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Here atĀ  healthswork chiropractic we see a lot thingsĀ  neck pain causes and I want to talk to you about a specific one today and that’s nerve related pain. You know neck pain causes a lot of discomfort. And you know sometimes if a nerve is entrapped this can really hinder you know your everyday function you know muscle spasms in the back or commonly accompanied by pinching nerves and can be quite painful sometimes nerves can be pinched only symptoms may be numbness and weakness in the arm or leg without any pain you know. Other symptoms include tingling or that burning sensation you know electric or hot such cold sensation you know and if for example And this may cause pain that radiates into the shoulder as well as muscle weakness and numbness that travels down the arm and into the hand and cervical ridiculus apathy is often caused by wear and tear changes that occur in the spine as we age such as things like arthritis. And you know neck pain causes a lot of pain and discomfort when a nerve is pinched sometimes in younger people though it’s often caused by a sudden injury from a sport that results in a herniated disc or a slipping of the disc and neck pain causes a lot of different symptoms and symptoms can lead to more problems later on in life. And you know in most cases server surgical raid that killed up to be responsible to conservative treatment and that includes medication and physical therapy. You know the anatomy of the cervical spine or neck. You know we know that our er spine is 24 bones called vertebrae that are stacked on top of one another and these bones connect to create a compound that actually protects the spinal cord. And you know the seven small vertebrae that begin at the base of your skull and they form the neck. They’re called the cervical spine and cervical spine that neck pain causes difficulty throughout the day.

Your vertebrae are flexible and are vertebral discs and they they act as a shock absorbers when you walk or if you motion there’s movement at the top portion of your body. Interviewer rural discs are flat and round in about half an inch thick and they make up. They’re made up of about two components and these are specifically in the cervical spine. And if you’re dealing with you know neck pain and you’re looking for neck pain causes you know sometimes we need to know the anatomy and what’s going on in our body for it to be beneficial for us. And the annulus fibrosis this is that tough flexible outer range of the disc the annulus and the Nicholas Paul posts and that’s a soft jelly like center of the disc. And you know sometimes if these that kind of nucleus of the disk slips out and there’s an annular tear misting compress on a spinal nerve especially if it’s an anterior problem you can really press on those nerves and lead to this or a ridiculous apathy down the arm. And you know there’s several different causes of why this may happen not only in just a herniated disc there’s a lot of neck pain causes that can give you some trouble and supercool ridiculous apathy it’s going to arise. Most of the time from degenerative changes that are occurring a spine as we age or you know an injury that causes a herniated disc or disc sometimes bulges out on empresses on that Mirman interfer very. Into a very real disc can be very very debilitating neck pain causes. You know this stuff to to almost get worse and the degenerative changes as we age.

Spine is actually hiked and begins to Bolger and they also lose water content and begin to dry out and they become stiffer. And what this does is it causes subtlely or it collapses the disc in the spaces a loss of height and this height. You know as the disc loses that height you know the vertebrae or cervical spine move closer and closer together creating that degenerative changes in the body responds to the collapse this by forming more bone. And these are these are called bone spurs around the disc to strengthen it in these bone spurs contribute to stiffening the spine and they may also narrow that form into that opening on each side of your spinal column and where the nerve root access is going up pinched off that nerve and create that cervical ridicule apathy and that’s very very debilitating. And if that happens you know neck pain causes stiffness numbness tingling down the neck and into the hands of the arms and you know degenerative changes in these discs are often called arthritis or Spagnolo says major changes are normal and they occur and everyone in fact nearly half of people middle aged and older have more on desk and pinched nerves that do not cause painful symptoms and it’s not known why some people develop symptoms and others do not. You know I can vary with genetics and different things like that and just the general anatomy of your body but we’re here at Healthworks chiropractic to help you out and get you out of pain.

You know one of the things that is cervical ridiculous and we’ve helped a lot of people as spinal decompression you know healed decompression table is a phenomenal product and it basically what it does is it’s going to traction and Nachar kind of pull on the neck at a particular spot depending on what angle you have that degeneration going out or where that nerve is coming from and it’s going to pull and then you to relax pool relax pool and it goes through these cycles depending on what you have going on. If it’s an interior problem and dastar poster or lateral and we’ll be able to determine this by imaging you know x rays or MRI if necessary and we’ll be able to determine this and know you know where to angle you add on the spinal compression table and Healthworks chiropractic you know neck pain causes numbness weakness down the arms and we want to make sure that we get rid of that we’ve helped a lot of people with that spinal decompression and Cayley’s or therapy getting oxygenated blood to area and then creating you know a little bit more space very gradually opening up that desk space and bringing back water and the nutrients into that desk and almost acting as kind of suction to that disc and sucking all that fluid back in. And you know eventually hoping to seal that desk off and get that feeling a lot better for the long term. And that’s our goal at Healthworks chiropractics. If you think you’re dealing with this cervical ridiculous but the MCSA that Healthworks chiropractic we have two offices one located in Franklin Tennessee and the phone number for that Franklin Tennessee office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 or Murfreesboro Tennessee office and phone number for that Murfreesboro Tennessee office. 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4.

If you’re dealing with this nerve pain as think you may have and pinched nerve. Come give us a kimchee it’s a Healthworks chiropractic deal very thorough evaluation of you and get you feeling and function better than ever before we truly carry it Healthworks terror practice. We want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your time and feeling the best that you can possibly feel. Here at Healthworks we pride ourselves on being very thorough and doing a very thorough evaluation of you and if you know neck pain causes different symptoms and people and if a desk Hurney aits you know that jelly like Senator Nicolas pushes against its outer ring or the Angliss. And if the disk is worn or it’s actually injured in that somehow Nicolas may actually squeeze all the way through. And when the herniated disc bulges out towards the spinal canal it’s going to put pressure on that sensitive nerve. And that’s basically what’s going to cause that pain and neck pain causes this and weakness in the area and the nerve supplies get cut off. And you know a herniated disc occurs it can occur with lifting pulling bending or twisting you nerve that disc can be kind of on the edge depending on what you have going on and then when that mould is out it is going to hit on that nerve and that pain causes. If you have a herniated disc that soft jelly like center of that disc can actually push all the way through the outer ring and you know press on that nerve depending on where it’s kind of pinching at. give us a call today at healthworks!