropractic care with neck pain. And you know if you’re if you’re you know getting Gidney neck pain. You know you move around you try to do things. You know we had Health first practice camp some of the best chiropractors in the middle Tennessee area. So if you have a cute neck pain and you’re looking for neck pain relief. It’s defined as a sudden onset of neck pain that could be present for a short period. Now that’s cute.
So something as acute that’s been happening for a short period of time if something is chronic and it’s been going on for a while. And the conditions commonly lead to an injury caused by you know sudden force or trauma such as a traffic related accident in a car or a whiplash injury. You know if you’re strained the neck while lifting or maintaining a prolonged awkward position or it may just have insidious onset you know and the timeframe that’s involved with acute neck pain it’s not extremely well-defined but it actually is going to refer to patients who have had neck pain for less than one month. And the condition may progressed to subacute and chronic stages after the initial one month period. And the primary symptoms are associated with acute neck pain include neck pain which may be referred to the shoulder or the upper arm area and neck stiffness impatience with underlying pathologies such as inflammatory disease. Neal Plaza and other infections in their body they’re generally not included in the definition of acute neck pain. And if you’re looking for neck pain relief you know the population best estimates the rate of occurrence of acute neck pain are not available and although there’s instances estimated of whiplash injuries that have been reported to range from three point four per 100000 to 800 per 100000 per year reported prevalence rates of just generalized neck pain in the United States ranging from about 13 percent to 16 percent in the UK United Kingdom. 44 percent of respondents to a 2004 survey actually reported that at least one day of neck or in their upper limb area in the last seven days. You know this can be prolonged you know awkward positions injuries.

You know if you’re looking for neck pain relief then we have to look at kind of the studies behind it. And you know there’s a sample of 6000 respondents from the general population in northern Sweden that had that pain and the prevalence of long term neck pain in a sample of eight thousand Finnish people who were 30 years or older was estimated to be about thirteen point five percent of women and nine point five percent in men. And you know chiropractic patients especially here Healthworks chiropractic often ask How do I get pain relief and chiropractic patients. They seek treatment because of lower back pain or the neck pain. And we’ve actually had studies reported that 46 percent of the 7000 patients that present a chiropractor because of lower back pain and twelve point seven percent because of neck pain in the remaining 41 points 3 percent because of complaints such as headaches sinus trouble allergies and you know other other problems and symptomatic things going on with their bodies and some of the procedures commonly used that we use here at Healthworks chiropractic do treat these conditions include manipulation physiotherapy corrective exercises and even some nutritional counseling. And there’s been some published there’s been published research with neck pain relief and chiropractic care and the relationship between cervical spine manipulation and acute pain is great. And there there’s four studies that are found to meet the prescribed inclusion criteria and cervical spine manipulations for general neck pain and to those studies involved a single session of manipulation. And none of the four studies were thought to successfully demonstrate that. But the results for mobilization exercise for from neck pain and spinal decompression. So we mobilized the area with the adjustments and there’s been a lot of research that can show that this can help improve blood flow to the brain and all the nerves that kind of connect to your brain. You know our our body is our mind and our mind is our body so it’s kind of making these these collect and connect better. Because if there’s a kink in the chain you know it can really severely affect the way in which you function. And we want to make sure that you function the best that you can. We can do that Healthworks chiropractic deci neck pain relief and do the things that can give you relief from neck pain. And yet as evidence of this done by Bransford at our reported that there were preliminary support of acute pain and identified two randomized clinical trials that included patients with very acute pain who were treated with cervical spine manipulation and that included that you know they got better a little bit faster and the importance of reporting treatment outcomes to the necessity of assessing patient satisfaction levels among chiropractor patients is a scribe and a cheap neck pain by manipulation or chiropractic adjustments a variety of different things have been investigated and there’s there’s conflicting research out there. But all the different modalities that we have and the thorough evaluations that we do at Healthworks care products that kind of set us apart. And you know if you’re looking for neck pain relief look no further than Healthworks chiropractic you know if you just generalized back pain or muscle pain come see us today at Healthworks SkyRe practic for neck pain relief we have two locations conveniently located in the middle Tennessee area. One is located at Franklin Tennessee. Two for Seymour and Lane in Franklin Tennessee and Suite 100. Give us a call today in Franklin, Tennessee 615-791-9917 or in Murfreesboro, Tennessee 615-867-1144¬†And then our phone number for our Franklin Tennessee office is 6 1 5 7 9 9 9 9 1 7 and we also have another office in the middle Tennessee area located in Murfreesboro Tennessee and it’s located at 9 to 5 South Church Street in Murfreesboro Tennessee and suite a 280 in Murfreesboro Tennessee. And the phone number for that office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Come see us if you’re looking to get neck pain relief health works chiropractic can really help you feel better function better and get you on the right track. You’re looking for neck pain relief. You know there’s a lot of research on chiropractic and spinal manipulations for low back pain headaches lower extremity joint disorders conditions like whiplash. There’s that there’s a lot of different factors that play into this and if you’re looking for neck pain relief give us a call today at Healthworks chiropractic and we will be more than happy to get you and get you evaluated to see if