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Today at Healthworks chiropractic there’s a lot of neck pain causes especially for students and there’s a lot different studies that have been published as far as neck pain causes. For those students and you know there is a study formed in 1997. You know that’s kind of before when the boom of technology was kind of on the rise and the study it aimed to you know describe a prevalence of neck and shoulder symptoms among high school students associated with psychosocial factors. And you know neck pain causes students to lose function and that’s why we’re here at Healthworks chiropractic we have two locations conveniently located in Middle Tennessee. We have one in Franklin Tennessee at two a four Seaboard Lane in Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee. And the phone number there is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. Also another location in Murfreesboro Tennessee located at nine to five South Church Street in Murfreesboro Tennessee. In suite a 200 the phone number for that Murfreesboro Tennessee office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. There was a different methods to this study as well. High school students. There was about seven hundred eighteen. They all completed a questionnaire that was pertaining to neck and shoulder pain in the psychosocial factors such as you know stress things like depressive symptoms self efficacy and a participant was actually going to be classified into the no disturbing symptoms group or into this disturbing symptoms group.

According to you know if they had more frequent neck and shoulder pain and some of them mean scores of stressful symptoms or depressive symptoms or what they thought their self efficacy was compared to between the groups and the results were that about 21 percent of girls and 10 percent of boys actually suffered from some type of neck or shoulder pain and their stress symptoms and depressive symptoms were more among the girls than boys. And actually for both sexes the some stress scores in those of depressive symptoms scores were significantly higher. And the disturbing symptoms. And you know we got to look at the mental factors that you know neck and shoulder pain or neck pain causes in general neck pain causes you to lose that function which can lead to stress and if you’re focusing on your neck pain neck pain causes you to lose sight of kind of what you’re doing as a student and that’s to learn and you know his scores were significantly higher in the Serban symptoms group than the no disturbing symptoms group among the girls. Some of the self MPAC scores was actually lower. So you know to be exclusive study you know neck and shoulder pain are common among adolescents and psychosocial factors such as stress and depressive things seem to be associated with symptoms especially among girls and more knowledge about you know different factors associated with neck and shoulder pain and adolescence. You know you are going to result in more preventative programs. And you know especially you know some some women just by genetics. They have a weaker neck muscles and trapezius muscles. So you know these things may affect them just a little bit more and different things like hormones in their body chemistry. That is say that men don’t because they certainly do.

But you know as a student maybe this can affect a girl a little bit more than a boy. You know neck pain in different hormonal factors certainly play a role into that. So you know neck pain causes you to lose function when you’re a boy or girl male or female you know and these students are using laptop computers more in the classroom and in their free time to stay connected. But you know it doesn’t come without the consequences that we don’t necessarily think about in kids teens and young adults. You know they there’s more and more neck pain and headache symptoms and different things that neck pain causes. And there’s a lot of different studies about you know there was one actually specifically at the Boston University about laptop use and discomfort levels published in The Journal of ergonomics earlier this month. More than 50 percent of university students actually said they have some type of pain attribute to their computer. And there was also one in seven said they experienced pain after working on a computer for just one hour. You know there’s about 80 million students that were enrolled in that undergraduate education at the university in the fall of 2008 when part of the study was initially conducted and one in seven students already experienced pain. And this means there’s potential for about 2 million students to actually develop some type of dysfunction or musculoskeletal discomfort before they even enter the workforce so it’s already setting them up you know to have neck pain and you know computer related discomfort and childhood and adolescence is of particular concern as the musculoskeletal system imposture actually still going to be developing during this time.

And you know young children worldwide are starting to actually complain more and more about this discomfort and neck pain causes them to lose their function throughout the day. So it’s imperative as kids embrace this technology at such a young age that parents need to not only monitor the technology of their children but instead best practices is to they are stretching exercise into certain muscles to prevent physical problems in the future. And you know neck pain causes you to you know try to compensate and get into the most comfortable position. And you know what we do at Healthworks Chiropractic is we going to correct these problems in retrain these muscles for posture and stability. And if we start that at a young age we can ingrain those patterns into our children to make them function and feel better overall. You know we have two locations at Healthworks chiropractic if you’re experiencing neck pain and you’re looking for different neck pain causes look no further than Healthworks chiropractic. We have two locations convenient located in the middle Tennessee area and we have one in Franklin Tennessee which is located at 2 8 4 Seaboard Lane and Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee and the phone number there is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. We also have another location county located in Murfreesboro Tennessee at 9 to 5 South Church Street in Murfreesboro Tennessee and suite 8200. The phone number there is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Neck pain causes a lot of different symptoms but we want to help you out. Healthworks chiropractics. Come see us today at Healthworks chiropractic neck pain causes a lot of discomfort and stay corrected especially as a child can seriously help you.