Neck Pain Causes | Healthworks Chiropractic | The Cervical Spine And Exercise

Healthworks chiropractors want to talk to you about neck pain causes and you know some of the causes of that pain because of exercise you know exercises. It’s a very therapeutic thing for a lot of people whether it be jogging running lifting weights you know there are several different ways on how you can get out and how you can exercise and and health first chiropractic. We work with every single population you know from from the elderly to little kids you know to middle aged athletes you know and there’s a there’s something that can relate to people who stay active you know not only do they have healthier muscle tissue and muscle tone you know cardiovascular really their heart and their organs are going to be a lot better if it supplemented with a proper diet and proper rest you know. But little things can happen even if you’re an extremely fit person. You know whether it be from genetics you know movements that you’re doing in the gym over use over training. They can be very real things you know fat neck pain causes discomfort not only. But if you’re getting that pain and it’s causing you discomfort why you workout or maybe potentially you gain headaches from this type of stuff. When you come see us at Healthworks chiropractic you know and get a proper checkup. You know we can we can check how the time of City of your muscles how tight your muscles are. And you know these areas can inhibit you know your spinal function in the way that your body moves.

If there is a kink in the chain and you’re doing these movements you’re going to reinforce that problem and gradually gradually over time it’s going to cause a lot of pain and a lot of discomfort. And it’s our job at Healthworks¬† chiropractic to minimize pain and to get you feeling better and get you functioning better than you think you can. You know you don’t have to work out with pain you know neck pain causes debilitating stuff. You know it’s it’s going to cause discomfort it’s going to maybe prohibit you from exercising to your forests and doing the things that you love. You know we need to be able to function properly while we move and why we will always move under stress at this exact same principle that weight lifting has as well as putting your body under stress under stress over your nervous system is under stress while you’re exercising and you’re kind of forcing it to adapt gradually over time we adapt to things. It takes a very long time for your body to adapt and you like to do things seeing kind of you know get in the groove of it and change your body composition to make you feel better. And you know but sometimes when you exercise especially first when you’re first starting off lifting weights or doing any type of activity there can be some dysfunctions with the movement. And one of them that we see a lot with active people is neck pain neck pain causes you know it can range from dysfunction with the movements that you’re doing. You know some movements aren’t for everybody or they cause impingement.

You know one of them being a less upright row where you would take a barbell and you pull it close to your body and then you pull your arms up. It’s a very awkward angle it works. The trapezius muscles you know you know it may not catch up to you. But over a period of time of doing that creates a impingement because that shoulder is actually being jammed and into that humerus and it kind of can pinch off the nerve flow and it can lead to some problems with your neck too because a lot of the time people will have this forward head posture and they’ll be putting stress on the back portion of their muscles of their head or some occipital muscles. The the trapezius muscles the Ron Boids. So they create this tension and their shoulders begin to look for. And as our shoulders roll forward our packs get tight. Our our next answers in flexors they get weak and strained. And you know you know in many ways it’s beneficial to exercise the neck as well because all these different reasons neck pain causes these things is because you know maybe weak neck muscles because the other muscles surrounding those areas are pulling they are either too tied or weak there’s not a balance between them and you know the goal is to balance those areas out and to make sure that everything is stable and mobile enough so that you can function properly throughout the day and feel better and move better.

You know when we move better we function a lot better and our whole goal at Healthworks Chiropractic is to make sure that you’re functioning better and have a properly functioning nervous system and muscular system so that you can you can do the things that you love to do and you can stay active. You can run you know some of this pressure on the body as is normal but we need to minimize the pain that you’re feeling you know because neck pain causes a lot of different symptoms. And if we can narrow down those symptoms which we can do it help works chiropractic we can kind of better understand why you’re having these problems while you’re exercising and why you’re moving in certain ways. Or maybe there’s some degenerative changes or you know you may have some nerve problems if you’re having you know things that lean down the hands or arms or anything like that. So we want to minimize these things as much as possible and that’s what we do at Healthworks chiropractic. That gets you feeling and functioning better than you ever thought was possible. And you know neck pain causes you to not want to do these things. And you know if you think you’re having dysfunction with your movement or your movements aren’t feeling as smooth as you think they should. We want to help you out at Healthworks chiropractic our patients always come first. Your top priority. So it’s our goal to see if we can get you better and how we can get you better if we can. And we have two locations located conveniently in Franklin Tennessee. You know one of our locations the Franklin Tennessee is located at 2 8 4 seaboards Lane and Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee and the phone number for the office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7.

Or we have another location which is conveniently located in Murfreesboro Tennessee which is located at 9 to 5 South Church Street and Suite 200 in Murfreesboro Tennessee. When the phone number for that office is 6 1 5 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 Healthworks higher practic we truly care and you know our patients are always going to come first. The long home and neck pain causes you to not want to exercise and not want to function properly. But it’s our goal at Healthworks chiropractic and were adamant on this school to help our patients live a more productive life. Feel better for the long term and better results overall. That’s our goal and that’s our promise to you at Healthworks chiropractic. So come see us today either in Franklin Tennessee or located at 2 8 4 Seaboard Lane and Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee and the phone number there is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. Or in Murfreesboro Tennessee. 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 and location at 9 to 5 South Church Street and sweet. Two hundred in Murfreesboro Tennessee. You know we care. Healthworks chiropractic we want to make sure you’re feeling and functioning better for the long haul to give us a call today and feel better than ever. At Healthworks chiropractic.