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The general population deals with neck discomfort and look for solving neck pain cause. Look no further than healthworks chiropractic to help. You know stay correct it is very important for kids in adolescence because neck pain causes them to lose function. And you know one of the many reasons why kids teens and even some adults feel discomfort in their neck while using technology is because the area where they’re working or you know whatever they’re doing is not economical and they’re not set up properly. You know even though laptops have trackpads using external computer mouses instead can be very beneficial. And when a person uses the trackpad it’s going to place them in an awkward position because it positions their arm crossing over their body rather than in a relaxed position at their side. And depending on how a student or a person holds their hand with one of the three fingers on the trackpad fingers tendons can be since consistently strain as well. And that’s not always the best position for your hands as well. And neck pain causes you to feel a lot of different things and if your consonants flex position it’s going to take a lot of wear and tear on the the tenants in your and your fingers and it can place a lot of strain on muscles and joints. So over an extended period of time discomfort in the shoulders or in the wrist will lead up to the neck and neck pain causes the symptoms to go downward or upward or whatever it may be. But this can be very debilitating and neck pain causes you to feel these things. And in addition to that you know most people are going to risk the rest of their wrists on the edge of a notebook or computer to use the touch pad.

And you know that’s actually called some something called Contact stress and it can place pressure on the wrist muscles nerves and blood vessels and laptops are just poorly designed for any workspace and accessories such as mouse keyboard and laptop risers actually will help the users you know experience and actually prohibit them from neck pain. And you know the computer mouse is often blamed for increased risk of that upper extremity you know muscular skeleton problems you know nerve pressure that causes numbness tingling weakness or muscle damage in the hand and fingers elevated carpal tunnel pressure or using a mouse is a result of both wrist extension and that excessive fingertip force applied to press the buttons and grip the sides of the mouse. We see a lot of this in office workers and even some students with breast pain or numbness kind of leaving up neck pain causes that and a lot of stress is also put on the forearm which respects the forum’s extremely human take. And especially when the external mouse is used incorrectly. You know so in addition to that you know using next to a mouse with the laptop you should make sure that the mouse should rest at about the height of your elbow and be positioned next to the keyboard not sitting far off to the side. And if a computer monitor is not positioned correctly it can also bring you to numerous types of injuries later on and neck pain causes you to to get in these habits and these habits becoming grained and they become permanent.

And you know computer monitors are notorious for having being positioned way too low for the people using them which may bring about a downward eye gaze and an increased neck angle and a forward bending of the upper back or Kapos This is what they call it hyper Infosys you know and neck pain causes this. If you’re if your neck pain. Your neck gets a little weak and muscles in your back it lacks you know neck pain causes you to have a lot of discomfort. And if a computer monitor is not positioned properly it’s going to lead to a lot of these chronic problems and computer monitors create that downward gaze. You know so it’s often recommended that we recommend you’re at Healthworks care Paktika is to look with your eyes and not your neck where your head and the neck in the upper back muscles in this position stress on the spine significantly and it increases the risk of neck pain causes position also brings about fatigue much earlier in a workday for a student or a worker. We often move forward on the computer to better CVS screen but we want to open up our body more and keep it aligned in a proper position and that’s what we help with that Healthworks chiropractic. So monitors should be positioned directly in front at an arm’s length away and perpendicular to a window to avoid glare on the screen. And meanwhile large size monitors that have bigger icons and symbols symbols are actually going to help keep eyes at the proper angle and give a more straightforward body posture. So we want to prevent these things.

And you know I Healthworks chiropractic we can help do that in neck pain causes you to lose that function throughout the day and you know kind of focus on your neck pain rather than your work which is very important. So prevention to this. You know there is some research that suggests that kids in adults who are more active are less likely to actually suffer from neck pain due to technology use than those who do not regularly exercise. And it’s a trend that actually shows people who are more physically active will develop fewer musculoskeletal discomfort issues. And it’s true for adults and kids you know tech new tech users should think of themselves like athletes. Each time they are using a computer or tech device you know they should warm up before they do this getting up from the computer walking around about 20 to 30 minutes is a good start for this. People should also be doing you know stretches to you know prohibit these things. And you know neck pain causes you to stay stationary and sedentary which is not always the best cure for neck pain. So if you’re dealing with these things and in looking for some relief come see us today at Healthworks chiropractic you know neck pain causes you to lose that function throughout your body and there’s a lot of neck pain causes. And we want to help you at Healthworks chiropractic so comes yesterday we have two locations conveniently located in Middle Tennessee. If you’re looking for different neck pain causes and looking to get some relief look no further than Healthworks chiropractic. Give us a call today at Healthworks chiropractic. Two locations convening located in Middle Tennessee. The first one Franklin Tennessee located at 2 8 4 Seaboard Lane and suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee and then also in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

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